On the train we met.

Shinonome Nagi

Her hair is so pure white and shiny that it reflects even the sunlight.

Her hair is so silky and smooth that when she runs her fingers through it, they pass all the way to the ends without getting caught.

Her eyes are as blue as the depths of the ocean.

When I gaze into those eyes, I feel as if I’m being sucked into them.

The tone spun from her plump, lush lips is as clear as a bell.

It is a voice that makes you want to listen to it forever.

Her skin is pure white, with no blemishes or dullness.

Of course, it is not as white as her hair. Her skin is so white that it is incomparable to mine.

And her style is that of an idol or a model.

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone who passes by her turns to look at her.

Her smile is so cute. When you look at her, your cheeks naturally relax.

Of course, it’s not just about looks.

She is kind and attentive.

She makes efforts even when no one is watching. She loves her family. She is warm and cheerful.

A little lonely. She is a bit of a spoiled child.

She likes to hold hands and hugs even more. She loves kissing even more.

When I’m with her, I feel warm. Happiness spreads to my fingertips.

And now–she became my fiancée.

There were so many things that I can’t describe in one word.

But all of them. Everything was resolved. We can walk slowly together now.

Just when I was thinking that.

“You are being targeted. ….By my colleagues.”

The person who said that was a fresh young man. He has a well-defined face and is tall.

Minamikawa san.

He is the one who asked Nagi to marry him.

For various reasons, I broke up the engagement…..or rather, the marriage interview.

It’s not his fault. If anyone was to blame, it was me. I have no regrets.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Eiji was standing next to me with his arms crossed, staring at Minamikawa san. He is my best friend.

He’s always cheerful and has a good sense of humor. However, I don’t feel a trace of that atmosphere right now.

The reason is the man in front of me. Miamikawa san.

Since I have destroyed many things, he is concerned that Minamikawa san might get back at me in some way…….not to say that he is taking revenge.

I think he is a little too cautious, but it is also true that it is better not to be too positive thinking.

“Let’s talk about the details in general.”

He seemed to be waiting for our reaction. I looked at Nagi and gave a small nod.

“After that. We, the Minamikawa group, were unable to shrink or expand. Once we were supposed to be taken into the Shinonome group, but we are back in the same place we were before. You understand that part, right?”

“……Yes. I heard about it from my father. On that occasion–“

“No need to apologize. The matter has been settled once and for all.”

Nagi tried to bow her head, but Minamikawa san stopped her. He really is not a bad person.

“So it’s about what happened after that. ……You’d better know the reason why I applied to the Shinonome family for a marriage proposal in order to talk about this. Do you have any idea of the benefits?”


I somehow understood what he said.

If–that future was going to come. Assuming he got engaged to Nagi.

In that future, he would have a higher position in the company. More specifically, will it be easier to get to the top? I don’t know.

“There are still many old-fashioned customs. Especially in this industry.”

“……I see.”

“I’ve had a certain amount of education. My father convinced everyone that the Minamikawa Group would not end there if they were taken in.”

He nodded in agreement. The other side also has a merit gamble on the other side. If all went well, the business could be expected to expand substantially.

“I’m going to change the subject here. My colleagues are all the children of my father’s old friends. They are all hot-headed.”

Hot-headed? As I was thinking about various things. Nagi gave me a small earful.

“You might say that their education is biased. For example, they consider foreign oriented business as evil, like the Shinonome family.”

“……I see.”

So they are hot-headed, huh.

“So, everyone is like that. And by the way, they worship me. At first, they were very opposed. Somehow I convinced them and we went through with the engagement.”

I think I’m beginning to understand the story.

“As much as you have a stubbornness, once you change direction, it’s difficult to go back……last minute for a marriage proposal was rejected. They were a lot angrier than I was or my father was.”


“Yeah, that’s right. You don’t have to apologize to me, you know. As I said before, it’s over. Besides, we’re the ones who made things more complicated.”

I wondered for a moment if I should apologize, but I felt as if I was being told behind those words.

I knew that. I had ruined the marriage at that time. That’s how much trouble some people get into.

An apology here would only be self-satisfaction. I can’t solve what has already happened.

All I can do now is to listen to Minamikawa san’s words.

“So…..well. That’s the problem with them. How much better it would have been if the anger had been directed at me or my father.”

“That it was directed at me and Souta kun.”

“That’s what I mean. I don’t know what they will do. That is why I’m here to warn you.”

I see. Then, I finally understood.

But Nagi still looked like she wanted to ask something. She came next to me.

“Why did you tell me?”

At Nagi’s words, Minamikawa san’s eyebrows twitched.

“It is something that will hurt the Minamikawa group if done poorly. Let them crush us privately. …..Or, it would be more normal to let them get back at me, and then cut them off.”


“No, you’re right. What she’s saying is. What I’m doing here is on my own.”


Nagi let out a small voice and her eyes widened.

I was surprised too. I don’t understand his words as well as Nagi does.

Still. I knew it was not good.


“Of course, there are many reasons. First of all, if something were to happen. I believe that the Minamikawa Group would be more discredited at that time. ……Times are different from the past. In this world, if you do something wrong, it spreads quickly.”

Holding up one finger, Minamikawa san said. Nagi and Eiji nodded their heads at those words.

If something bad is found, it will be spread immediately. Once it’s spread, it will be very difficult to converge.

“The second thing is that the Shinonome group is not very good at talking down. I know that the Shinonome group will not spread the word. Even so, both Soichiro sama and I understand that it was a ‘favor’.”

“……Yes, that’s right.”

