Episode 5 – Before Entrance Exam



Well, the misunderstanding of the younger sister was not cleared up in the end, but once they entered the school, it was all theirs.

The passage of time, three years, makes you forget everything from trivial things to important things.

That is why Alice said, “Good luck, Onii-Sama! Let’s play make-believe when you come back!” Adele left the mansion after receiving such a happy and hair-raising message from Alice.

And then, after a day’s journey…

“Haa~We’ve come a long way, school!~~”

Adele exclaimed in front of the towering school gates.

As expected, it can be said that it is the best school in the kingdom. The royal school, located a little outside of the royal capital, has a site so large that you can’t see what’s ahead, and a school building that’s too huge.

It is truly an overwhelming sight. Even Adele, who is a noble, shouted in this way, regardless of whether he was in public or not.

“Master’s innocent appearance ……so cute and lovely ♡.”

On the other hand, the girl in maid’s uniform beside him seems to be more enamored with her love interest than with the school. She is a maiden girl.

“Hey, isn’t that guy a …… disgrace to the Astia family?”

Suddenly, at that time.

Such voices were heard from the young people who seemed to be of the same age entering the school.

“Wow it’s real. I thought he doesn’t go to school.”

“I was surprised that such a man could be born from such a venerable family. …… It’s a disgrace.”

“But the story goes that the “Black Knight” was really him. ……”

“No, no, no. You’ve seen him many times at parties, haven’t you? There’s no way someone so carefree could be a ‘black knight’.”

And so on and so forth.

Maybe they haven’t seen the newspaper, or maybe they don’t believe that the “Black Knight” is really Adele because they know him so well. In any case, there was definitely not a single friendly person.

That, on the contrary, is a relief. Adele thought once again that this was the perfect place to let the heat die down.

“I heard a lot of things being said about you.”

“It seems”





“…Is it okay if I come and treat them?”

“Oh no, that’s not what you want to hear from a girl.”

Apparently, Elesia, who is next door, is upset that her master has been made a fool of.

“Don’t worry, master—you can survive for a while longer than you might think, even with all your limbs removed.”

“Elesia has become so tinged with my family…I mean, seriously, don’t do that. It’s not a joke, and I’m just happy that I even feel nostalgic.”

But. Elesia tries to argue.

Adele then placed his hand on the girl’s small head and began to stroke it gently.

“Thanks. To be honest, I only need a few important people to think fondly of me.”


Important person. The girl’s cheeks turned bright red when she heard those words.

Then, timidly and sweetly, she reached out to touch Adele’s waist and buried her face in his chest. 

“.. not only improtant person, but I love you.”

“Oops, that sounds like a line that could be misunderstood.”

With a bitter smile on his face, Adele continued to pat her head.

Elesia wondered how he could have misunderstood her, but she didn’t dare to speak up at this moment.

At that moment —

“Oh, you know,…… the girl who is hugging that disgrace is Elesia-sama, isn’t it?”

“Uwaa really. She hasn’t been around lately!”

“I mean, why is the daughter of a magical countess wearing a maid’s outfit?”

The whispering from the students turned to Elesia.

Elesia, who had been in a good mood, pulled her face away and puckered her lips a little grimly.

“Even though I was in the mood to make out with my master.”

“Well, that’s a question even I usually thought about and still think about.”

“If a reporter had asked me a question, I would have answered, ‘Because I love my master.’”

“That answer would change the headline of the article in an instant.”

For now, the two of them ignored the students who were looking at them and went inside

The students who enter the school like this are probably the same students as Adele.
Normally, there would be many more, but now the application deadline is just around the corner. The people who are coming to take the exam now are those who could not apply until the last minute due to special circumstances.

“Still, I’m thankful that there are multiple test days. This way, even walk-in customers can sit down with a smile on their faces.”

“Don’t turn away anyone who comes, nurture talented people. That’s probably the school’s ethos… As expected, it’s the best training institution in the kingdom.”

“I hear that the environment is more fulfilling. As soon as I enroll, I’ll be looking for a spot to take a nap, Elesia!”

“It would be nice to have a place to lay out sheets and pillows in a well-rounded environment.”

They walk around the premises while making some lighthearted comments.

It could be a fountain, a terrace, or a training ground. The more they walked, the more they could see the fullness of what Adele was talking about.

After walking for a while, they found a reception desk with a sign saying [Information for Examination Students.]

“Welcome to the Royal Carbon Academy. Are you here to take an exam?”

“Yes, this is Adele Astaire.”

“Excuse me, but are you also a servant?”

The woman at the reception desk tilts her head a little.

The majority of people who come to the school are aristocrats because it is the best academy in the kingdom. Therefore, she probably could not believe that Elesia, who was wearing a maid’s uniform, was a student for the examination.

“I am Elesia Elemirea. I believe I sent you an application form?”

“Y-you are the daughter of Countess Elemirea?!! I-I am so sorry!”

The woman at the reception desk bowed her head hurriedly.

However, she immediately tilted her head again.

“But why are you wearing a maid’s uniform?”

“Fufu, it’s my hobby.”

“Ha. ……?”

I can see why you’re tilting your head, thought Adele, who was watching from the side.

“Gohon! Well, I have confirmed it. Now, I’ll inform you about the entrance exam right away.”

While going through the documents, the woman at the reception desk clears her throat.

And then…

“–The first test will be a practical test. I wish you the best of luck.”

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