A young female teacher stood at the lectern in the lecture hall.

She had straight, shoulder-length black hair, sharp eyes, and thin eyebrows.

Wearing a light blue blouse and a tight black skirt, she was not tall, but as a university professor, she had a resolute air about her and appeared to be a little scary.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am associate professor in charge of this seminar, Usui Sachiko, and I look forward to working with you for the next year.”

After the professor’s brief self-introduction, there was a crackle of light applause.

I, sitting in the front row, clapped my hands along with those behind me.

She is a very young and beautiful teacher.

I’m still grossed out by the fact that I think she looks like she could be in one of those “SM” female teacher movies.

“That teacher looks like she could be in a female teacher movie”

I can hear the cheerfull boys sitting behind me talking in hushed tones.

Whoa, there are others of the same kind.

“In this basic seminar, you will learn how to write reports and papers, how to cite academic books, and how to present your research in group work. Let’s start with an explanation of the university.”

From there, Prof. Usui’s explanation of the university went on and on, and there was no way there was going to be a floating self-introduction corner, so the self-introductions were to be written one by one and pasted on the university-managed Internet bulletin board.

As I had planned to make up for it through self-introductions, I felt that I had completely misjudged the situation.

I have a feeling that the Usui Seminar will be a rather boring seminar. ……

After all, it is a university and there will be group work, right?

“The chime has rung, so that’s all for today. See you next week.”

After the second period seminar ended at 12:30 p.m., Usui-sensei packed her bags and left quickly.

Cool teacher from the beginning to the end, wasn’t she?

We were left in the lecture room, and each of us started to get ready to leave.

“Hey! Who wants to go out for dinner after this?”

“I’m going.”

“Me too.”

The cheerful boys were starting to crowd around and talk about lunch.

I saw the nerd boys in the very back of the group walking down the hallway talking nerd talk.

It was bad …… I couldn’t even join the group completely.

“Hey, hey, can we join you guys for lunch?”

“Okay, okay, you’re more than welcome! I’m going to make reservations at a nice restaurant.”

As the cheerful boys in the middle of the lecture room were talking, a group of cute girls who had been standing by the window earlier started to approach them.

Of course, among the group of girls was Hinata, who had approached me.

As I was gazing at the green grass next to me, I suddenly locked eyes with Hinata.

(Oh no, did she know I was looking ……?)

I quickly turn my face away.

(Did Hinata think I was acting weird? But it’s so lame …… to ask them to include me now, no matter what I think about it.)

I kept looking sideways at the hinata group and pretending to clean up.

“We are friends who will be working together in the Usui Seminar for the next year, so let’s have a good time and have a fellowship party as well. We guys are buying the drinks, right?”


“Really? Thanks.”

After getting the girls in a good mood, the guys left the lecture room with the girls in a hurry.

I was left behind, feeling small in my shoulders as I put on my backpack.

I knew it was too much for me to get involved with the cheerfuls.)

I had managed to look presentable.

Even the way I talked was not that of a cheerful person

But the environment in which I have lived …… is too different.

I don’t think I could talk to girls that frankly, and it would be difficult to ask them out.

“It’s a different stage of life, after all.”

At that time, a black shadow suddenly crossed in front of me and went straight out of the lecture room.

I could smell the sweet, girlish perfume.

The one who passed in front of me was the girl in the landmine fashion I mentioned earlier.

She, like me, was not talking to anyone and had no friends.

But unlike my lazy ass, she was regal and showed no shame in her loud hair color or her capacious clothes.

…… yes, her name!

I open the seminar’s message board on my phone and look for her post.


Name – Sakimiya Karen

Hobbies – Making costumes

Likes – Cute things, pink

A few words – Nothing in particular

I’m pretty sure this is it. ……

Her name is Sakimiya san, right?

An eccentric girl with landmine type fashion.

She was looked at that way in the whole seminar, and was left out of the girls’ group as well as the boys’ group.

I envy her …… for being able to stand out so openly even though she’s a loner.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking as I walked out of the lecture hall alone.


I don’t have class this afternoon, but I think I’ll have lunch at the school cafeteria.

As a university student living on my own, I have yet to learn how to cook for myself.

I was excited on the first day, but I made a lot of mistakes and before I knew it, I was eating mostly convenience store food.

(The school cafeteria is cheap and healthy, so maybe I will go to the university every day from now on.)

As I was walking to Building No. 4, where the cafeteria is located, I suddenly noticed a steady drizzle of rain coming down from overhead.

“Hey, hey, it’s raining ……,haaa. It’s definitely a bad day.”

I can’t make friends, a girl point out my hair and I’m embarrassed, and finally, it rains.

It’s really a series of disasters.

“No, wait. I brought a folding umbrella, didn’t I?”

I went into the nearby Building 2, put my backpack on a bench near the indoor entrance, and looked for my folding umbrella.

“Oh, there it is.”

I found a navy blue folding umbrella, took it out and went back outside …….

“…… hmm?”

There was the landmine type girl in front of the doorway of Building 3 across from Building 2, taking shelter from the rain.

(That’s Sakimiya-san, right?)

Sakimiya-san was looking up at the rainy sky at the very edge of the roof of the entrance/exit of Building 3.

(Looks like she doesn’t have an umbrella.)

From a moment ago, she has been restlessly lifting and lowering her heels, as if to say, “I wonder if it will stop.”

Apparently in a hurry.

Even though she is a pink-haired girl in landmine fashion, she is still cute when seen from the front like this. Also, she has big boobs.

She didn’t seem to be attracted to any of the guys in the seminar, so I guess she must have a boyfriend or something.

I wonder if she is meeting up with him or something.

(then ……, at least help Sakimiya-san out instead of me, who’s all alone and free after this.)

I decided to lend her my umbrella.

Yes – that’s what I thought at the time.

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