Episode 18 – Why won’t you let me study for the test?



The next day, Sheena san said
“I’m going to Takuya’s place.”
“You were there yesterday, weren’t you?
“Well, my mother has a tendency to do that.”
“Afterwards, don’t you want to make out just the two of you?”
“What? That’s…”
I looked at Mirei san but she didn’t say anything.
“then Ayaka san, please take care of Mirei and the others.”
“Yes, have a good trip”

So she left before we went to school.
“Shall we get ready for school, too?

“You look cool today.”
Lately, Mirei san has been talking to me quite a bit.
Conversations, which used to not continue at all, now continue without ceasing.
As Sheena said, she may be opening her heart to me.
“I’ll pick you up for lunch again, okay?”

In class, Haruto was studying, which was unusual for him, and the teachers were talking at length about tomorrow’s test.

“I heard from Mirei san that you went to see Hitomi san’s practice game?”
“Yes! Hitomi san is amazing! The way she dribbled and shot through the opposition was amazing!”
“I thought Haruto seemed a little distant when he was eating lunch.”
“That’s because… I get nervous///.”
I feel like they are getting along better and better, and I’d love to go on a double date with him someday.
next, when it comes to confessing, I’ve decided that I and Mirei san will do everything in our power to support him.

As Haruto said, he seemed a little nervous at lunch, but when he was complimenting Hitomi san, he was talking all the time and Hitomi said
“You give too many compliments~”
Hitomi said

“I have a test tomorrow, so let’s go somewhere and have fun afterwards!”
I promised Haruto and went home.

On the way home, I bought ice cream with Mirei san
“We have plenty at home, but just in case.”
“You have ice cream at home?”
“I have about five of each of Masa’s favorite things.”
“I guess there was no point in buying them…”
“I want to pick out and buy them together.”
“It’s true, Mirei san was cute when she was picking them out.”
“Eh !?”
It was also cute that Mirei san was embarrassed.

While saying.
“I wish you would wash my hair today.”
This time, Mirei san attacked me.
“If I wash it, it might get shaggy, right?”
“That’s not true.”
And in the bath, I would wash her hair.

“Then I’m in your care”
Her silver hair seemed to shine.
I was nervous, but washed it as hard as I could.
Fortunately, Mirei san’s hair was not long.
“I want you to do my back this time.”
“Is that bad?”
“If It’s just your back…”
“Can you wash my front too?”
“You’ll have to do that yourself.”
“Then you’ll wash my back?”
I fell for Mirei san’s ploy and ended up washing her back.
Let’s just say it was smooth.

“Yes. Change.”
I had Mirei san wash my hair and back.
“Can I squeeze you from behind?”
I really wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.
Today’s Mirei san is a little too bold, isn’t she?

From there, nothing special happened and I was studying in my room for tomorrow.
“What’s wrong, Mirei san?”
“No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be too tense, so why don’t we take a rest now?”
“But it’s only 9 o’clock. I can work a little harder.”

“No. It’s over. It’s over.”
She took me to the bed.
“Mirei san, you seem a little different today.”
“Well, maybe you’re making me feel that way. You are cute, cool, and have a body that makes me want to hug you like this.”
“I still have things I have to do…”
I’m trying to find some reason to get out of this situation, but…
“You don’t have to work so hard anymore. I will make sure that Masa will be able to live without any problems in the future.”
She said.
“But if I’m too lenient…”
“I will spoil you too. I will do what you want me to do.”
“Do what I want to do….”
I think for a moment, but I hold it back.

“Like a kiss or something.”
“We’ve already done it a few times.”
I’m working on a test right now…
“Well, let’s do it this. I won’t do it myself. If you want to do it, you can do it. If you don’t want to, I’ll just go to bed.”

I try to sleep, but I can’t sleep.
Mirei san is probably awake by the way she breathes.
Kissing…it was from Mirei san until now, but I have never done it from myself.
Is it okay if I do? Will she hate me or something?
Because I still want to try.

I kissed Mirei san.
“Haa You finally did it.”
“I-I want to do more.”
“Yes. Yes, that’s fine.”
And we went on for so long that I didn’t end up studying for the test.

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