With only ten minutes left in the lunch break, the lunch meeting was dismissed when the student council president, who had finished eating and drinking the coffee given by the vice president, quickly quieted the noisy first-year students.

Those who had missed lunch ate a little and then put their lunch boxes away, saying they would eat later. Ageha, who had hardly eaten at all, carefully put away her lunch box and wrapped it in a furoshiki (wrapping cloth), saying that she could not eat any more now. I hold up the bright cherry blossom-colored furoshiki and the girls get all excited when they see it, so Ageha, looking embarrassed, asks me to go back to the classroom and quickly leaves. Then, a male student who had passed us from the side comes up in front of us as if standing in front of us.

Ageha nodded his head in annoyance.

“Tanada-san, is something wrong?”

“Ah, what kind of relationship does Suminodo-sama have with this guy! I don’t think so, by any chance.”

He had changed her name to -sama, even though he had been calling her “san” while creating a slightly friendly atmosphere when the lunch started. He must have flipped a switch in him to talk to Ageha. It would be like an old man who called Rinen “Shijonawate chan” suddenly called her “Rinen-sama” at the party.

“Hisanobu is a friend of mine. I think you heard us talking at lunchtime. I have to get ready for my next class.”

“No, as the daughter of the Suminodo Group!”

“Tanada-san seems to be a little too energetic for a high school student. Then I will take my leave.”

Without asking, she started moving and grabbed the sleeve of my uniform and pulled it. Perhaps such an appearance is also uncomfortable for him, out of her line of sight, the look of Tanada was so sharp that he desired to be able to shoot and kill people just by looking at them.

But there was nothing I could do about it if he gave me that look. If you wanted to be close to her, you should have been friendly with her since middle school, is what I think of Tanada’s attitude. Even now, my relationship with Ageha and I are just friends with Ageha having a slightly different distance about friends.

“You! Orikawa!”

“I have my next class, so if you want to talk, do it some other time.”

“Let’s go, Hisanobu san.”

Ageha suddenly expressed her displeasure at Tanada’s loud voice and quickened her pace.

“I apologize, Hisanobu san”

“It’s the same in middle school and high school when you try to get along with your friends as little as possible and you get scrutiny from others.”

“…. Fufu, yes, that’s true. I had a lot of them in junior high school.”

“I had Shijonawate-san in the same junior high school, so I understand a little bit about that.”

“Thank you very much. It’s not possible to have a relaxing lunch today, is it? If you don’t mind, please let me have lunch with you again.”

“Yeah, of course I don’t mind. Thank you very much. It was nice to have a delicious lunch with you.”

“Um, not that much.”

As soon as I returned to the classroom, the person who saw me raised his hand lightly.

“Orikawa came back! How was the class council meeting?~ I’m sure Suminodo-san was very popular among the students and they were all jealous.”

“Yeah, she was so popular that it was a little bit exciting.”

Eeeh?! Hanate look suprised. Hanaten was deeply disappointed that I had said that so matter-of-factly, so I guessed it was true that it was not that exciting.

“‘Nah, it’s boring.”

“Too bad it didn’t turn out to be interesting. Speaking of which, you’re prepared to be asked yourself if you’re going to go to someone like that, aren’t you?”

“Y-you’re going to ask me? I am? I’m, I’m, Haaa”

At first he said cheerfully, but gradually he toned down and took out his smartphone to show it to me. He pulls out his phone and shows me a two-shot photo of a girl and a boy in their junior high school uniforms.

“Oh, oh, is she your girlfriend? So you have one. What class is she in?”

“She’s not at this school.”

“Oh, ……, I’m sorry about that.”

“She promised me she would, but she came up short on the practice test, so she gave up. I was so anxious and worried. No matter how many boyfriends this cute girl says she has, of course she’s going to be popular!”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, you are worried about her. But don’t get too constrained by that sort of thing.”

Because I was told the story of Hanaten and her in such a short time before class started, my brain recorded everything from Hanaten and his encounter to his confession, and I was a little disappointed. I think it can’t be helped.

