Episode 7 – King of the Forest



Adele’s magic is a form of earth magic, refined to the utmost limit by his own sense of taste.

The process is to cover the ground with soil, give birth to a seed in one’s perception, water it, and make it grow.

If the ground is originally made of soil, the magic can be used without taking the initial steps.

However, this magic is just an event of earth magic — it is just a very ordinary advance of ‘generating soil.

If he wanted to, Adele could handle ordinary earth magic. Conversely, it is precisely because it is beyond the ordinary that it is special and cannot be handled by anyone other than Adele.

In other words, it is only because Adele has an astonishing sense of magic that he is able to do this.

The speed at which he uses his magic and the range of its influence do not stay within the ordinary framework, and the way he creates new plants in an instant is truly unique.

Therefore, Adele is a knight, but he is also a master of nature.

(The “King of the Forest,” huh?)

Sitting cross-legged on a chair, Elesia glanced around as she watched Adele reigning at the top of the natural world.

The training field, which should have been nothing but dirt and spectator seating, instantly transformed into an overgrown forest, and the target at the edge of the field was covered with plants and only its outline was recognizable.

The name of the magic – ─ ─ King of the Forest.

The target was only covered with plants. If that’s the case, isn’t it just as powerful as it looks? When asked that question, one want to shake one’s head.

After all, the outline of the target is smaller than what one had originally seen—is the area smaller because the water in the material has been drained away, or is it compressed to the point of being smaller? One would have to actually get up close and personal to know for sure.

However, the event was too large to judge just from what they saw.

(More importantly, ……)

Now look at the students around him.

Stunned, stunned faces, as if they were watching an unbelievable scene. Even the instructor, a woman, dropped the booklet she was holding to evaluate.

(No wonder. Not even a magical family of this magnitude can do that ……)

In addition, Adele’s main weapon is a sword.

Magic is only a sub, and only for support.

This is the ability of a hero who has been so active that he is called the “Black Knight.”

He is a talented and unorthodox boy who is too good for his carefree nature.

If one only looks at one point of his ability — clearly, he stands out from everyone else in the venerable Astia family.

(The master is the master, after all. I’m falling more and more in love with you♪)

A faint heart mark appears in Elesia’s eyes.

It must have looked so cool. The pretty girl has switched into an obvious maiden.

And Adele, unaware that he was in such a state, gave a glance at the stunned lecturer, sighed loudly, and slowly sat up.

Adele must have realized that he had made a mess.

His shoulders slumped in disappointment, and he approached Elesia and sighed once more.

“Haa. …… looks like I’ve messed up.”

“Fufu, Good work. I see that the surprise was a great success.”

“Not a huge success, it’s going to be a disaster of my self-carefree life. ……”

“Don’t worry, it was so cool, I almost fell♪”

As expected, Even Adele understands this.

I realized that the reactions of those around him are proof that he had made a mistake.

However, he doesn’t seem to notice the girl in front of him. Unlike the maid girl’s reaction, his shoulders slumped further.

“Ha! E-excuse me …… followed by Elesia Elemirea san!”

Then, the instructor lady, who had just returned to herself, calls out to Elesia.

“Ara, it looks like I’m next.”

“Elesia is good at magic, isn’t she?”

“As good as anyone, Master.”

Elesia walks down to the lecturer with an elegant smile on her face.

She is such a beautiful girl that she attracts many eyes every time she moves. Normally, everyone would move their gazes as she pass by, but they are still stunned by Adele’s magic.

Elesia felt a little strange about this and said, “Well, I don’t mind if anyone other than my master sees me”

“Um, would you like me to aim at that target over there?”

Reaching under the lecturer, Elesia pointed.

The outline of the target is there, but it has now been changed by Adele’s “King of the Forest”. There are other targets, but the same situation—at Elesia’s words, the woman shakes her head hurriedly.

“Y-yes, …… it may be hard to see, but that way, please. If it’s you, it might not be a problem. ……”


Elesia shows a beautiful bow and now points toward the target.

Unlike Adele, she seems to be motioning for a firm aim.

“The light of the sun that falls on the world and converges on my embers.”

But even if there is a motion, the blow that Elesia unleashes is—

“Completed, ‘Arrow of Light'”

— gouged the ground and even gouged the target with blinding speed.


Such a voice leaked out from the instructor’s mouth.

Well, maybe that’s just as well.

“Fufu, As someone who stands next to master, I have to do this much.”

Elesia Elemirea.

Adele’s company was also out of the ordinary enough.

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