“I didn’t wake him up, did I?”
I’m worried that the sound of my heart might have woken him.
I didn’t think he would say something like that to me.
Normally, I would take the upper hand and do whatever I wanted, and when he wasn’t awake, I would even do things like that… but at that time, it was the other way around.

That set me off.
“Bad girl.”
Sometimes…maybe that’s just the way it is.
But I can’t think about that now.

There is a reason I gave him the day off today.
“Was it okay that we weren’t there today?”
“I was there, so it was no problem.”
I had SPs gathering information for me, and SPs are not just bodyguards, they are professionals in this field.
I wanted as much information as possible, so I had all of them guarding the house, too, because the house was empty. There are people who come after the Wakata Zaibatsu’s assets every day. Over the high fence.
I would occasionally go out and knock down the ones who tried to come into the house while I watched Masa studying.
I’m just trying to hurt them a bit, so I’m taking it easy on them so they can leave us on their own

“And you have information?”
“Yes, I do. The main suspect is Keisuke Asai, the leader of the group. His cronies are…”
He names three people.
“And Keisuke Asai’s family consists of three members: his father is a government bureaucrat and his mother is a housewife.”
“I see…”

This is Keisuke the bully for 3 years. This guy will pay for his crimes in due course, but I can’t help but feel sorry for myself if I keep seeing people’s families fall apart.

“So the father is a cheating scumbag…”
What would I think if Masa had cheated on me? Would I cry after all?
I know Masa is not that kind of person, so I’m okay with it.
But this would only save the mother…
“The parents have some responsibility too. Do you have any evidence of bullying?”
“I asked a specialist to get some from an album on his phone.”
“Show them to him tomorrow when you go to talk to him about it, and tell him you sent them to the school as well. Also show them the proof of the affair and tell the mother that her son has a job abroad and we will take care of it.”


“Send the cronies to school and let them get as far as dismissal.”
I am an SP at the Wakata Zaibatsu, and the daughter of the Wakata Zaibatsu, Miss Mirei, is a smart girl. And she thinks so well, it’s amazing.
“Shall we go then?”

I guide Miss Mirei to the car and take her to a warehouse at a certain port.
It doesn’t take much time to get here, so Miss Mirei is taken advantaged.

There is Keisuke Asai, his mouth, hands, and feet bound with rope. I’m not surprised because I’m used to seeing this scene when I was an SP in a foreign country.

“Just take the mouth off.”
“Hey! Where the fuck am I? And you’re his…”
I think that’s what he said to the guy who punished him before.
“I’m not going to tell you. Besides, you bullied my boyfriend for three years. Did you enjoy making fun of him?”
“If you say any more…”
In an instant, she moves from my side and pulls a knife on him. I can’t even handle this speed. Even if I fought for sure, I would lose.
“I don’t want to do this kind of thing anymore.”
I have heard before that it is because she would have no face to match with Masaya sama.

“I’ll give you two choices, one is to work in the mines or one is to drill for oil?”
“What about? Mine? Oil? I’m in high school. I’m not going to work in a mine.”
“No, you’re not in high school anymore. I’ve already sent the evidence of your bullying to the school. You’re expelled.”
“What? What the hell are you doing! Because of that…”
“That kind of thing? For the bullied, that’s not enough. Well, that’s okay. Choose quickly.”
“I don’t want either one.”
“Then go to the oil company, because they’re short on labor.”
“That’s why! I said I don’t want either one!”
“I don’t know. Take him.”
My partners are taking him away.

“Good work, Miss.”
“I have school tomorrow.”
“Actually, Miss, when I met with the specialist, I asked him to look into it.”
I show one scrubbed piece of paper.
“This is…”
Masaya sama commented on the Internet news that Miss Mirei was on.
Actually, at first, I was curious about what Masaya sama, who is usually so kind to us, was looking into, so I asked him to look into it.
Of course, I was not going to tell Miss Mirei about those kinds of things, but there were no such things at all.
However, I found a comment on Masaya sama’s account when I was checking, so I reported it to Miss Mirei.

“T-Thank you.”
“No problem.”
I may be meddling a bit, but I’d like you to take this opportunity to get to know each other the best.


When I get home, I get dressed and hug him right away.
“I’m home.”
I feel relieved.
But still, I can’t believe he’s showing me something like that.
It was a comment written in the “cool” column. At first glance, it seems to be just an ordinary comment, but according to him, it’s his account.
If that’s the case, the value goes up a few hundred million times.

“He said I was cool”
The online news featured the fashion magazine that had been seen that morning.
“Maybe I should be a little cooler?”
I’m basically cool at school, but lately I’ve been teasing him too much.
“But I’ll show you something cute.”

I shredded the paper to destroy the evidence and tried to find a way to tease him while staying cool until the sky got a little brighter.

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