Months passed–we became high school students.

As for the high school. Everyone except me and Nagi went to the same high school.

Nagi and I went to Tokyo to live in the city.

The reason is that I’m going to work part-time at Soichiro san’s company to study social studies.

I heard that there is a branch office near here. I was told that I could work there as well.

However, it seems that Soichiro san’s position also requires him to spend more time at the head office, so he decided to come to Tokyo.

This is how I said goodbye to Eiji and the others.

“This is Minorin and Nagirin !? They are so cute ! Eh, are they angels !?”

“Fufu. Souta kun is also cute at this time.”

This was not the case.

It was Nagi, Nishizawa, and Hayama who spread the album in front of me.

And this place is–

……Me and Nagi’s house.

Why, you may think. I thought so too.

At first, I was going to stay at Nagi’s original house….or rather, a mansion.

[There must have been a villa nearby. Why don’t you two try living there for a month or so?]

Soichiro told us so.

Suzaka san……Nagi’s assistant came with us. Suzaka san seems to clean up and do housework while Nagi and I go to school. I rarely saw her. For the time being, it seems that she can come as soon as I call her.

So it was decided that we would live together for about a month.

Sometimes. No, Eiji and the others came to visit several times a month. They came to visit us quite often. I was worried about the money, but it seems that my father-in-law comes with me when he has something to do at the branch office over there.

“Well, have you made any friends?”

“…..No, I haven’t.”

“That’s just like you. No, there’s no one who can break into you and Shinonome. We’re the only ones.”

Eiji let out a sigh as he laughed.

To be honest. Nagi was totally floating in high school.

It’s only natural for Nagi to stand out. Rumors spread quickly that we lived in the same house. Furthermore, Nagi has announced that I’m her fiancé, which is a big deal at school.

Fortunately, I’m in the same class as Nagi, so I don’t feel lonely……but I always feel like I should make an effort to talk to her.

“Nagirin when she was still a kid is so cute….I want to take her home.”

“Even so. You really brought the album.”

“Ah, yes. Father and father-in-law…..Souta kun’s father seems to have made some books. I brought them.”

What was opened on the desk was a thick album. As Nagi said, they were made by our fathers.

“I heard that you have a part time job. What’s it like?”

“Well, it’s tough.

How to make documents, how to give presentations, and even business etiquette such as emails and phone calls.

“Soichiro san, my father-in-law……teaches me how to prepare myself and what I’m going to do, and so on.”

“Uhe…..I can’t do that.”

Eiji shook his head and I laughed too. I’m sure I’m busy too. nevertheless.

“It’s worthwhile. I can feel myself growing. And I get weekends off.”

“Oh. By the way, do you get paid or anything?”

“…..Well. That’s what they tell me. Let alone a part-time job, I can’t even help out.”

I can’t even help with the work. I’m just learning.

But my father-in-law said that learning is part of the job.

“And the certification exams. There are still many things I should take, so I’m studying.”

“……Don’t take it too hard, okay?”

“I’m fine, I know. Soichiro san also said it’s one thing at a time.”

Nagi looked up from the album and smiled at us.

“I’m watching you too. I won’t force you, Souta kun.”

“That means. On the contrary, I also try not to force Nagi.”

“We share the household chores, don’t we?”

Things at home. ……The basics are done by Suzaka san. We are doing what we can do.

Nagi does the cooking. I do the tidying up and room cleaning. We only ask her to do what we can’t reach.

“That’s kind of amazing. No conflicts?”

“It’s still early days. Besides, we made arrangements at the beginning.”

“If anything goes wrong, we discuss it first.”

Each family has its own set of rules, and we worked out these values on the first day.

And then, once a day, we would have a discussion. I had thought that if we had any dissatisfaction with each other, we would talk about it, but it didn’t make much sense.

When I’m at home, I’m basically talking to Nagi. Even if we are not talking, I’m often around her. I have set up a place for discussion.

“I don’t want to fight with Souta kun as much as possible.”

“We respect each other and don’t overreach. For our sake.”

I’m sure that many problems will come up in the future. It may be good for now. But as time goes by, thoughts and feelings will change drastically.

