“Finally, tomorrow is the day that Kouki kun and I are going out !”

“You spoiler bitch !”

When I returned home after the first day of the festival, the adult shinobu san, who  I had been living with recently, gave me the worst spoiler of all.

“But you know it somehow, don’t you~? That’s the kind of atmosphere you gave me~”

“I know, but…..come on !”

But, something’s not right….. It’s not like that……

“I mean, the future has changed……”

“Really? I don’t really know~”

“That’s true……”

I headed to the living room while dragging Shinobu san, who’s more clingy than usual. It seems that the future hasn’t changed much, even if the timing of our relationship is earlier.

“Hey, senpai ! Somehow I got a call from Shinobu senpai !?”

“Just why….?”

As soon as I entered the living room, Hikari, who was relaxing on the sofa naturally, yelled at me. My family has disappeared from the house, and instead it has become a meeting place for the people from the future. Well, whatever.

“You seem to get along well with Shinobu senpai ! But no, you can’t go out with her ! The viewers are looking forward to the love triangle ! We’re letting you play as a harem protagonist, so please bear with it !”

“I don’t know anything about that……”

“Don’t worry~ I haven’t announced that we’re still together 10 years later~”

And after all, the adult Shinobu san is the master of spoilers…… I lose the thrill of romance when I’m with this person. But well…….

“The future depends on what we do. Maybe nothing will happen between me and Shinobu san.”

“That’s terrible~! You tried to kiss me on the rooftop today, you know !? Did you tried to kiss me with that kind of idea !?”

“No, that’s…..”

To be honest I still don’t have enough romantic feelings for Shinobu san to say that I like her. Because we’ve been friends for a long time.

“But, hanging out with you today….was great. I also thought that it would be great if we get together. But the kiss was more of a spur of the moment…and more importantly, I wanted to respond to Shinobi san’s feelings.”

“Is that what you do to someone you haven’t even confessed to? You’re the worst. If it was a misunderstanding, it’ll be sexual harassment !”

“Don’t worry ! Ten years ago, I was in love with Kouki kun !”

“I said don’t say that kind of thing……”

I was getting fed up with the same old spoilers.


Suddenly, the adult Shinobu san’s figure disappeared.

“Whoa !?”

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

Then she appeared in front of me again. And this kept happening again and again.

“Is this…..!?”

“In short……you’re still wondering, aren’t you? Senpai. Whether or not you go out with Shinobu senpai.”

Hikari, who knows more about the mechanism of time travel than I do, told me, who have no idea what’s going on.

“If the past changes, then so will the future. I think that senpai is now wondering if he really wants to go out with Shinobu senpai. If you’re dating her, adult Shinobu san would remain here, and if you decided not to go out, she would no longer come to the past to support you. Maybe that’s how it is.”

So you’re saying that……my decision now will completely change the future. It depends on whether or not I want to go out with Shinobu senpai.

“I think Shinobu senpai might like Kouki senpai. But maybe not senpai. If you could go out with her, you would, but I don’t know if you can go out with her with that kind of feeling. Isn’t that kind of thinking like an adolescent high school student?”

“If anything, it’s more of a……marriage blues.”

The 16 year old me and the 26 year old me have different meanings of dating. The future by all means. I even think about marriage beyond dating. All the more, it’s because I know the adult Shinobu san.

Is she really okay with me? I wonder if I can make Shinobu san happy. I can’t help but think about it.

“Don’t worry. If you don’t confess, then I’ll ask you out.”

“….Dating someone from the future isn’t funny.”

“Sure, it’s true. It’s a story that should be told in the future.”

All that comes out is a talk to escape reality. But tomorrow will come, no matter what.

“….Well, in the end, it’s whether or not I’m going to fall in love with Shinobu san. I won’t know until tomorrow.”

In the end, I left everything to my future self and decided to drink.

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