“The third thing is simple.”

Minamikawa san held up a third finger. He laughed.

“Because I didn’t like this way of doing things.”


“And lastly, I would say. Minori kun.”

After looking at the surprised Nagi, his eyes shifted to me. He didn’t lift a finger anymore. I answered, and looked at Minamikawa san.

He looked a little troubled. His eyes were fixed on me.

“What I’m about to say is what I really mean. But I swear that I will never interfere with you.”

“…..I understand.”

I wondered what was going on. Nagi had a firm grip on my clothes.

“I fell in love with a woman named Shinonome Nagi. The first love in my life. It’s called love at first sight.”

The words were directed straight at me. It was not only for Nagi. It seemed to be directed at me as well.

His expression changed.

“The person I love is trying to lead a happy life. It’s laughable to try to interfere with that.”

His eyes were not as calm as before. They had a certain fire in them.

“I can’t forgive anyone. I don’t want to forgive. Even if it’s my family.”

After saying that much, Minamikawa san’s cheeks relaxed.

“There are countless people who liked Shinonome Nagi san. As one of them. It is arrogant of me, but let me say it again.”

For the first time, his eyes looked at Nagi alone.

“From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happiness.”


“Because I fell in love with you. One second is enough time to fall in love.”

And then. This time, his eyes looked at me.

“Minori Souta kun.”

He called my name. But his mouth is still loose.

“I don’t say ‘I want you to be happy’ and there is no way I can say that. I was convinced just now. You definitely have stronger feelings for her than I do. On the contrary, she is thinking of you.”

His hand was held out quickly.

“I wish you happiness. From the bottom of my heart.”

“…….Thank you very much.”

He took my hand and shook it. Minamikawa san gave a small laugh.

“Even so. You have good friends, too.

“…Yes. You’re right.”

Eiji kept still. He was observing what kind of person Minamikawa san was.

Compared to earlier, it seems that the vigilance has been loosened considerably. But that doesn’t mean he’s let his guard down.

“Well, let’s stop here now. Soichiro sama should have contacted us by now.”

At the same time as Minamikawa san’s words, Nagi’s phone rang. Nagi took the phone and after several conversations with the person who seemed to be Soichiro san. She hung up the phone.

“It was my father.”

“What did Soichiro san say?”

“……He said that I should send Minamikawa sama.”

Minamikawa san smiled at those words.

He called the driver for a ride.


“Well then. We may never see each other again.”

“Minamikawa san.”

I asked him to take me to Nagi’s house. I called Minamikawa san.

“Thank you.”

‘No need to apologize,’ he said. Then I wanted to thank him again.

“……It’s all right, no problem.”

“Even so. Thank you.”

“Fufu. Then I’ll accept your thanks.”

Minamikawa san said so and got into the car again. Eiji was sitting in the back seat.

Just in case, he was going to take Eiji home as well.

Eiji also got into the car because he wanted to apologize for the last time because he had suspected a lot of things.

“See you later, Eiji.”

“Oh, see you tomorrow.”


“Yeah, buddy.”

Eiji put out his hand, and with a dry sound, he clapped his palm on it.

Then the two of them. The three of them, including the driver, left.

“He was a good man. He was much more than I expected. …..He was an adult.”

“Yes, he was. At first I was a little defensive. But he was a good man.”

Nagi took my hand.

“But I prefer Souta kun.”

She stood up small. Her face came close to mine.

Gently, soft lips touched for a moment.

But still. I felt my heart was filled with happiness.

“I don’t like it if it’s not Souta kun.”

“…..Yeah. Thanks. I don’t like it if it’s not Nagi too.”

If, at a time like that. If it was “adult” to give up on the person you love, then I’m glad I am still a child.

A child who can’t give up.

I think it’s much better than giving up at that point and leading a life of regret.

Nagi smiled and gently caressed my cheek with her beautiful hand.

“Fufu. You’re welcome. It was Souta kun who taught me that word. It was you, not someone else, who taught me.”

“It all started there, didn’t it?”

“Yes ! I’m sure that someone else would not have told me. Even if they had, I was attracted to you because you are Souta kun.”

Nagi smiles as if a flower has bloomed.

I hugged her tightly for once.

“Thank you, Nagi.”

“You’re welcome.”

Nagi is in my arms now.

I feel it on my skin. The warmth, the tenderness. Happiness seeps into my heart.

When we were about to leave, she lightly put her lips on mine again.

“Well, shall we go in?”

“Yeah. I have to listen to what you have to say.”

We entered the house.


“I’m sorry about all this.”

As soon as we entered the house, that’s the first thing her father said to me.

“No, no, no. I’m the one who caused all this.”

“No. Souta kun did nothing wrong. Souta kun saved our family. On the contrary,……,I got involved in the company’s situation. Nagi would not have been involved if I had been firm. So, I am sorry.”

Nagi and I looked at each other. Nagi gave a small shake of her head.

“I-I understand. Please raise your head for now, father-in-law.”


I was told to sit down for the time being with a glance, and Nagi and I sat down. The guest room with a view of the porch. It is the same room as that time.

“I know you and Nagi are worried about a lot of things, but don’t worry about it. Everything will be resolved by me.”

“I-is everything going to be alright?”

Nagi’s father nodded at her words.

“I would like to say that I will take care of it……. butI have one favor to ask of you both.”

We both looked at him and wondered what it was.

“On the premise that I will definitely protect the two of you. I want to eliminate all dangers. That’s why—“

To the words that follow. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I want you to live together in a certain apartment for about a month.”

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