A light lit up in a third-floor room in an apartment at the curtain of night.

Two figures in the room, a male figure kissed a female figure and eventually disappeared into the shadow of the bed.

A beer can was thrown from Yamamoto Keigo’s hand as he watched.

The two beer cans hit the stairs and their contents spilled out.

A couple nearby saw Yamamoto’s strange behavior and got up from their seats as if to run away.

“WHY, it has to be a lie ! !”

In the moonlight, he checked his wristwatch.

At 10:40 p.m., in apartment 304 the place where he was supposed to return, he saw that she was with a man.

Yamamoto was walking back and forth around the room, not returning to the apartment.

This year, Yamamoto, a senior in college, had a girlfriend who was living with him.

Although he said that he had, it was an ongoing girlfriend.

She was a childhood friend who had spent six years with him since the first grade of elementary school in Kobe.

It was at a welcome party four years ago that he met Narusawa Yumi again.

At that time, Yamamoto met the grown-up Yumi again and confessed his love to her.

Yumi, who had been his first love, accepted Yamamoto’s proposal with an OK, and they became an official couple known by everyone.

That is why Yamamoto could not forgive what was happening in front of his eyes.

He had suspected something was going on for a while.

Yumi always asked Yamamoto about his plans when he was going out.

Yamamoto, who dreamed of a sweet life as a newlywed, told Yumi in detail about his daily plans.

[There will be no secrets between us.]

This was Yumi’s favorite phrase.

When Yamamoto kissed her on the lips, he said……

[Of course.]

Yamamoto smiled at her softly.

During the four years with Yumi, he never once felt like they were on the verge of a breakup, and they had a lot of fun together.

They had similar interests, the same way of thinking, and almost everything else.

In addition, Yumi was a very good cook, and her behavior itself was very feminine.

In the spring of his fourth-year, Yumi’s father asked him to join his company, and he submitted his resume.

The first screening, second screening, and interview with the president of the company went very smoothly, and before summer arrived, the job came through.

It was the main contractor at the largest company.

He proposed to her in the summer. He confessed his feelings to her while watching the fireworks display on the beach at the hotel on a trip authorized by her father.

Yumi was crying in happiness.

And yet, what the heck.

There were certainly signs of a breakup.

One day after the middle of September, he was called by Shiraishi Kotone on campus during lunch break.

When she met Yamamoto, she bit her lip and grit her teeth.

There were dark traces of tears in her two eyes.

“Ryosuke Suzuki and Narusawa Yumi are having an affair.”

Shiraishi was Suzuki’s first girlfriend.

In his first year of college, Shiraishi, who didn’t want to go, was asked to enter a beauty contest in which she won first place.

One of the judges was Suzuki Ryosuke.

At the after party, Suzuki confessed his feelings to Shiraishi.

Although it was her words, Yamamoto didn’t think it was very realistic.

So, in order to confirm the truth, he lied to Yumi for the first time.

“I’m going to attend an overnight seminar camp on September 25th, and I won’t be able to go home for the whole day.”

“Really? You’re not cheating on me, are you?”

I managed to suppress the voice in my mind that said, [Aren’t you the one who was having an affair?] and waited for that day.

The Seminar part was true, and I had included it in my schedule to attend, but I asked to be excused on account of a business I had to take care of on the way.

And here we are.

I unlock my phone with facial recognition and select a contact.

[Shiraishi Kotone.]

I pressed the dial button on my phone.

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