Episode 3 – Let’s run away to the academy



“The only academy where you can enroll even at this time of the year and be admitted on the same day is the academy in the royal capital.”

When a crowd gradually began to form in front of the marquis’ residence to meet the “Black Knight” at a glance.

Elesia presses her body tightly against her master, Adele, as she looks at the materials on the table and speaks.

“When you say the school in the royal capital, it’s the Royal Carbon Academy run by the royal family…Wow, it’s the school where Mil-neesan and Loyd nii san are…”

“But this is the only one that has a catchphrase that says you can apply by diving in.”

“Mumu …… is this a situation where you are forced to choose between a lighter hell or a deeper hell?”

If he enters the academy, he can get out of the mansion for good reason.

It’s not right to enter without telling anyone, but it’s a better choice than going away without permission.

At first, he was going to refuse his parents’ proposal and shut himself away in order to enjoy a self-indulgent life. This way, the father, who is still the head of the family, would not complain.

Well, it is a little far away from the self-indulgent life, and it is a little problematic to have relatives in the house.

“What would you like to do? If necessary, I will apply to the academy on the same day with one knee lap.”

“Why is the maid demanding ……”

“Fufu, then shall I quit being your maid?”

“…… stop it. At that moment, you’ll only be able to see me at full-blown social gatherings.”

“Ara, I wouldn’t like that either. If that’s the case, let’s say I’ll still take care of the master.”

Elesia smiles a ladylike and elegant smile.

Adele was unintentionally made nervous by this appearance, but as if to deceive her, handed over the documents, saying, “I’ll do it later.”

“If you apply today, the entrance exam will be held the day after tomorrow, If that’s the case, it would be better to stay in King’s town.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful!”

Adele stood up with a twinkle in his eye.

“The royal capital is full of more attractive places than the marquis’ territory! There’s food, too, and there are many sightseeing spots! Above all, there are a lot of fluffy shops where beautiful ladies work—“

Gan (Elesia slams her foot down on the floor)

Gasha (sound of Elesia taking the mount)

Gogogo (sound of Elesia shaking her fist)

“Master, I missed the part about what’s in King’s town?”

“…… good food and tourist attractions.”

No muffled words came out of his trembling mouth.

“I am utterly …… troubled by the master. There is such a pretty girl next to him, and she is taking such good care of him, and yet he is looking away. ……”

“I can’t see that pretty girl, why is that? Is it because my eyes are swollen?”

“It’s because your heart is dirty.”

Of course, there was no way I could make the statement

Adele reluctantly got up and began to look out the window at a distance from Elesia, who for some reason felt horrible about it.

[The black knight is really the son of our lord?!]

[No, we came here to find that out, didn’t you?!]

[But it would be wonderful if it were true,……, that the boy who was called a disgrace is a hero.]

Perhaps because the window was slightly open, he could hear that voice coming from everywhere.

“Wow,…… look at this, Elesia. There’s a whole gallery full of curious people.”

“A spectator of Black Knight, right? Why don’t you wave to them?”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t give fan service to the gallery, which is a great invasion of privacy. I mean, I don’t want to be included in the idol category, you know.”

He thought he had to run away to the school quickly. Adele’s cheeks twitched as he saw the people gathering outside.

Just then…


The door was opened vigorously.

Through the door, a boy who looked somewhat like Adele emerged.

“I heard it, brother! Apparently, there’s talk in town that the ‘Black Knight’ is my brother!”

What a disrespectful attitude towards the brother.

However, Adele-kun, who loves being made fun of, doesn’t point it out.

“Hmph, everyone is being ridiculous. There is no way my brother, who has no talent whatsoever, is that ‘black knight’!”

What can I say in place of that?

“I’ll tell the people of the territory and my father! There’s no such truth to my incompetent brother! Oooooooo!?”

───He threw him out the window as hard as he could.

“Ara …… is that all right, master?”

Not just a clang, but Gashann! Elesia asked without changing her color, while peering under the broken windowpane.

To explain the sequence of events, Adele stretched the ivy in an instant, wrapped it around his brother’s leg, and swung it out of the window.

Thanks to this, Adele’s brother was thrown out the window and is now a beautiful object with his head buried in the ground under the window.

“It’s okay, I showed a little bit of strength. I mean, I threw him without any reaction at all, so he doesn’t even know what I did.”

“Just in case, I heard that your younger brother was quite strong among his peers, but… you are really above the standard, Master. I don’t care if there are any complaints later, okay?”

The fittest eats the fittest, and the strongest is justice. That’s the lesson of my family, so there’s no problem. I mean, it’s annoying.”

“Well, that’s true. Then, shall we immediately pack our bags to stay in King’s town to enjoy our three years of escaping from reality?”

“Let’s do that.”

With that said, the two returned to their rooms without peeking out the window.

A loud crash caused the servants of the mansion to gather around, but they showed no interest in the new objects on the property and began packing their bags to go to King’s town.

“Master, which underwear would you prefer for me?”

“Ummm …… pink lace.”

“Fufu, yes”

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