[It’s like telling you “I have a high school spirit inside me” or something like that.]

Said the manager of a women’s apparel brand in an interview on the news.

Perhaps it is because I have been searching for fashion terms frequently lately that news and videos from this genre popped up in my recommendations. However, I think AI still has a long way to go.

–Even so, she’s a beautiful person.

She’s said to be 47 years old, but she looks ten years younger than that.

I wonder if Yua will look like this when she gets older. I wonder what I will be like by then. My grandpa is bald, though…… I might be bald too, due to a genetic inheritance. Then I’ll have to wear a wig or something, otherwise I’ll be embarrassed to be next to Yua. Oh, but by then Yua will probably be a top hairstylist, and I’ll get a haircut form her that won’t make me look obviously bald–.

–But, why am I thinking of staying together with Yua that far in the future…..?

I’m ashamed of myself for having such a fantasy naturally. But at the same time a feeling of happiness filled my chest.

Makabe sat down in the seat in front of me. He’s looking at me with an intent look in his eyes.

–Damn, did I get caught grinning….?

I rubbed my mouth with my hand. Makabe wrinkled his brow and said,

“Just so you know, I haven’t forgiven you yet for that big-breasted maid thing.”

“What’s with that expression !? That was over a week ago, remember !?

“You’re playing with a man’s pure heart.”

“My bad.”

Makabe let out a long sigh.

“Well, whatever. I got a massage, in case you were wondering.”

“From who?”

“From the big-breasted macho man.”

“What were you doing !? He’s full of muscles, you know? they’re hard.”

“No, but muscles that haven’t been working are actually quite soft. So at worst, it can be used as a substitute. I’m glad I realized that.”

He smiled. He must’ve enjoyed it.

“So, I’m not wrong for calling him a well-developed pectoral muscles with big breasts. In other words, I’ve been rubbed with big tits, and I can say that I’m different from you, who’s a complete virgin.”

“You’re a virgin because you lack experience. Don’t contradict yourself in short sentences.:

“Aren’t you sad when you say that?”

“My tears have already dried up.”

Makabe looked at my phone.

“Miyazawa Anju?”

“Is she famous?”

“Something like that. She used to be an idol who didn’t sell very well, but after she retired, she started her own clothing brand, I think.”

“You know a lot about her.”

“Because she’s pretty.”

“Is that what you think of her? She’s older than your mother, for Christ’s sake.”

“My range is wide. I can handle MILFs.”

“I thought your range was more down-to-earth.”

“Well, I’m just a little bit more adventurous.”

“You can’t talk about it like it’s some kind of tea ceremony or something and not feel good about it.”

At that time, a notification popped up on my phone. It’s Yua.

[Are you planning to go out on the next day off, sir?]


What’s with this fictitious, only-exists-in-fictitious-lady-feeling? Is she mistyping it? Well, it seems to be an invitation for a date.

[I understand.] [Where’re we going?]

[Please look forward to it.]

What a mysterious date. Sometimes that’s not a bad idea.

Yes, we have already been on a date so many times that we can say ‘occasionally’. I’m different from him, who was happy to use well-developed pectoral muscles as a substitute for big breasts.

“What’s with that smirk again?”

Makabe looked at me suspiciously. I patted him on the shoulder.

“Be strong.”

“What’s with all the superiority you’re giving me lately?”

Makabe is discouraged. I sent an OK emoji to Yua.


On the arranged day, I was waiting for Yua in front of the statue outside of the station as usual.

She didn’t tell me about the date plan until the day of the appointment. But my expectation was bigger than my anxiety. Yua has been in a lot of relationships before. I’m sure she will show me a new view that I, with my lack of experience, would never have thought of.

“Seita kun.”

As I was filled with anticipation, Yua’s voice came from the side.

I turned around and for a moment I was speechless.


No, it’s obvious that Yua is cute. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Her clothes are girlish.

A loose pink knit that isn’t too bright, perhaps it’s called light crimson, and a checkered medium skirt with large ornament. White ruffled short socks and loafers with metal hardware decorations on the instep. Then a tote bag with an embroidered bear on it.

Cute, sweet, lovely. Such words fit her well.

But. Speaking of Yua’s clothes, they were mature and sexy, revealing a lot in some places. What happened all of a sudden?

“What happened…..?”

“I thought it would be nice to wear something like this once in a while. What do you think?”

And then she pinched her skirt.

“I think you look cute….”

I gasped.

“No, when I said cute, it means that your appearance has that kind of cute image ! Ah, but I’m not saying that Yua is not cute or anything like that……!”

What I’m saying is inconsistent.

–Aagh, I’m going to be teased again at this rate.

[Do you prefer neat and tidy woman?] [You can be more honest, you know?] [You’re flustered again. Seita kun, you’re cute.]

As I was imagining such a line and preparing myself for it, Yua covered her mouth with her hand in an elegant gesture and said,

“Fufufu, thank you so much. Shall we go then?”

And so, she started walking.

“W-wait, wait-!”

“Is something wrong, Mr. Butterfly?”

“What’s with your graceful behavior?”

“Graceful, Seita kun, you have a rich vocabulary of compliments.”

She covered her mouth again and laughed.

“That too ! What’s so funny? ‘I pretend to have a neat fashion, but actually wear very mature underwear, you know? You love this kind of gap, don’t you? Do you want to see it? Do you want to see it?’ you’ve always said something like that !”

“That analogy is very specific. Do you like that kind of thing?”

I unintentionally revealed a part of my fetish.

“N-no ! …..You’re wrong ! !”

I couldn’t think of a good counter-argument because it wasn’t that wrong.

“I’ve never worn such a thing, but if Seita kun likes it, I’ll try my best…… next time. Just kidding.”

Yua shyly put her hand on her cheek.

— No, seriously, what the hell…….

If you never wore one, what have I been shown back then?

I was confused, but something flashed through my mind.

[Look forward to it.]

That message from Yua wasn’t about where we’re going to go, but about today’s fashion—-or rather, her character? Something like that.

In other words, today’s concept was ‘neat and tidy’ or ‘ladylike’.

I want Yua to dress as she likes. Yua is adorable when she dresses the way she likes.


I looked at Yua. She tilted her head and smiled softly.

–Well, this is it !

Yua worked so hard to prepare it for me. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest. That’s what I decided.

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