I’m Dating a Cool Girl From a Benefactor Who Picked Me Up, but She Seems to Like Someone Else, so When I Ask Her if She’ll Break up With Me, She Acts Weird?

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16816927861984466906


Sato Masaya (age 15) had a not-so-good family environment.

There, he was taken in by the president of the Wakata Zaibatsu group for helping them, and was accepted to a high school run by the zaibatsu group.

From there, he and Wakata Mirei, who was going into her second year, were forced to date by the president’s idea.

However, they did nothing couple-like in high school, and rumor has it that she likes the captain of the same club.

So I…


Episode 1 – Mirei san is going to spoil me?

Episode 2 – Mirei san wants a reward

Episode 3 – Can’t have a heart in the morning?

Episode 4 – Haruto has a lot of friends, but he’s nervous about talking to Onee sans

Episode 5 – Do you play after school?

Episode 6 – Can I do something for Mirei san?

Episode 7 – How can I get this much?

Episode 8 – What is Mirei san saying early in the morning?!

Episode 9 – I’m on a date at the shopping mall?

Episode 10 – I was involved with a friend from middle school?

Episode 11 – I had a bad dream though?

Episode 12 – Mirei san is a famous person?

Episode 13 – Do you also play games for study?

Episode 14 – We take a bath together!?

Episode 15 – Mirei san wants to be cool

Episode 16 – Mirei san is jealous?

Episode 17 – I’m meeting my mother-in-law for the first time?

Episode 18 – Why won’t you let me study for the test?

Episode 19 – Our first fight?

Episode 20 – A strategy meeting to reconcile?

Episode 21 – making up with Mirei san and nursing her back to health?

Episode 22 -What do you do in the middle of the night?

Episode 23 – I’ve never been to a coffee shop before though?

Episode 24 – Planning a summer vacation?

Episode 25 – Haruto goes to watch Senpai’s game.

Episode 26 – Could Mirei san be a model?

Episode 27 – I’m meeting father?

Episode 28 – What should I do?

Episode 29 – Mirei san Won’t Forgive

Episode 30 – Mirei san won’t let me go?

Episode 31 – Aquarium date?

Episode 32 – We are lost together?

Episode 33 – I’m suddenly undercover?

Episode 34 – I’m worried about my senpai?

Episode 35 – I heard there is a welcome party?

Episode 36 – Mirei san was angry?

Episode 37 – Do you cook?

Episode 38 –  I’m not actually a trainee, though?

Episode 39 – Sanctioning bad people?

Episode 40 – How can I help Haruto with his confession plan?

Episode 41 – Not that I’m showing you anything?

Episode 42 – we’ll make some memories just for the two of us?

Episode 43 – Each in a Ferris wheel…though?

Episode 44 – also nervous about the way home?

Episode 45 –  This is my first trip?

Episode 46 –  May I ask about Mirei san’s past?

Episode 47 – Talk to Grandma Natsue in the middle of the night?

Episode 48 –  Mirei san’s Past

Episode 49 –  taking the first steps as an adult in a room at an inn?

Episode 50 – I am having flashbacks?