After hanging up his cell phone, Yamamoto Keigo felt two very different emotions welling up inside him.

One was Narusawa Yumi -his anger toward his girlfriend, and the other was the expectation of tonight’s visit to Shiraishi Kotone.

I never thought that I would seriously go to Kotone’s house.

It was the words that came out of his mouth, unintentionally, out of his resentment toward Yumi. It would be impossible for him to confess his feelings to a beautiful girl unless he had a lot of confidence in himself.

It would be impossible to make an appointment with a beautiful and cute Kotone for a night out.


My partner was also recovering quickly from the shock. It would be troublesome if I didn’t take care of myself. Even if you try to hide your ulterior motives, women are creatures that attract you.

But in my mind, I’m pondering over and over again.

“There’s no one here today.”

“There’s no one here today.”

“No one’s……”

Keep your cool, me.

The other party has a boyfriend. It’s not like she’s inexperienced. It’s okay to draw near, right?

There’s no point in looking up at the apartment any longer. I decided to move toward Kotone’s house where I would spend the day with her.

Kotone’s house was the fifth stop on the train from my house. It was a European-style house with a red roof and cream-colored walls on a corner lot in a luxury residential area.

The side parking lot was empty, as Kotone had informed me, and it seemed like her parents were out of town. My heart was racing at the thought of being able to embrace her for real. It was something that’s not right – like picking up an erotic book for the first time – it was a sweaty sensation in my hands.

Keigo looked at the intercom button in front of him. Once you press this button, you can’t go back. I’m sure Kotone, who’s in the room, is also thinking the same thing. Like a valve in a dam with no turning back.

Keigo puts his trembling hand close to the intercom. A ding dong echoed throughout the area.

“Ah, Keigo kun, wait a minute…….”

A few dozen seconds later, Kotone’s voice came over the intercom. Through the illuminated upstairs window, Kotone’s figure glimpsed out and disappeared. The sound of pitter-patter footsteps echoed, and the front door brightened.


While opening the door, Kotone urged him to go upstairs to her room. With both feet on the floor, she pulled out a pair of slippers and put them on, [Here you go.]. Kotone’s skirt is a little short as she takes a few steps up the stairs. Whenever her feet go up, her skirt rolls up. Keigo stares to see what was inside. The calculated length of the skirt just barely revealed her underwear. There was a feeling of a little disappointment and a feeling of anticipation. Keigo felt both.

“Keigo kun, come in.”

Kotone’s room was a girlish pink-toned room. There weren’t many stuffed animals, but there were several. A pink body pillow was in the center of the bed. Keigo wanted to be a body pillow too.

“I’m sorry it’s so late at night.”

“I’m the one who called you.”

“No, you did call me, but…”

“I didn’t want to be alone today.”

“Stay until morning, okay?”

I told her of course. Please don’t let her know I had ulterior motives. No wait, it’s not an ulterior motive. If anything, it was to help others. Keigo entered the room with false feelings – an excuse.

“Well, then.”

Kotone, who entered first, sat on the bed as a chair. She looked around restlessly while hugging a pillow.

“I want to talk to you up close today,” 


She led me to the seat next to bed.

“Eh, is it okay?”


Keigo sat down without saying anything. I certainly want to have that kind of relationship with her. But she’s not too guarded about it. Maybe she’s inviting or something.

Two bulges with a large presence in front of me. A white blouse and a frilly miniskirt in black. From her cross-legged thighs, I can’t see the absolute area that seems to be visible.

Certainly, it was impossible to think of it in a common sense. He was staying over at the house of the most beautiful girl on the campus. Moreover, she was the one who invited him. However, both of them, especially Kotone, were heartbroken. It is quite conceivable that they would have a relationship to divert their loneliness.


The sound of Keigo swallowing spit echoes through the silent bedroom. Damn, as expected, even if you try to pull your ulterior motives, girls still attract you. It’s a strange thing, but this is the female mind.

When I look at Kotone, she smiled at me. I’m sure she heard me gulp, but her reaction remained the same. Isn’t this possible enough? Is she rather inviting me?

“Be gentle today.”

Kotone’s hand was trembling as she sat next to me. Her face was tinted pink and she showed a mixed expression of expectation and anxiety.

I wrapped my own hand with Kotone’s and made a lover’s connection. Her hot body is devoted to Keigo’s body.

“I won’t make you regret it.”

He put his hands around Kotone’s body, and Keigo’s hands went from her waist to her head. Kotone’s lip touches Keigo’s.

Just like that, Keigo’s tongue overlapped Kotone’s.

A very long, long kiss……. Tongue and tongue overlap each other up and down like a living thing. As soon as it leaves Kotone’s lips, drools spill.

“I’ll make you forget.”

Keigo pulled up Kotone’s blouse and …….

“What do you want to drink?


The suddenness of the situation caused my imagination to overtake reality. I suppress the sudden rising desire with all my might. There was Kotone’s eye at the tip of my gaze. Eyes that seemed to be filled with moisture. I panicked and asked her again what she was talking about.

“What did you say?”

 “Like I said, What would you like to drink?”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Listen to me carefully.”

