“Is the school we’re playing againts today strong?”
“Well, the other school is famous for being a smart private high school, so they must have some athletically gifted guys, right?'”
Well, this school is great, too, Haruto says.

Today we’re getting together in the morning for a practice game.
“It’s a Saturday after all.”
“Haruto’s at home for the game anyway, right?”
“You’ve got that right, don’t you!”
It’s like Haruto is already a game.
I wonder what Mirei san is doing now. Recently, I’ve been thinking only about Mirei san during class and not listening to the teacher, and sometimes the teacher gets angry with me.

“I’m in your care!”
We all greeted each other before we started.
“The first one whose name is called is in the court,”
The teacher called out the names of the players, starting with the older ones.
“Masaya and Haruto, you will play doubles once. After that, Masaya will play singles.”
“I’m counting on you, best friend?”
“me too”
I’m quite happy to be called best friend.

In tennis, if you score 4 points, you are one game ahead and 6 games ahead. (There is also a way to count in tie-breaks and sets, but it would be too long to explain.)
Opponents are tall. Haruto is also tall, but some are taller than that.
Naturally, their serves are fairly fast, but that’s OK for now.
But in doubles, there is a vanguard in front of you, so if you just hit the ball randomly, it will end up being volleyed.

“Haruto’s getting better at serving.”
“Masa is putting a lot of speed and spin on it, though, so it was all service aces.”

Then in singles, I played against the second-year players, but I couldn’t beat the best.
I knew I still had a long way to go.


Masa said it was like a practice match in the morning and he would be back in the evening. I was free until then.
“Ah, here is Masa’s salary.”
Why did I get a notification on my phone?
[Masa will surely be surprised when he sees it and may refuse to receive it. Worst case scenario, if even Mirei san can’t convince him, I want you to manage it]
and because I received a SINE from my father.
When I look at it, it’s a so-so amount, but I did my best, and I think this much is reasonable for me too. I’ll do my best to persuade him.

“I think I’ll finish this week’s work in one day.”
I could have done it steadily every day, but that would have left less time for Masa, so I decided to finish it in one day. Maybe I can finish by the evening.


“Welcome back. Masa.”
“I’m back.”
Back then, I could only get abusive and abusive comments when I said I was home, but now I have someone who says I’m home.
That alone makes me feel happy.

We walk down the hallway, holding hands. I knew this house was big.
“Do I smell sweaty?”
“Not at all. Rather…”
I couldn’t catch her voice, but I decided not to ask.
“Speaking of which…! It seems that the allowance my father mentioned has been transferred exactly as he said it would be, so he asked me to check.”
“Pocket money…300,000 yen?”
and I check the notification on my phone.
I think it’s convenient to be able to see it on my phone like this.

When I looked at it, it was so much better than I expected.
“One, ten, a hundred, ten thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million!?”
W-What do you mean! I don’t get this much!
700,000 in bonuses? Isn’t a bonus usually in summer or winter!
“What do you mean 700,000 in bonuses?!”
“Well, today is the end of June, and I guess they counted summer as just barely starting.”
Mirei san told me.

“Oh yeah! Let’s go on a date tomorrow!”
“Since Masa’s allowance has come in. Right?”
“I want to go!”
Let’s use the allowance and save it. And if I can return it to President Takuya, I will.

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1 year ago

“Is the school we’re playing today strong?”
playing –> playing against
To play something is usually reserved for instruments as that something, right?

1 year ago

“It’s like Haruto is already a game.”
This sentence might benefit from being revised too, but I’m not sure exactly how from the context.