Kanna san…… outing.

“No, no, no, wait, wait.”

As expected, it’s not good.

I think it’s a little strange to go out with your sister’s friend, even if Kairi is with you.

And if she talked to Kairi, that means she also told Kairi that we exchanged lime, right?

You’d go out of your way to talk to Kairi and suggest an outing. …… Don’t tell me, Kanna, about I…

“not! There’s no way! Wake up, me!”

If she’s close with Kairi, she’s probably a cute girl who stands like a first-class girl, and there’s no way she’d be conscious of a guy like me, whose face she doesn’t even know.

I’m sure Kanna-san thinks it’s part of her training to cure my phobia and is inviting me to play with her.

“To begin with, you two are both taking exams, so is it okay for you to go out and have fun?”

Well, it’s New Year’s and maybe it’s okay for a little …….

I replied, ‘Roger that,’ and headed over to Kairi.


I had no idea that Kanna was helping onii cure his phobia by exchanging LIME with Onii and making a twin setup with Kanta behind my back …….

I thought Onii had been spending a lot of time on her phone lately, but I guess that’s what he meant.

That’s a good thing for me.

I would definitely cure Onii of his phobia, and then I would tell him that I was his stepsister.

Then I would m-make out with him and give him a little kiss.

“Hey, I’m coming in!”

As I was pursing my lips, I heard a knock at my room door.

onee chan is out with mother shopping.

He want to see me, right?

Ah, about going out, right?”



Onii, dressed in his usual room-worn jersey, slowly opened the door and came in.

“Are you here about your outing?”


Onii’s face was unusually tense.

I think he is nervous about meeting other girl.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, Onii. Kanna is very kind and has good communication skills, she’s almost like a guy.”

“A-a guy?”

“She’s a twin of …… Kanta, so I guess you can imagine her breasts.”

I’m sure Kanna would punch me in the face if she heard me say this.

“Is that….so”

Onii looked at me with a smile.

“I …… have to admit that I’m a little scared to talk. But Kanna-san was very kind to listen to me at lime.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“That makes me happy. So I’m going on an outing with you guys. I want to thank you.”


“So, …… when I can talk to girls again, I want to be able to talk to kanna san, you know, orally.”

“Yeah. …… hmm?”


Onii…… are you really conscious of Kanna?

This is …… not good.

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