“More importantly, I was wondering if you were thinking of something erotic.”


Kotone smiled innocently. 

“No, no, just kidding.”

“I was taking it seriously.”

“Your eyes scared me.”

“Well, let’s put that aside for a moment, what’s your order?”   

It’s hard to tell from Kotone’s expression whether she’s joking or being serious. However, since I’m sober now, things will change once the alcohol gets into my system.

I can expect it, right? I ordered my usual order.

“Beer, then.”

“Is it fine with just beer?”

I thought beer was the first round to drink. I think it’s beer in general.

“Eh, is beer a no-no?”

“No, you can’t have a weak drink like that.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll choose for you.”

I wondered if her boyfriend Suzuki was very strong. In front of me, there was a bottle of alcohol that I didn’t expect to see.

“A pitcher of whiskey.”

“Um, water……”

“Do you put water in it?”

“Or not?”

“You’re not, are you?”


“Of course you are, that’s unbelievable..”

From the flow of the conversation, I wondered if Kotone had a grudge against me. As expected, I have never seen a normal college student – even if they’re not a college student – drink whiskey from a pitcher.

The alcohol content is also unbelievable.

I thought it was just a joke and decided to go on with it. From her looks, Kotone is not a strong drinker, I think.

If that’s the case, she would fall asleep after a while. It might make me a scum to attack her in her sleep, though. I don’t think it’s an attack because she’s bringing a man in at night, perhaps…….

And half an hour passed.

“Don’t you think it’s terrible? How can he go to another woman when he has a girlfriend?”


“I’m sorry, In front of Yumi’s boyfriend, I’m not saying she’s not pretty.”

“I don’t mind it.”

“That’s not what I meant. That’s what Keisuke said.”

“I only have you.”

“That’s unbelievable, isn’t it?”


“Seriously, unbelievable.”


‘It’s a death sentence, right?”


“Then have a drink.”

“Why me?”

“Well, that’s what boys do, right?”

“All at once…..”

Isn’t this Suzuki san’s job? At least, there is no obligation for Keigo to drink. And in this day and age, chugging it all at once is just plain wrong.

“You’re a man, aren’t you !”

Kotone changes when she drinks. She talks in a strong tone. This case may be an irregularity. It is out of the norm to drink this amount of alcohol.

“You won’t drink it?”

“No, I will.”

Why did I say I would drink it? Keigo looked at Kotone who was in front of him. She was certainly cute. Normally, he would never drink in one gulp at a drinking party. There’s even a possibility of death from alcohol poisoning. However, he couldn’t say no to Kotone’s request. She was that cute. Her smile looked like an angel.

“Then, let’s have a drink.”

“Shall I count down?”

“No, you don’t have to.”

It’s not a drinking party to begin with…….




I grabbed the pitcher-style glass at once and swallow the whiskey in one gulp. The thick alcohol invades my throat. It was hot, very hot. I feel the heat flowing down into my stomach.

Suddenly, I lost consciousness. In my fading memory, I heard someone calling out to me.

“Keigo ku-“

“Keigo kun.”

“I’m sorry…….”

Beep, beep, beep…

Where is this?

Come to think of it, I drank whiskey yesterday and lost my memory.

If so, is this heaven or hell?

As my consciousness became clear, this time my head hurt as if it would split.

Am I miraculously alive? Keigo’s consciousness gradually awakens. When he woke up, he felt a strong thirst.

“Sizzle, sizzle, ding. ……”

As my level of consciousness rose further, I heard eggs frying on the first floor, bacon being burned, and the sound of a toaster popping out with a ding sound. Various sounds of daily life are heard.

While I was listening to the sounds of daily life, I heard the sound of someone running up the stairs and the door opening.

“Good morning.”

Kotone comes running in her apron and turned to Keigo, who’s lying on the bed.

Keigo held his head as he raised himself up.

“I’m sorry about yesterday.

“Sometimes, I get like that when I drink alcohol.”

“I’m sorry, I will never do it again.”

She bowed her head again and again. The ponytail that tied her hair goes back and forth repeatedly.

I simply thought it was cute.


When Keigo went downstairs to the dining room, ham and eggs, salad, and milk were ready for breakfast. He thanked Kotone for cooking the meal and ate it. Kotone’s meal was as good as it looked. It was a pity that I couldn’t eat Kotone, though.

“Keigo san, why don’t we team up?”

Kotone’s dark and depressed expression brightened.

This girl is very expressive, Keigo thought. The team up was to get back at Suzuki and Yumi. The two of them were cheating on each other, and they decided to join forces and fight back.

While we were chatting in the living room, I heard a car approaching.

The intercom rang.

“Oh, no, it’s my papa.”

“Run somewhere for a while. If he sees you, he’ll kill you.”

“No way, seriously…….”

In the end, Keigo barely managed to escape by taking an escape route that amazed even the night crawlers and escaping via the second floor.

She’s cute, but I’m sure I’ll die if I keep doing this.

“Even so.”

“A team up, huh.”

Keigo thought it might be a good way to get back at Yumi for cheating on him.

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