“I hear there are a lot of mature divorces these days.”

“You’re really looking far ahead, aren’t you?”

I chuckled at Eiji’s words. Nagi looked at us with warm eyes.

“Do we have to live together too? Eiji.”

“We don’t have a house to live in.”

I sat down next to Nagi while watching their exchange.

“Souta kun. Don’t you miss this?”

“T-this….I guess we should film it.”

What was pasted in the album was a picture.

It is a picture of Nagi hugging me in her gym uniform. It was probably taken at a field day in the 6th grade of elementary school.

Looking at the photo. I suddenly wondered.

“Isn’t the picture quality really good?”

“Oh, this is a picture Papa took.”

“F-father-in-law……no. It’s my father’s fault.”

I remembered that time. I remember the way my father-in-law was holding the big camera next to my father. It was probably my father’s fault.

Well, it’s not a bad influence.

Eiji sits next to Nishizawa and looks at the album again.

“But, you’re really getting along. The two of you.”

“Hey. Is this a sleepover?

“Oh, are these pajamas? Is this your room?”


The picture there was me in light blue pajamas and Nagi in fluffy pajamas. It was probably a picture taken when I was in the first grade of middle school.

“……Eh? How old is this?”

“It’s from the first year of middle school, isn’t it?”

Hayama looked at me and Nagi with wide eyes. She let out a sigh.

“I want to tell you why you were so smoldering.”

“…..Well, well. I guess so.”

It is as you say.

I can’t help but chuckle at that statement.

“I liked that period, too. Souta kun, your face turned red right away.”

“A-at that time, I was……I was around that age.”

“No, you’re still in your adolescent years.”

In fact, back then…..if I had made a mistake, I might have stopped talking to Nagi.

I don’t know if you can call them childhood friends, but it seems that there are many cases where they stop talking.

……I don’t think so after all. NSince then, Nagi has been coming to me. I didn’t want to leave her either.

“But still, a lot has happened since then.”

The album is over. Nagi started to read the album from the beginning again.

“I met Souta kun at that park. We had a lot of fun together.”

“She taught me how to study.”

It was a long time ago. I can still remember it if I close my eyes.

“We played on the playground equipment, and it started raining on the way to the park. We even took a bath together.”

“That happened, too.”


“After that…I go play with Souta kun at school. After school too.”

“Wait a bit. Eh? What did you say?”

When I opened my eyelids. I saw Nagi tilting her head cutely.

I was playing with Souta kun at school—“

“Not that.”

“Playing on the playground equipment.

“During that time.”

“We took a bath together–ah.”

Nagi covered her mouth with her thin and beautiful hand.

I looked away.


“U-um, I mean.”

“…..If it’s a lie or the truth, it’s the truth.”

The moment I said that. I was met with a tremendous amount of heat.

I had no choice but to explain, so I maturely turned my gaze back to them.

The three of them were staring at me so hard. Nagi’s face was bright red.

“We were in the park together when it suddenly started raining. Nagi’s house was closer to ours.”

“S-so you’re supposed to go in together?”

“……S-Suzaka san. Nagi’s resident nanny told me.”

[I can’t let you catch a cold, Nagi sama…..but I can’t let your precious friend catch a cold either. That’s right. Please take a bath together. Both of you.]

My mind went blank at that time.

“……Did you just enter?”

“……Yes. I even washed Souta kun’s back since it was a good opportunity.”

“Nagirin has a pretty big heart, doesn’t she !?”

At that time…there was a section where we were both crazy.

Nagi grows up fast, and from that time on, let’s stop thinking about it. yeah.

Nagi clapped her hands, perhaps because the conversation seemed to be going in a strange direction.

“T-that aside ! A lot of things happened !”

Nagi forcefully summarized. But Nishizawa and the others laughed, as if they did not intend to pursue the matter any further.

“Really. Since I met Souta kun. I’ve spent many times more time than I have in my life up to now. Since I met the three of you, I’ve spent even more time.”

“Well, that’s true. I’ve had a lot more fun since I met Nagirin and the others.”

“Me too. I didn’t want to be in one group, though. But it was fun and comfortable.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s fun to be with Souta, too.”

