We met on the train.

Minori Souta kun.

His pitch-black hair is a little different from mine. But it is very comfortable to touch.

It is smooth and silky, and when I stroke it, his face becomes gentle. It makes me happy.

He is a hardworking boy who works harder than anyone else. He is a boy with ambition.

Souta kun has a very gentle face.

He does what I want him to do when I want him to do it.

He is a very strong man, and he is very kind to me.

……When we kissed, he stroked my head.

Souta kun is kind and strong.

I love him to the core.

I did something unforgivable. But he still loved me.

That’s why I want to make him happy. I want to be happy with him.

But if I’m too full of happiness, it will overflow. It is best to be happy in moderation.

A lot of things have happened, and I’ve made a lot of decisions.

Just when I thought that the rest would move forward slowly with just the two of us.

“I want you to live together in a certain apartment for a month or so.”

My father’s words echoed in my head.

……Living together?

T-that’s. You mean you want us to live together?

“Let me explain in detail.”


I was shocked by my father’s and Souta kun’s words. I switch my mind.

A little. I almost had a delusion that wasn’t good for a moment.

Only a pervert would do that in such a serious place.

“At first, I thought of asking Souta kun to evacuate to this house. But there is a safer place than here.”

“……From this house?”


This house is very well secured.

Security cameras are of course in place, and security guards are always on duty. If anything should happen, they are ready to come to the house immediately. I heard.

It is safer than this place.

“I may have told Nagi about this in the past. It’s an apartment building for an important person.”

“……! There?”

I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“The apartment building for the important person?”

“Papa. Can I explain it?”

“Yeah, please.”

I asked him for permission. I look at Souta kun.

“Our family……or rather the company that Papa runs, has a contract with a certain security company.”

Souta kun nodded his head and I continued the story. It is not that difficult.

“There is an apartment building near the security company. It’s made so that only some floors have no tenants. The employees of the security company live on the other floors.”

“…..I see.”

Souta kun nodded a few times as if he was trying to clear his head.

“Important person. If a high-ranking person like Papa receives a death threat, it’s fine to go there as an evacuation center. Everyone who lives in that apartment knows each other. If anyone other than the appointed person appears, he or she is immediately detained. This is the way it is designed. Of course, the security is among the best in Japan.”


Of course, in its own way… It costs a considerable amount of money.

But I don’t think I have to tell him that much.

“What Nagi told you is correct. The apartment is not that far away. As for the school, you can go there by car, and Souta kun will have an escort.”

“Eh….hm. I-is the situation that serious?”

“Just in case. I’m not going to let my guard down. I don’t want to allow even the slightest chance.”

Listening to Papa’s words. Souta kun looked as if he was pondering something.

“Of course, I will explain to your parents.”

“Ah, no. I understand the reason for living here, and I don’t mind it. I just……um…”

Souta kun was unusually hesitant to say anything. I wonder what happened.

“…..I’m sorry. Nagi, could you give us a minute?”

“Eh? I don’t mind.”

Souta kun told me to leave the room. I wonder what’s going on. I really don’t know.


About ten minutes after I left the room, Souta kun came to me. They seemed to have finished their conversation, and I went into the room with Souta kun.

Then, Papa saw me. He asked me.

“I know it’s late to ask this, but Nagi, are you okay with it? Can you live with Souta kun?”

“Ah, yes. I’ll be fine. I’m a little sad to be away from Papa and Mama, though. But I’m with Souta kun.”

Besides, it doesn’t mean I won’t see them anymore. If I get lonely, I can just call them.

“I understand. Souta kun gave me his permission. I have to get permission from Souta kun’s parents as well. As soon as I get their permission, I will ask you to move.”


“Yes, sir !”

I have to prepare clothes and other things.

But still, me and Souta kun live together…….

I can’t nod my head if you ask me if it’s with a positive reason.

I’m looking forward to it a little bit.


Click. heard the sound of a lock being opened.

I headed for the front door a little hastily.

“Souta kun !”

“Oh, Nagi. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“……No, it’s not that.”

There was Souta kun with luggage. Souta kun gave a small smile. I cleared my throat.

“I’m back, Nagi.”

“Yes ! Welcome back, Souta kun.”

There is a step at the entrance, and Souta kun’s face is close.

When I brought my face close to him. Souta kun understood and put his lips on mine.

It was a little bit of a long kiss. Souta kun’s hand reached out and gently stroked my head.

