“That part…I hate you!”
I still have those words replaying in my brain.
I have never had much trouble in the area of studying. In junior high school, I was able to get good grades if I studied hard enough, and I was allowed to study ahead of high school at home, so I still have no problem getting good grades.
Maybe Masa is right. I have often thought of myself as the standard.

And maybe I was looking at Masa more like a younger brother than a boyfriend.
It’s true that when we were making out…I was aware of it, but other than that, I just loved him like a little brother because of his purity and innocence.

I am an idiot. I’m so self-centered that I don’t even think about Masa’s feelings… If she hates me, I don’t know how I can treat her anymore.

If she ignores me…

“Mirei san, are you all right?”
“Yes, I’m fine. I’m fine…”
“This doesn’t seem to be okay. Please go to the infirmary and rest for now.”

“Excuse me.”
A kind lady at the infirmary took care of me.
She took my temperature and found that I had a fever, so I decided to call an SP and go to the hospital.
It seemed to be a stress-related illness.
I used to get sick a lot when I was working a lot, but not for a long time.
Let’s go home slowly today.
I’m glad I didn’t get distracted at lunch.
I gave him his lunch in the morning, so I hope he’ll be okay.
“You’re going to the rooftop for lunch, right?”
“What do you mean, let’s go!”
Haruto forcibly takes me to the rooftop.
“I’m not sure if she’s waiting for us on the rooftop. Is she waiting on the rooftop?”
It’s my fault. I don’t know what I should look like now.
“Huh? She’s not here?”
“Ah! Haruto! Masa kun!”
Hitomi san is sitting in her usual place.

“Hitomi-senpai, where is Mirei san?”
“She left already. I heard she is not feeling well.”
“Did she look sick in the morning?”
Haruto asked.
“It’s probably my fault.”
“What are you talking about? Unless you got into a fight…? perhaps”
“I don’t mean a fight…”
I told them that I had just one-sidedly hurt Mirei san.
The two of them listened to me without blaming me.
How kind.
“It’s my fault that Mirei san…”
“Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Isn’t it possible that she was sick from this morning?”
“That’s right. She was absent-minded in class.”
“Hitomi, you’re not following”
“Ah, I see.”
I laughed a little.
After all, the two of them are a perfect match for each other.

“Okay! Then let’s have a strategy meeting to make up!”
“A strategy?”
I don’t think it would be called a strategy, but Haruto and Hitomi san gave me the basic flow of how to make up with her.
“I understand. I’ll try!”
“Well, I’m sure Mirei will forgive you soon, so you don’t have to get so worked up about it, okay?”
“But I did the worst thing I could do as a boyfriend…”
“If you apologize properly, she will forgive you.”

I gathered all my courage and went home.

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