During a break time at a part-time job.

“Kento kun ! I might be able to make my major label debut !”

“Really !?”

“I brought a demo tape to a record company a while ago, and they appreciated it and called me !”

It had not been too long since I started working part-time myself, but I knew from what Minato san had told me that she had been working as hard as she could to achieve her dream.

Maybe that’s why I was as happy as if it was myself that had been rewarded.

“I haven’t decided on my debut yet, but I’ve definitely taken a step forward !”

“That’s really great, Minato san !”

“I’m so grateful to you, Kento kun, for all the encouragement you’ve given me recently ! Thank you so much !”

She beamed.

“Minato san.”

Suddenly, Emiko san interrupted our conversation and called Minato san.

“E-Emiko san……”

She called her name with some nervousness, perhaps because of the previous incident.

Why did she call out to Minato san? I wonder if she has come to deny her dream…..or her goals again as she did before.

The answer was given before I could finish pondering it.

“……Um, b-before, i-it was… bad….I-I said a little bit….too much……”


She apologized?

That Emiko san?

Both Minato san and I were so surprised that we froze.

Then, perhaps unable to bear the silence any longer, she said.

“…..W-what ! I just told you I was sorry, and you just ignored me !?”

“N-no……it’s just……”

“Hmph !”

Emiko san turned away, perhaps displeased by being ignored.

Just as I was thinking that, she slowly turned her gaze to me.

“K-Kento ! I apologized !”

She said.


“I apologized to you !”

“I don’t understand…….”

“Mmmmmm !”

Emiko san stared at me with her face bright red and growling.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t understand it.

“I apologized to Minato san, so I told you to stop ignoring me !”


I was surprised by the completely unexpected content and raised a dumb voice.

“……But wasn’t it Emiko san who was ignoring me…..?”

I didn’t ignore her. Since I was ignored, I just ignored her in return.

“Because ! Kento was angry ! I couldn’t talk to you even if I wanted to ! Well, there was a part of me that ignored you a little at first…….”

When she finished saying that, she fidgeted and added in a small voice, [Because I was lonely….]

I have sharp ears, so I can hear you very well. …Cute.

Anyway, it seems my theory of her being pissed off was wrong.

What the……was I the only one who was pissed off……

I was embarrassed to realize that.

“Hey ! Kento !”

I was so tormented by the shame in my heart that I couldn’t respond.

“I’m sorry. I’m a little fuzzy.”

……It seems like she’s changed.

I couldn’t imagine her apologizing to strangers before.

“Is something wrong? Suddenly apologizing.”

“I-it’s just a change of heart. It’s also fun to apologize to a commoner.”

Emiko san joked with embarrassment. I guess I could call her a tsundere,

“I see……well, at any rate, I’m glad to be able to talk to Emiko san again. I didn’t feel comfortable at my part-time job when I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Why are you acting like we don’t talk anymore ! You should talk to me again from now on ! I won’t forgive you if you ignore me again !”

I wonder if she lost her temper after apologizing once.

I was a little bit pressured by her, who had turned into a tsundere, but I was glad that I could make up with her anyway.

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9 months ago

Well, she’s such a sweetie when she take off that cocky attitude

4 months ago

Yes, whether the relationship completely break off, return how it was before or starts something anew, nothing will change if you don’t apologize first.