A feeling of happiness flowed into my heart. My heart became fluffy and my mind became lighter.

After a little while. Souta kun let go of my lips. ……I’m a little sad.

“……Something smells so good.”

“Yup ! I was making pancakes ! I wanted to eat them with Souta kun !”

Souta kun’s eyes sparkled. When it comes to delicious food, Souta kun is always on the lookout.

In other words, he is expecting so much from me. It made me happy again.

“It was cooked well ! Would you like some first?

“Yeah, I’ll take it. I’m going to wash my hands first.”

“Yes ! I’ll be waiting !”

Pancakes. It went pretty well for the first time.

I wonder if he’ll be pleased. I hope he’s happy.


The living room is quite spacious.

The table was big enough for about ten people.

On the other side of the big TV. I sat down with Souta kun.

“It’s delicious. Very good. Very delicious.”

“Fufu. I’m glad.”

He took a bite of the pancake. Souta kun’s eyes lit up.

I tasted it, so I knew it wasn’t terrible.

Still, it made me happy to see him eat it so deliciously.

I had prepared honey and syrup, and Souta kun was enjoying comparing both of them.

A small smile broke out on my face. I put my face to Souta kun who was telling me that it was delicious again.

I knew that it was a little bit immodest.

However, the mischievous spirit that was born in my heart was still growing.

I licked off the syrup on the edge of his lips with my tongue.

Souta kun’s cheeks twitched. Its flushed little by little.

“Fufu, it’s sweet.”

As I was trying to roll the syrup on my tongue–


He put his lips on top of mine.

It is a short time, less than a few seconds.

The sweet smell and taste of the syrup softly penetrates the inside of my mouth.


When our mouths parted. The loneliness comes instantly.

Souta kun laughed while looking a little troubled.

I love this face too.

The way he puts his hand on my head and strokes my hair.

I love this too.

I love everything.

I love you so much.

“Just once. I want to squeeze you.”

“That’s okay, you don’t have to say it like that. You can always give me a hug.”

I was softly wrapped in Souta kun’s smell.

The smell of Souta- un. I love your smell.

I hugged him tightly and strongly. Souta kun also hugged me strongly.

He is strong and warm. I love you.

“I love you, Souta kun.”

“I love you too, Nagi.”

We can live together from now on. The reason was not positive.

But I was looking forward to it.


“Is this okay then?”

“Yeah. If there’s anything else, we’ll talk about it.”

After eating pancakes and packing up. After finishing dinner.

We had a discussion.

Discussing about how to live together, how to share the responsibility of housework, and so on.

Nagi showed me the whiteboard again.

“I do the cooking. Souta kun takes out the garbage and does the laundry. Cleaning will be done once a weekend, and we will take turns.”

“Yeah. If you have a cold or are busy, let me know in advance and I’ll ask to take over.”

My mother told us that we should decide who would be in charge on the first day. And also to reconcile values.

To respect each other and enjoy living together.

“We do all our shopping together. …..Even if I say that, there will be a bodyguard.

“I guess so. Well, let’s leave it at that.”

After talking with her, I felt that it is important to create such a place.

Money is also important. Because I ended up having Soichiro san take care of everything.

[I’m the one who is responsible for all of this. From my point of view, I can’t not support you. I hope you understand.]

I cannot refuse if I’m told so. Basically, Nagi was supposed to manage it, but she also asked me to tell her immediately if there is a shortage.

There would be other things that would be of concern to both of us. So we decided to have a meeting once a day.

“Don’t overwork each other. If you have any concerns or dissatisfaction, let me know.”

“Yes. Likewise. I understand that we can communicate with each other if we talk things over properly.”

Nagi wrote down what was decided on the whiteboard. She was already on the fourth one.

Nagi reviewed it again. Fourth…I stared at the place where there was still a lot of white space.

“One last thing. No, two. Can I add more rules?”

“Hm? What is it?”

Nagi’s blue eyes waver a little. But she made up her mind. She looked straight at me.

“The first is. ……S-saying good morning, I’m off, and welcome back. And then good night and make up for it.”

“T-that’s quite a lot to put into one sentence, isn’t it?”

But I got the gist of what she was saying, no problem. But there was one thing that bothered me.

“What does “make up” mean?”

“If we have a fight, it might be awkward because we live in the same house. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to kiss and make up with each other at that time.”

“I see. It’s a good idea. ……It is a good idea.”