Ageha, who had been listening nonchalantly, could not hide the twitch whenever she heard about the change in the relationship between Hanaten and his girlfriend, and her body moved in response to the development of Hanaten’s story.

After school, Hanaten was the first to leave the classroom to go to the basketball club he had joined, and Ageha also greeted me before leaving to go to the tea ceremony club.

I also get ready to head to the photography club that I promised yesterday. Today, I brought my camera as the manager told me to do, so I’m going to follow her.

As I take my luggage out of my locker, I receive a tap on my shoulder and a voice calls out to me.

“Hey, Hisa-kun, are you going to be active in the club today?”

“Yeah, I’m going to show up at the photo club again today. Yuisa, are you going home already today?”

“Yes! I want to do something!”

“I see. I’ll see you on Monday, then?”

“I’ll see you in the morning if I can!”

“Yes, that’s right. See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow, Hisa-kun! Don’t be too flirty with Suminodo-chan just because she’s cute, or the boys will hate you!”

“Haha, we’re friends, I’ll be careful not to let them get on my bad side.”

Yuisa leaves the classroom with light steps. When I talk to Yuisa-san, there is no strange atmosphere and I feel refreshed. I also walk lightly towards the photography club.

I go through the same quiet corridor of the club building as yesterday and open the door of the photography club.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Orikawa, a first-year student. I just joined the club.”

“Ah, you’re the new student that the club leader told me about. Nice to meet you. I’m leaving now.”

“Aah, you’re leaving already? Good work, Sunamichi kun.”

“Good work.”


I think he quickly put away all the tools and other things that had been spread out the moment I came in, but when I looked at the manager, she seemed to have decided that Sunami-senpai had moved far enough away, and she said something

“He’s shy, I can’t blame him. It took me a while to be able to talk to him too, but now he talks to me a lot when we are alone. He sometimes shows up at club activities, even outside of school days.”

“I see.”

“It’s easy for you to be satisfied with that.”

“No, as long as he doesn’t hate me, I’m fine.”

“Is that so? Well, I’ll have you work for the time he’s gone. Shall we go to the tea ceremony club? Well, I’m leaving anyway when I asked Sunamichi kun to go to the tea ceremony club.”

“It’s the first day of activities with new students participating, and what’s the photography club going to do ……?”

The leader smirks as she prepares a camera that doesn’t suit her petite frame. I asked this with a sense of disquiet, and she pulled out a photo out of nowhere and handed it to me.

“The tea ceremony club is full of beautiful people. But the more time we have, the harder it will be to talk to them. The timing of meeting the new students is very important. If you force yourself to say no in front of the new students, the atmosphere will deteriorate. That’s why you need to show up there and connect with them by saying, [I’m taking pictures of each activity]. Once they remember your name and face, you can easily show up.”

“…… Isn’t this a hobby of you?”

Yesterday, this manager must have said something about liking beautiful girls. Many things happened, but I remember it well. She nodded as if it was only natural.

“It’s okay if I, such a pretty girl, ask to take picture because I like pretty girls, right?”

“Haa, that sucks.”

“It’s a lot easier than having your picture taken by a guy. You are a man, though.”

“Then you’re just a senpai.”

“Yeah, I’ll do it because I need to put a face to face with each club. It would be nice if there was the new girl, but she’s a small, cautious new student, and I tried to invite her, but it wasn’t possible. That’s why, after all, it’s a compromise, you.”

“Someone was there before me?”

“Yeah, she showed up right after the entrance ceremony, and the only thing I found in the doorway today was a notice to join the club. You can introduce yourself yourself. If you talk to her, she will probably run away, so I won’t tell you who she is because it is forbidden to talk to her until she talks to you.”

It’s exciting, isn’t it? When I was told this, I thought that I didn’t need to do that, but I gave up thinking that this leader wouldn’t withdraw, and I casually replied, “Yes, yes, I understand.”

“Then let’s go to the tea ceremony club. The other club activities are just fine.”

It’s a hobby after all. Following the manager, who was holding a camera, I sighed and headed with him to the tea ceremony club, where Ageha would be.

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