They Found Out That I, the Disgrace of the Marquis Family, Am Actually a Hero Who Has Saved People. So I’m Going to Enroll in a Merit-Based School and Wait for Things to Cool Down



“The identity of that hero – the ‘Black Knight’ – is actually the disgrace of the Marquis family. I heard that, Master.”
“God damn it!!!!”

In a noble knight family that has produced many talented people, including heroes and knight commanders, there was a boy.
Adele had no talents and lived a self-indulgent life, and for this reason, both his family and the world called him a “disgrace”
However, it turns out that Adele is actually a hero who has been saving people – a “black knight.”

“Oh no, if this continues, I will be given a free one-way ticket to the carriage road ……!”
“It seems that the head of the house and his family are rushing back to the mansion, so there is no escape.”

If word spreads that the disgrace of the marquis family is actually a hero who has saved the lives of others, he will definitely be made to play an active role as a knight because of his family’s status.
If that happens, the carefree life he wants will be far away.

“That’s right, let’s run away to the academy!”

The school is a boarding school for three years.
It is the perfect place to escape to until things cool down.
Therefore, Adele decided to enter the school.

“Huh!? Are they seriously going to expel me if I don’t put my mind to it?!”
“Fufu, then you have no choice but to be serious, …… master♪”

The best academy in the kingdom is a merits-based school that refuses to accept the weak.
What will happen if that “Black Knight” gets serious?
And even though the hero attends the school, he is still kind, but will he be able to leave the troubled people he encounters one after another, such as princesses, saints, and siblings he hasn’t seen in a long time?

“I don’t think you can. …… Well, that’s the reason why I fell in love with you♪”
“Hmm? What did you say?”

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