When things were about to get a little awkward, I hugged Nagi strongly. It would be the same kind of thing.

I feel a little numb too. Well, it’s not a bad thing.

Other times, it’s for when we get into a fight. We also had our own rooms in addition to our bedrooms in case we wanted to be alone at times. …..There are many rooms.

While I was thinking about it, Nagi was staring at me.

“Except for making up. The rest is because I want to kiss Souta kun.”

“O-oh……you’re so honest.”

“We don’t have to make up for it now….because chatting with Souta kun is making me happy. I’ll get used to it a little more,……no. I’d like to make it a part of my everyday life.”

Hmmm, I thought. I nodded.


“Got it. Let’s do that.

“……! Yes !”

Nagi was smiling and laughing as she wrote on the whiteboard. I couldn’t help but smile.

She runs her pen with a click, click sound. Nagi looks at me again.

“T-there is one more thing.”

“Oh. What is it?”

“I think it’s okay, but at least once a day…..well, I want you to say that you love me.”

Her cheeks blush slightly. Nagi smiled shyly.

“Papa said that it’s important to tell that we love each other.”

“……Come to think of it, my father said the same thing a long time ago.”

Recently, the number of marriage divorces has been increasing. I saw on TV that even if it is not the case, the number of couples who get divorced after a few years of marriage is increasing. That’s what my father said then.

[The most important thing in living together is to be honest about your feelings. Especially when you say you love each other, it makes both of you feel better. Right?]

After that, my mother told me there is a limit.

“That’s important indeed.”

“Yes ! That’s why I wanted to put it in !”

“Yeah. Do that.”

Yes ! Nagi replied cheerfully. Nagi wrote on the whiteboard again.

“……Then, let’s get right to it. May I?”

“Of course.”

Nagi puts down the whiteboard and pen. She stares at me.

Her face is softly approaching me.

A sweet smell tickles my nostrils. Nagi’s hand is gently placed on my chest.

It is warm. When I laid my hand on her hand, Nagi turned her hand over and squeezed my hand. She squeezed my hand.

Her face was right in front of me. The other hand was put behind my back.

The two hands collided with each other’s forehead. Nagi’s beautiful face filled my field of vision.

Her blue eyes are really beautiful. I couldn’t help but stare at them.

There is a faint light in her blue eyes. They are cold but warm, just like the sun shining in the sea.

“I love you, Souta kun.”

Our foreheads are separated for a moment. Her face is tilted and our lips are placed on top of each other.

No matter how many times we did it, I never get used to it.

My heart was racing and noisy.

Happiness flowed into my heart.

I feel happy.

I love her.

Though our lips parted. At that moment, I pressed my lips against hers.

Right now, the girl in front of me is too lovely. From the bottom of my heart–I think.

“I love you, Nagi.”

When I turned away from her, Nagi’s cheeks softened.

It was so cute. I put my hand on her cheek, and Nagi closed her eyes.

Nagi’s cheeks are soft and smooth. I wanted to touch it forever.

I spent a lot of time stroking her cheeks.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi’s hand touched my cheek. It was warm like sunlight.

“Let’s work hard from now on. I know there will be a lot of hardships. But if it’s with Souta kun, we can overcome all of them.”

“Yeah. Let’s do our best together.”

This is a sudden start. If I’m with Nagi, there’s no problem. There is nothing to worry about.

On the contrary—

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Fufu. Me too.”

Because I can live with Nagi alone. How can I not be looking forward to it?

“I really feel like I’m getting used to being Souta kun’s wife. I’m glad.”

Nagi said so. She smiled again.

She stares at me. Her blue eyes, with a soft light in them, looked at me—


A shiver runs down my back. Something rises up from the bottom of my stomach.

“Fufu. I think it’s still too early to call you Papa. …..I’d like to call you dear, but which one do you prefer, Souta kun?”

“I-I….don’t mind.”


I almost let a funny sound escape from my throat. Nagi gave a small giggle.

“Souta kun likes this one?”


My face became hotter and hotter. I tried to turn my face away, but I couldn’t.

Nagi took my hand. Intertwine her fingers and tie them together. Not one hand, but both hands.

“Then again. I’m a clumsy person, but I’m looking forward to working with you. –My dear.”

She said that with a very nice smile.

“……It’s my pleasure. I look forward to working with you.”

I could only reply in that way.

Will I be able to endure it? ……No. I can hardly stand it anymore.

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