The result of the exam was, for whatever reason, a pass.

Perhaps it was because of the packed schedule, but four days had passed since he met Mil and finished the announcement of his acceptance, and his entrance into the academy was finally imminent.

Of course, he did not report to his parents

Adele just sent a random letter and went sightseeing in King’s Town until he entered the school.

However, today was not the only time for him to take his time and go sightseeing in King’s Town.

Royal Carbon Academy is a boarding school. Therefore, he had to bring his luggage to the dormitory in advance before the entrance ceremony began…

“This is …… too much!”

The dormitory is located a short distance from the school grounds.

There, Elesia, who is usually mild-mannered and rarely spoiled except for female relations and skinship, protested adorably, shaking her head.

“I don’t know what to say.”

Adele, on the other hand, was looking at this situation as if he were troubled.

Fortunately, he is now in a room allocated to him in the student dormitory. It is for one person, and no matter how much noise you make, you will not be bothered.

But even so, he had to remind the pretty maid that she was in a bad mood.

“What’s impossible is impossible. So give it up.”

“I don’t want to!”

“No, but you know…..”

Adele scratches his cheek, “What will I do with this?”

After all, Elesia is complaining like this――

“It would be impossible for a girl living in a girls’ dormitory to live in my room.”

The dormitories are divided into male and female dormitories for each grade.

Therefore, it is not possible to share a room with a person of the opposite gender.

“I am a servant! I am obligated to take care of my master’s personal needs and sleep with him on his knees!”

“Hey there, aristocratic daughter. You’re mixing self-interest into the second half of your sentence.”

It was a cute girlish selfishness.

“I mean, we can meet even if we’re not together. This seems to be an all-male dormitory, so aren’t you worried about a girl being thrown into a pack of wolves?”

“Don’t worry, if anything goes wrong, I’ll crush their nuts.”

“I don’t feel safe, though!?”

Elesia is a beautiful girl that everyone recognizes.

There’s no way a girl like that could go into a den where adolescent boys live and not get some strange looks.
It’s fine if she really wants to live with him, but if she ends up living in the next room or somewhere else, he won’t be able to protect her. Or rather, the bastards who try to get involved will no longer be able to protect themselves from Elesia.

“Haaa…… Elesia has her own room, doesn’t she? Seems like a great place to make friends your own age.”

Adele sat down on the bed in the corner of the room.

The room allotted to him was small for two people, but it was too spacious and well furnished for a single person to live there.

The quality of the bed is also better than that of most inns, even just by touching it.

“I don’t want to be separated from my master, you know. ……” (TL/N : She uses ‘mon’ 嫌ですもん here…really cute)

Elesia sat down beside Adele and hugged him from the side.

it’s not a matter of life or death since they are going to school together, but within Elesia it seems to be a matter of life and death.

(Do you really want to be with me that badly?)

As expected, Adele also knows that Elesia has open her heart to him.

She even came out of her own house to be with him as a maid, so it is impossible not to notice.

In addition, Adele himself is not uncomfortable with it. To tell the truth, if he could stay with her, he would.

However, the reality is that this is not always possible—

“But you know, even if we were allowed to live together, staying in a wolf’s room would cause a lot of problems, you know? Don’t think I have a reason of steel.”

“…If the child is good enough to play baseball, I’ll do my best to tolerate it.”

“I’m sorry, but please consider this a problem when you first try your hand at it.”

It is amazing that she can accept nine children.

“But… there’s only one bed, and the public bath here is only for men.”

“There’s no problem sharing the same bed, and there’s a private bathroom. me and master can take a bath together.”


“That’s amazing, you finally started thinking positively about the bath word.”

Adele Astarea.

Even though he is used to girls with a very beautiful girl next door, he is still a boy.

It can’t be helped that the stubborn balance is shaken when he hears the words “girl” and “bath.”

And then, as if to drive home the point…

“Master, are you willing to be separated from me?”


Elesia, who was hugging him, looked up at him and said that.

Her eyes were somehow feverish, as if they were longing for him. In response to this, Adele’s mind became even more confused.

Normally, it would definitely be bad for a girl to live in a male dormitory with servants and such.

However, it’s a small thing to make such a cute girl sad――

“Haaa… Apparently there’s a dormitory manager, so I hope he lets me out.”

Thank you, master!”

— In the end, Elesia ended up living in Adele’s room

The reason was probably that Elesia gave a two-hour presentation to the dormitory director.

Secretly, he thought to himself that he had been pushed rather than persuaded when he saw Elesia unpacking her belongings in Adele’s room in a good mood.

(TL/N : Author san sometimes uses Adele Astia and sometimes uses Adele Astarea…)

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