Episode 2 – black knight



“Hey, can’t we just run away!?”

In a forest near a certain border.

There, five horses with people on them were galloping at a high speed.

A young girl with golden hair, riding on top of one of them, shouted aloud

“You must run into the city at this point! Our city will surely protect you!”

“I can fight!”

“If it is a child’s category of play, it will be fine. But the other party is…”

The moment a knight was about to say that, there was a blink of an eye above his head.

When he reflexively looked up, he saw several huge fireballs swinging down towards him.

“It’s beyond the range of a child. ……!”

The girl jumps off her horse as quickly as she can and rolls herself over.

The horse was released from the reins and ran ahead, but was immediately engulfed by the fireballs.


“I’m fine …….but”

The horses were gone, and the three knights were at the end of the fireball.

The only one knight left on his side of the fire was…

“Bah ……?”

—Just when he think

The knight beside him had a sharp sword sticking out of his neck.

What happened? Both the knight who was stabbed and the girl who was splattered with blood froze, not knowing why.

But they are brought back to reality when one of the knights crumples to the ground.


“Why did you come here before us?!”

“Princess, please run away ……”

Beyond the sea of fire, she hear the familiar voices of the knights.

The moment she think she hear them, they disappear from the moment the fresh sound resonates.

A little later. she no longer hear the voices of the knights.

Instead, a number of men dressed in black appear out of nowhere, emerging from the forest.

“You must be the second princess of the kingdom, Luna Carbon……?”

The man who uttered the voice had two sharp knives in his hands. The other men also hold weapons such as swords and staffs, while the girl — Luna’s hands hold nothing.

(I can use magic, but ……!)

The disadvantage was overwhelming.

In terms of numbers, weapons, and size. Everything is inferior.

They had killed the knight so easily and with such intent, there was no way she could win if she went up against him.

However, the wagons that is her only hope of escape had disappeared into the sea of fire. In other words, with this many people, escape was impossible.

“Who are you?!”


“Why are you trying to kill me?!”

The men were silent from start to finish.

They were either afraid that their identities would be revealed, or because they had no desire to engage in conversation.

Either way, the silence is consuming the hearts of the men with fear.

(Am I going to die ……?)

With a rustle, the man who uttered the voice walks away with a knife in his hand.

(Am I going to die here?)

(There were still so many things I wanted to do.

I was looking forward to school life. I made a lot of friends, had a love life, ate a lot of delicious food, studied a lot, even though it might be difficult.

And yet, I was killed just because I was a princess. I had accomplished nothing yet.)

All the men in her field of vision are aiming for her life—there’s no way a girl her age wouldn’t be scared.


She backed away, but all she could feel was the intense heat on her back.

If she lower her gaze a little, she’ll see the skeleton of the knight who was with her earlier.


(I don’t want to die.

I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.I don’t want to die.)

Somebody please–

“Help me!”

And then


The hero came.


The man who never said more than he had to, said something other than what was necessary for the first time.

Just that. The man who should have been holding the knife’s vision spun around in an instant, and only his head rolled on the ground.

The last sight the man saw. It was a boy in black armor swinging a huge sword at his side.

“You guys can only make someone cry, can’t you?”

With a zap. The boy slowly walks toward Luna.

As he approached, it became clear that the black armor was not made of metal. It is a simple collection of ivy. It covers the whole thing.

“Don’t disturb people’s sleep. If you were a man, you would protect girls.”

The boy thrust his sword into the ground.

Then he opened his mouth.

“The King of the Forest.”

The next moment, something starts to grow from everywhere in the forest.

Ivy, grass, and trees. All of them were attacking the men in the surrounding area.

The ivy that creaked somehow severed both limbs, the trees that stretched out pierced their torsos, and the grass covered their faces and made them airless.


If he doesn’t make a sound even in this situation, is he really an assassin?

Each of them falls to the ground, splattering blood as they are hit by the sudden onslaught.


Luna could not help but be surprised at the sight.

The number of people in the world, really in an instant.

It was a hopeless time, and although she had hoped for it, she had thought no one would be able to help her.

The situation had changed completely, from a predicament to relief.

(C-come to think of it…)

She has heard.

There is a hero who appears dashingly before those in need or wishing for help and extends a helping hand.

This person is covered in black armor all over his body, and from his height and voice, one would expect him to be a young boy.

His skill with the sword is such that he can surpass others even though he is only a child, and he is able to freely manipulate magic that deals with plants that have never been seen before.

All in all, the “Black Knight’s” abilities are──abnormal.

And because his existence is reminiscent of the existence of a knight, a human being with armor, a huge sword, and someone to protect, everyone is respectful…

“Some of you couldn’t make it ……huh Sorry I didn’t make it.”

The “Black Knight,” they called him.

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