While laughing at Eiji’s words. I nodded.

“However. Souta is also a candidate for president, right?”

“Only a candidate. If my skills do not grow at all, or if I’m judged to be unfit to be a leader, I will not be able to become one.”

“You will be. I’m sure.”

Eiji said as if it were a matter of course.

I felt as if my heavy heart was suddenly lifted up.


……He says things like this without hesitation. This guy.

“I’ll support you, too. I’m sure you will be able to.”

“Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

Nagi and I looked at each other and laughed.

This time was fun–I was happy.

Then, suddenly. Nagi looked up at the ceiling.

“I think about it sometimes. If I had not met Souta kun at that time.”

Her eyes were not on the ceiling. She seemed to be looking somewhere far away.

“–Souta kun. Kirika san. Hikaru. Makizaka san. If I hadn’t met you all. If I had met you later.”

Her eyes slowly close.

“I can only imagine how many regrets I must have had in my life. Not being able to call my parents ‘Papa’ or ‘Mama’. Pretending to be everything I wasn’t. In that world, I’m sure I would have–“

“I won’t let it.”

I held Nagi’s hand. Strongly.

“Whatever the world is. I will find you.”

The words that escaped from my mouth were childish.

Even though I knew that. I couldn’t stop.

“I will find Nagi. I won’t let you live a life of regret. Never.”

“Souta kun.”

I can’t say that it’s no use thinking about something that doesn’t exist. I don’t know why.

Nagi and I haven’t met yet. I felt like it was possible in that world, too.

“Even if we meet too late and you get engaged. I’ll snatch him from the side.”

“……Fufu. You’re a bad boy.”

“If it would save Nagi, I’d be a bad guy.”

Nagi spread out her hand. Pull out the hand I held and hug it.

At that moment–I.

I remembered that Eiji and the others were watching me.

I thought I said something quite embarrassing. But–

Eiji was smiling at me.

“If that’s the case, I’ll be the one in charge of kicking Souta in the back.”

“Oh ! Then I’ll be in charge of gathering information ! I’ve got a big face !”

“I guess I’ll be in charge of punishing Nagi if she tries anything stupid.”

The three of them didn’t make fun of us, and they didn’t care about my tone of voice.

A small laugh escaped. Nagi’s breath caught in my ear and I felt a small shiver.

“I believe in fate, Nagi. I’m sure that even in another world, I will meet Nagi, find her, and fall in love with her again. I promise.”

“….Yes ! Me too !”

I was embarrassed. But it was okay because Nagi looked so happy.

“Me too. I will like Souta kun a lot. I will make Souta kun happy.”

“Yeah. I’ll be happy. Let’s be happy together.”

The two of us move our bodies apart a little bit. Our faces are at a close distance from each other.

Slowly and gently, our foreheads touched. It was warm.

Gently, just for a moment–our lips touched. Softly. Soft lips are placed on me. I feel like my happiness is about to overflow.

I feel like I’m going to be swallowed up when I stare into those blue eyes. I want to be swallowed.

Her eyes. Her skin. Her hair. Her lips. Her figure. Her heart. I love everything, everything.

We stare at each other, and sometimes I can’t help but smile happily.

Until finally, Eiji gave a loud coughing sound. It continued.


“Then I’ll come again.”

“Let’s go somewhere and have fun.”

“This area is a city at all compared to over there. There seems to be a lot of places to play.”

I walked out the front door and saw the three of them off.

“Yeah. Come anytime. We’ll go back there soon, too.”

“Yes ! We have a lot of clothing stores here, too ! Let’s go check them out next time you come back !”

“Oh, that sounds great. Let’s do it !”

They promised to go. We waved our hands together, and the three of them waved theirs loudly.

Until they turned off the road and out of sight. Nagi and I kept waving our hands.

“Nagi.” “Souta kun.”

We called each other’s names at the same time. Recently, this kind of thing happened a lot.

That makes me happy. We looked at each other and laughed.

“It was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was fun.”

When I’m with the three of them, I can talk to them in a natural way. The me here is still me.

I may have been too preoccupied these days. Refreshing is important.

I’m going to soak in the afterglow of it. Holding hands with Nagi, I doze off.

