“From now on, you are not allowed to look me up on the Internet.”
“Are you trying to find out something about me?”
“I wanted to know something about you that I didn’t know…”
She turned red.
She said, “I forgive you if it’s just a little.”

“Good morning.”
“Ah, Good morning, Hirose san.”
“I’m not going to school today, so I’ll be home all day.”
” I understand.”
“Thank you for everything.”
“No problem.”
“Well, we’ll be back.”
“Have a good day.”

“What shall we do today?~”
“I have a test in three days, I have to study.”
I haven’t forgotten, but I haven’t studied much, so no matter how much I study, it’s not going to be as good as last time.
“Well, should I help you, study.”
So I brought my study materials to Mirei san’s room and asked her to teach me.

“Quadratic functions.”
“I’m having trouble with these maxima and minima…”
“I see.”
Mirei san taught me very carefully.
“Thank you, Mirei san!”
“Ummm…yes/// This is my last year’s test. You can do it if you remember it.”
She showed it to me.
“100 points…”
She showed me other tests that I could do if I remembered them, but some of them were in the 90s and some were in the 100s.
“Well, I’m sure it’s different for every teacher, so you may not get all of them.”
“Yeah, thanks.”
“Ah, no, you don’t have to score this high. I just need to know most of what’s on it.”
She patted my head and said, “Oh, no, you don’t have to get this many points.
Is she spoiling me? Am I being spoiled?
Still, I studied with the motto, “Beat myself 10 minutes ago.”
“Don’t you have to study, Mirei san?
“I understand most of what I’m doing in class, so I’m fine.”
Come to think of it, my girlfriend was a genius.

While I was studying, Mirei san was working on her computer or telling me where she came from while eating sweets.
“Do you want some too?”
I stretched out my hand.
“From here.”
The bag was moved away from me, and there was a packy in Mirei san’s hand.
“Gently, okay?”
I ate it, but I was too nervous to taste it when she did it to me.

I was studying for a while after I finished lunch.
“I see you made it.”
“What’s done?”
“Do you want to go?”
go? I didn’t understand what she meant, but I followed her hand and we stopped in front of my room.
“Open it.”
I opened the door and saw two big TVs side by side.
“W-Why are there TVs in the room?…”
The TV in the living room is too big, but this one is big too.
“One is for playing games on this TV and the other is for playing games on the TV next to it.”
“Ah, I see. Thank you, Mirei san”
“I’m glad I could be of help since Masa didn’t have much stuff in his room.”
Her kind smile was now looking like a god.

So I decided to take a break from studying.
“Let’s do this.”
I chose one that had a variety of sports.
“I wanted to see the first round. How good are you?”
Mirei san is on fire.
She is very motivated when she chose tennis as a quick choice.
As a result
“I lost!”
“It’s a game, so it wasn’t very realistic.”
Mirei san won overwhelmingly.
“I want to play real tennis with you next time.”
“Well yeah”
I’m looking forward to it.

Then I did several events and decided to play some other games.
“Oh, by the way, there are some games you can play for free.”
I was looking for them.
“I want to try this one.”
she said, pointing to a FPS.
This game is the same one that Haruto and I play at school, and it is also available on the computer.
To be honest, the PC may be better than this one, depending on the specs, but it’s no problem if she just wants to play for a while.
I decided to give it a try as soon as I had two game consoles and two TVs.
“This is sliding…”
Mirei san is also cute as she tries her best to play the game.
“I understand. Then let’s give it a try!”
My ability is the lowest gold level. I’m still doing pretty well.
I’m doing well, but I’m not doing so well with Haruto, who is a diamond, because the enemies get stronger every time we play together. I don’t like the idea of simply playing other people.

“Watch out, there’s a guy over here.”
Huh? I thought I was going to show Mirei san how cool I am here… but before I knew it, she was leading the way.
Is it because we haven’t gotten into a shootout yet?
“I took down one or two.”
“There’s another party, so let’s go.”
“I got one down, but I got hit.”
“By who?”
“The guy who’s going down the cliff.”
So Quick!
She’s going through it!
“Are you okay?”
“Thanks. You’re better than me, Mirei san”
“I’m not that good.”
She was manly even in the game.

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