Episode 3 – Can’t have a heart in the morning?



“Good morning.”
“Good morning, Mirei san. I can’t go to school if I’m like this all the time…”
“You don’t have to go, do you?”
“President Takuya will be angry, you know?”
“Father is away on a business trip to Dubai starting today, so I’ll be fine.”

President Takuya is not there. Furthermore, the maids don’t come until 9:00 in the morning because Mirei san has been doing housework as well lately. Which means…
“Huh? What’s wrong? Your face is red”
“Because we’re the only ones here…”
“We’re the only ones here, so we can do whatever we want, right?”

Whatever, I mean, that’s what I’m talking about!
No, I just started high school!?

“So if you want to get out of this, yeah.”
“A wake-up kiss.”
“Hurry up or you’ll be late, okay?”

I’m not ready yet… I mean, why is san Mirei so calm! She always seems so cool, but even if she’s a little shy…
Yes! Let’s do it!

“Well done. My prince.”
She blushes and pats my head.
“Then let’s get ready.”

Isn’t it unfair to be both cool and cute? My heart can’t take it all this morning.
“I-I’m going to go change my clothes!”
I ran out of Mirei san’s room and got ready in a blast.

“I have someplace I want to go on my way home today, let’s go?”
“What about your work?
“That’s okay, I can do that after I go home.”
She talks normally, but not in the usual way.
“Your hands are so soft.”
We walk hand in hand.

Sometimes the people around me look at me lukewarmly, and sometimes the men look at me coldly for some reason.

Even when school was near, she would not let go.
“Um, Mirei san, don’t you think it’s time to let go?”
“Don’t worry about it, that monkey doesn’t come to school either, and everyone knows we’re dating.”
Umi senpai isn’t here?
“Why did he stop coming to school?”
“Oh, I think it was to work abroad.”
“Is that so?”
I was a little relieved.

“I might call Masa at school too, so you’ll help me then, right?”
“Yes! I understand!”
I could be with Mirei san at school.
I was happy to think so.

After I left Mirei san, I arrived at the classroom.
“Yo! Masaya! I heard! I can’t believe you’ve been going out with Mirei san!”
“Good morning Haruto.”

The one who rubs shoulders with me is my friend Shido Haruto
He is the heir to the Shido Holdings family.
He is also a genius who is good at sports, and even when he’s not studying with me, he comes in second in his class.
I’m glad that he gets along with me. Maybe it is because we are in the same club.

“Let’s play games till homeroom!”
He’s also a senpai who teaches me games I haven’t played very often.

“There! Attack!”
“All right!”

Even if the chime rang, the teacher didn’t come, so I kept doing it until the teacher came, and the class members looked at me with blank stares

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