Episode 8 – after completion of the test



After that, the examinations, swordsmanship and writing, were completed.

The announcement of entrance examination results was made on the same day. The school would post the numbers of those who passed on the bulletin board in front of the school gate with the examination numbers they had received beforehand.

Therefore, the school had begun grading the exams as soon as the students had left…




A conference room on the top floor of the school.

There was something heavy in the air.

The people gathered in the room were all lecturers of different ages. The woman who was in charge of Adele and the others was also in the room.

“…… That story, it was true, wasn’t it?”

And then, as if to break the silence, the woman slowly opened her mouth.

“I never thought that the ‘Black Knight’ was an embarrassment to that marquis!”

“I thought it was some kind of mistake,…….”

“I don’t believe it for a second. ……”

Each of them reacted in his or her own way.

No wonder, the existence of the black knight and the stigma of disgracing the marquis family are so strong.

“The magic that was actually shown was the kind of magic used by the ‘Black Knight’. Even in the swordsmanship exam, it overwhelmed the examiners. Even if we put the written exam aside for the moment, I could sense that he had a lot of time to spare in terms of practical skills.”

“Another great student is trying to enter the school.”

After seeing the reaction of one of the instructors, the woman picks up another piece of paper.

“Furthermore, this time, even a child prodigy from that magic family, Count Elemirea, was enrolled. For some reason, she was Adel Astia-kun’s maid…”

“The count’s daughter is the maid of the marquis? I don’t get it.”

It is that unusual.

It’s true that the marquis and the count have a higher and lower rank of nobility, but that’s only one story.

If you want to work as a servant, it is often done by a lower rank in the nobility — a viscount or baron who has little say or influence in social circles.

The fact that the daughter of a countess is doing it, and ….. that Elesia, too, is a surprise. Everyone present was in disbelief.

“……Well, I don’t know what purpose it has to do with, but as far as the examination is concerned, I have no objection to it.”

Everyone present shook their heads at the woman’s words.

As a result—

“Really ……, this year’s applicants are all great people.”


Well, the exam is over and he got some strange looks from various students, but that’s about it.

Adele was positive in a “what’s done is done!” he was going on a sightseeing tour of the royal city.

“Now, I wonder where is the store with the beautiful onee chans~?”

“I’ll hit you with a fried egg okay?”

“Wow, what a disturbing suggestion.”

Even though there was no particular event in the city, it was crowded with people.

It was so crowded that it felt a little uncomfortable to walk in a straight line, and on top of that, you could hear the lively hustle and bustle from everywhere.

The town in the marquis’s domain is also a prosperous town, but this one in the royal capital is exceptional.

Adele, who had never been to that part of town before because he did not frequent social gatherings, was a little excited to be in a new place.

“The exam results will be announced tomorrow, and the entrance ceremony will be held a week later for those who passed…When I think about it like that, things are going to be tough.”

“Normally, people would have a little more time to act. Because of the urgency and haste with which we try to enter the school, a maid who struggle to prepare the uniforms shed tears of hardship casually.”

“Yes yes I understand, and thank you. So, what should I do to please the young lady? ”

“When we return to the inn, I will demand a snuggle and a pillow.”

“Yes yes, as the lady pleases.”

“Fufu, yay♪.”

Elesia was so happy that she hugged him in her arms with a cute smile on her face.

Adele couldn’t help but be shocked by the faintly sweet smell, the plump feel, and the close proximity of her beautiful features.

Just then…

“A-a purse snatcher!”

Suddenly, such a voice was heard from the direction he was walking.

Although he could not see much clearly due to the crowd, he could see a woman falling down ahead of him and a man running with a small package in his arms.

However, the man was running in the opposite direction of Adele and the others. Combined with this crowd, it would be difficult to catch him even if he pursued him now.


Still, Adele’s face changed from the faintly shy one from earlier to one that looked uncomfortable.

Elesia looked at Adele like that…

(Fufu, you are so kind.)

As expected, despite Elesia’s smile, Adele walked to a nearby back alley.

Elesia also walked behind him, making sure there was no one around.

“I guess our date in King’s town will have to wait, huh?”


As they entered the alleyway, Adele stretched black ivy from his feet to himself.

The ivy covers the entire body without any gaps and turns into an armor-like figure, and a sword-shaped tree grows out of his hand in an instant.

“I don’t sleep well at night when I see these things,”

It makes him uncomfortable to see someone in trouble.

If he is uncomfortable, he will not be able to sleep peacefully because he cannot get it out of his mind.

He believes that this is for his own sake, not out of a sense of justice or duty, but out of selfishness …….

“I understand.”

However, it is only himself who thinks so.

The maid, who watches over the hero more than anyone else, knew that his actions came from a place of kindness.

“Then, go on your way today, ─ ─ Hero-sama.”

That is why the maid saw off her master’s actions without saying a word, even today.

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