“Kin Kon Kan Kon”
“It’s over!”
I’m always happy to hear the fourth period chime.
“Don’t be so excited.”
“So We can play games right?”
“You really like games.”
“You do, too.”

The guy I’m talking to is Masaya, who is always with me.
He can study and play sports better than me, and I think he’s pretty strong in games, although I’m better than him.

It is said that half of the students at this school are young ladies or heirs of companies.
I’m the heir to the company, but my father tells me to do whatever I want, so I’m just playing the game. I’m doing what I have to do, so I’m good.

“Okay! I bought quite a few things at the convenience store this morning, so I can share them with you?”
“You don’t mind?!”
“But if you need more, just go to the store.”
It’s amazing how cute he is even though he’s a guy. The fact that he’s a small guy makes him look even more so.

Masaya was about to leave the classroom when…
“Mirei san.”
Masaya’s girlfriend came out. I was a little envious that his girlfriend was someone who was famous for being cool, beautiful, and a model of high esteem.
I have a lot of friends, but I don’t have a girlfriend.
In high school, I only hang out with Masaya.
The other guys who brag about their parents’ power as if it were their own or who play video games are few and far between, partly because it is a prestigious high school.

As I was thinking that.
“Haruto, Mirei san and I are going to eat on the rooftop…”
“Don’t worry about me.”
“No, it looks like Mirei san is bringing her friends, so I want you to come because I’ll be nervous if I’m alone.”
The reason is cute.
“Okay fine”

“Are you Masa’s friend?”
“Yes. My name is Shido Haruto “
“Nice to meet you.”
“By the way, Mirei san. your friend?”
“She’s waiting on the rooftop.”

We headed for the rooftop. Normally, I would not be able to use the roof, but apparently I was given special permission. As one would expect from the family that built this high school.

I go up.
“Hey, are you sure you want me to come up to the roof?”
“It’s okay, but don’t tell anyone. because they’ll all come up here.”
She was my type of woman

First of all, she has a good style. And she has a sense of neatness different from Mirei san. Her height is a little shorter than mine. But I’m about 170, so I guess she is in the latter half of 160. So she is a model of some kind.

“You must be Masaya, Mirei san’s darling, right?”
“Because she’s always…”
“Well, how do you do? I’m Matsumoto Hitomi”
“Sato Masaya”
“Shido Haruto”

So we introduced ourselves to each other, and the next question was.
“Shall we have lunch?”
“I’ve laid out a blue sheet.”
“Then let’s eat there.”
“Got it”

I forgot that it was lunchtime.
I took out the chocolate calorie block I always buy from a plastic bag and ate it.
“Is that what you always eat for lunch, Haruto kun? Are you going to be able to hold up your afternoon classes?”
“I’ll be fine.”
Oh no, Hitomi san was talking to me. I should have made a lunch box too. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to make a lunch box or not, but cooking is such a pain in the ass.
“Are you sure? Do you want me to share some of mine?”
“I bought a lot at the convenience store, so I’m fine!”
I don’t get nervous when talking to girls, so why am I so nervous?
I’m just going to let Masaya broach the subject here…

“Masaya, speaking of which, are you sure you don’t want to go buy something?”
“That’s all right”
Mirei san took out two lunch boxes from the bag next to hers.

“Yes, I made it this morning. Well, Eat it if you like.”

“Why didn’t she just say it more honestly?”
Hitomi san said in my ear.
“Masaya should react properly too.”
I said in a low voice so that Hitomi san could hear me.

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