Episode 1 – Mirei san is going to spoil me?



“I’m home”
“Welcome home”
“I’m arrived”

I still can’t get used to it. I have a lot of chances to talk with maids because I am a butler, but I am a little nervous to talk with women.
The house is very spacious. I often got lost at first.

“Have you gotten used to this house?”
“Yes. I’m getting used to it.”
“You don’t have to speak honorifics.”
“What? No, but…”
I was about to say that I’m a butler.
“You’re my boyfriend, aren’t you? Then you don’t have to speak to me in honorifics.”
“Good, good, good. Just a little bit at a time.”
She pats me on the head.

Mirei san patted me on the head, something I thought was impossible for me a month ago.
I’m normally happy.

“Today the maid is making it, but tomorrow I’ll start making it for you.”

Mirei san’s food!
“But work…”
“Ah, I’ll probably finish it. I’ve asked the company to share some of the workload with me since then, so your workload will be reduced quite a bit.”
“I see.”
“You don’t have to work when you’re tired, okay?”
I feel like I’m being very spoiled.

Then we had dinner, and then we took a bath…
“Do you want to go in the bath with me?”
“What?! I’m not ready yet…”
“Today’s fine, but tomorrow, we’ll take a bath together, right?”

I was a little ticked off, but anyone would be surprised if someone suddenly said something like that, normally.

We went in separately today…
“From today on, you’re sleeping with me.”
How many times have she surprised me today?
“I got a bigger bed.”
It’s definitely bigger than my old one.

“You’re going to sleep with me while I sleep, okay?”
She said.
“Mirei san, is this sleeping with you?
“Yes, it is.”

This is the first time in my life that I’ve fallen asleep in a hug.
Mire sani is a little taller than me, so it’s more like she’s holding me in her arms.
It’s embarrassing.
“Soo cute~”

I thought there was no way I could sleep like this, but surprisingly, I fell asleep right away due to fatigue.

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