Episode 9 – Second daughter of the Astia family



I really thought it would be an easy success.

The crowds in King’s Town are the largest in the kingdom. Therefore, it is difficult to catch someone who is chasing me because there are so many people, and people who don’t want to get involved basically decide to go through with it.

Therefore, if I wanted to do a purse-snatching, I would definitely choose the King’s Town.

In fact, I have succeeded in many snatch-and-grab attempts, and I have been able to fill my own pockets.

And yet—-

“W-What the hell are you? Haaaaaaaaa!!!?”

One of the narrow alleys.

A place that normally should not be very popular, but for some reason, many onlookers were crowding around.

It is no wonder. In this place, there is a strange composition of a snatched man hanging from the sky with his legs held by ivy, like a freak show.

And below him is a knight in black armor, carrying a huge sword.

“Tehe☆ Just a commoner just passing by! You wouldn’t believe me even if I made that pose, right? Then there’s no need for this question and answer.”

In King’s Town, sadly, crime is a regular occurrence somewhere.

Murder …… is not very common, but robberies, kidnappings, and snatch-and-grabs are commonplace.

Still, the reason why people are gathering like this is because of the unusual composition of a man hanging from the sky and the presence of the hero in his distinctive black armor.

(I mean, it’s nice that I caught him, but …… what did this guy steal?)

Adele approaches the man and stares at him intently.

The man has been shouting something for a while now, but Adele doesn’t show any sign of hearing him.

(Ehhh, I don’t have a taste for touching the guy’s body. If that’s the case, I would definitely feel more comfortable if I accepted Elesia’s skinship.)

However, he can’t afford to hesitate and eat up time here.

In case you are wondering, the newspapers have been talking a lot about his identity recently. With the gallery gathering, he could not possibly stay long.

Therefore, Adele begins to search for what he might have stolen by putting his hands into the man’s clothes.

And then…

“Hey, hey, what’s all the fuss about?~”

With a clash. A metallic sound, which Adele could hardly hear, came from behind him.

The girl in armor with golden hair like Adele’s was there before he knew it.

Adele’s voice spilled out of him mouth at the sight of the girl.



The girl tilted her head, but then she remembered something…

“Ah! That voice I just heard was Aa-kun, wasn’t it?!”

She let out a loud voice and pointed at Adele, who was dressed as a “black knight” with all her might.

The name “A-kun” is familiar.

It is a nickname for his own name, and until recently, he was often called by it.

Adele’s sister, Mil Astia, who attends a school in the royal capital and is a member of the royal knighthood, which has some of the best knights in the world, used to call him “A-kun”.


The moment cold sweat poured down his back, Adele leapt up and climbed onto the roof.

And the next thing to do is …… run as fast as he can. There is no doubt that it is difficult to move, and there is no need to run away because he did what he should have been praised for, but it is no use now.

After all, there was a girl behind him who was chasing him even though he had leaped and jumped onto the roof.

“Why are you running away, Ah-kun?! That’s the outfit …… Black Knight, isn’t it, Hero san?! And that’s A-kun, isn’t it! I knew the rumors were true!”

“You’ve got the wrong guy!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Neighborhood nuisance or not.

Even if she is convinced, if he is caught, it’s the end of consistency. There will be no way to get away with it.

That is why Adele continued to move his feet without regard to the obvious attention-getting composition of the “black knight” running as fast as he could on the roof.

“But my sensitive and accurate onee chan sensor even responds to the voice of my beloved little brother, you know!”

Adele sensed a strong and unpleasant presence behind him.

He reflexively bent forward, and at that moment a one-handed sword passed over his head.

“What kind of nerve does it take to throw a sword at someone who is reacting?!”

“This is also Onee chan’s expression of affection, expression of love♪”

The second daughter of the Astia family, Mil is one of the few siblings who, like Alice, is fond of Adele.

Up until now, he has been treated well by her, and she even helped him when he was being bullied by other siblings. 

However, for better or worse, she was born into a meritocratic and knightly family.

When she is in the presence of someone she knows is strong, she has a difficult personality that she can’t suppress her excitement…

“Now, come on, A-kun, show me how you deny your sister’s opinion that you’re incompetent!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, so please don’t sandbag me, you’ve got the wrong person!”

“Well, what’s with the armor? It looks like it’s made of ivy…Okay, let’s take it off and check it out! ”

“Damn it! I don’t think it’s much of a reward for a good deed!!!!”

In a moment of crouching, Mil closes the distance to Adele.

Mil seemed to have two swords ready, as she held them in one hand and mercilessly swung them at Adel.

Reflexively, Adele also responded. A dull sound, slightly different from a metallic sound, echoed over the roof.

“Areee~~~~? If I look closely, that sword is made of ivy, just like armor.”

The speed was blindingly fast. It’s hard to believe that this is happening to a girl who is still a student.

It’s no wonder that she joined the elite knighthood while she was still a student.

The only problem is…

“Ah-ha☆ I’m so happy for you! A-kun, you’ve been hiding your ability for so long!?”

“I don’t remember any of this, so no comment!”

“Yeah, yeah, it looks like there’s still a lot of room left…I guess you’re a lot stronger than your sister.”

He thought it would be bad if things continued like this. Adele gets a little more serious.

The black ivy extends from the great sword that Adele was wielding, fixing Mil’s hand and blocking her movement.


At that moment, Adele slammed a spinning kick into Mil’s sword and bounced it straight to the edge of the roof.

What happened? Mil’s momentary blankness of thought triggered Adele’s magic.

Several huge trees sprouted from the ground, growing so tightly together that they seemed to pinch Mil.

“Please limit your stalking! I won’t care if your younger brother, who is rumored to have no one left to take care of him, cries! ”

Adele took advantage of the opportunity and leapt in an instant. He disappeared under the house.

Mil moved her body to chase after him, but she gave up without flinching and looked up at the clear blue sky.

“Hmmm… ……, I wonder if this is onee chan’s loss?~”

Then, without letting anyone hear her, she mumbled to herself.

“Well, whatever. Coming to the royal capital means entering the academy, we’ll meet at the academy anyway.”

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