“Let’s go in. It’s getting hotter and hotter.”

“I guess so.”

I nodded at Nagi’s words and flipped the switch. I walked slowly into the front door.

“Nagi. Can I hug you?”

“What a coincidence. I was about to ask you.”

Without even taking off her shoes at the entrance.

I took Nagi’s hand. I pulled her body close and hugged her.

It was like returning home after a day of excursion.

Like the day after a school trip, when I go to sleep.

Like the day of graduation, when I was talking with my friend near the school gate.

I was filled with such a sense of loneliness.

When I became a high school student. The daily routine that the five of us were always together has changed to an extraordinary one.

Of course, I’m not dissatisfied with my life with Nagi. It was impossible for me to be.

I just felt a little lonely.

“They’ll be back soon. Or we can go ourselves.

“I guess so.”

I nodded at Nagi’s words and hugged her body tightly.

Thin. But not too thin. Soft and warm.

Wrapping that body. And when I was wrapped, something that was unstable seemed to be at ease.

I was glad Nagi was there. If I was alone, I might not have been able to bear it. I might not have had a chance to go to the city alone.

“Souta kun. Shall we take a bath?”


I almost nodded reflexively. I unintentionally asked back.

“Let’s take a bath. Souta kun.”

“No, it’s……eh?”

Nagi relaxed. I relaxed too and stopped hugging.

Nagi lifted the edge of her mouth. Smile mischievously.

“I thought it would be nice once in a while.”

“Once in a while…’s the first time. No, if you include that time, it’s the second time.”

“In that case, let’s do it once in a while.”

Nagi folded her arms. I feel a soft touch on my elbow.

I was about to be taken straight in, and then I realized what she intended to do.

When I came back to the room to get my clothes. I put my hand on Nagi’s head.

“Thank you, Nagi.”

“You’re welcome.”

She was trying to comfort me because I was feeling a little homesick.

“Thank you for not turning me down. I’m sure you’ll feel more relaxed if you come in with me.”

“You’re welcome, although I’m a little unsure if I’ll be able to relax.”

I opened the wardrobe and took my own clothes. Nagi also had her own clothes in her hands.

I saw something pure white in between the clothes. I couldn’t help but look away.

“……Would you like to see it?”

“T-that kind of thing. I think it’s not fair.

“Fufu. I’m sorry.”

This time, it seems I was being teased properly. Nagi crossed her arms again.

I suddenly felt like saying a certain word.

“I love you, Nagi.”

“I love you too, Souta kun.”

The word “I love you”. We say it quite often.

Even so, we are used to saying it. The feelings we feel when we say it do not fade away.

–My life with Nagi has just started. I don’t know if I will go to Soichiro san’s house from now on. If this life continues.

But I know that one day I will be living with Nagi. ……Maybe there will be three or four people along the way.

There will be times, like today, when I feel a little sentimental. Not only me, but also Nagi, of course.

But still.

“I’m happy.”

“Yes ! Me too !”

This feeling is real. Just having Nagi next to me makes me happy.

No matter how lonely I get, no matter what happens, somewhere in my heart, this happiness is mixed up.

“I’m going to make you happier from now on. Please be prepared for that.”

“Yeah. I will make you happier, too. I will try my best to do so.”

–If I’m with Nagi, I can definitely live happily.

I don’t need any reason or rationale. Because that’s how it is.

Because I know that after being with her for years.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi stopped. She stood up just a little bit taller.

Something soft touches my lips. From there to the brain. Happiness flowed into my body.

Once Nagi pulled away from me. Still, I didn’t want to let go.

I put my lips on hers again.

“I love you.” “I love you.”

The words were spoken at the same time. I’m sure that we have the same feelings.

So, from now on. There is one thing that will continue to change.

It’s the feeling of loving Nagi. It is growing day by day and it does not know the upper limit.

“I love you…..Nagi.”

“……! Me too ! I love you !”

Words I’m usually too embarrassed to say. Yet, when I say them, happiness prevails over embarrassment.

–From the bottom of my heart. I think about it again and again.

Nagi is special and important to me.

I love her.

I don’t need to engrave that in my heart.

It is already engraved.

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