After that day at my part-time job, something seems to have changed in me. (To other people, I hear it’s weird.)

When I got home, my whole family was worried about me, and Riko told me that I had somehow become even creepier. Why? I don’t think I’ve changed at all.

When I went to school the next day, Ishizaki and Segawa, who had arrived earlier and talking with each other, were worried about me. They said my eyes were even more dead.

Later, I thought about it, did Ishizaki and Segawa talk that much before? I’m glad to hear that they got along well.

At lunchtime, Natsuki came to the classroom and worried about me. She was very concerned. I wonder what was wrong with everyone.

About a month had passed since that day. It was rainy season, and it rained almost every day.

Since the family restaurant incident, those guys haven’t bothered me at all. Sometimes I feel their eyes on me, but it’s probably just my imagination.

I still eat lunch with my sister and Natsuki during lunch break.

Speaking of changes, recently, making lunches has finally become some kind of duty.

I always made the lunches myself, so I was worried about my sister’s ability to make them, but it seems my fears were unnecessary and the lunches were delicious. She’s getting better at it every time she makes it, so I’m impressed.

Natsuki was also quite good at it, and if you look at the taste of each dish alone, it was at a level where you wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve it at a restaurant.

However, the appearance of the dish was not something that could be helped, and I was surprised to see that the omelet was almost like scrambled eggs.

Still, the one I had yesterday had turned out quite well.

We had lunch again today. It was raining on the rooftop, so we decided to eat on the stairs.

While we were eating our lunches, my sister seemed to remember something she didn’t like.

 “Come to think of it, final exams are coming up soon.”

“Ah, that;’s right. Are you good at studying, Shiori senpai?”

“Onee chan is always first in her grade..m so why am I…”

“Eh ! First place in the grade!? That’s amazing.”

“Fufufu, right? What about you?”

“Me? I’m usually around 10th place. How about you, Yuuki kun?”

“….Don’t ask.”

Why are you both so smart? I’m embarrassed.

By the way, our school doesn’t have midterms in the first semester, so this was the first test.

“Ah, about Yuuki, when he was in middle school, he was in about 70th place. …..Out of 100 students.”

“I see. No wonder he doesn’t want to tell me….. Hey, Shiori san, how about this?”

“Fufu, I see.”

Onee chan, don’t say it without my permission…. I’m embarrassed. It’s not terribly bad, but compared to the other two. Hey. They’re sneaking around.

I couldn’t catch what they were talking about. But both of them seemed to be having a good time.

“Hey, Yuuki. Wanna have a study session?”

“Eh? Study session?

“Yes, that’s right. You don’t want to get a red mark, do you? If you get a red mark, you have to take a make-up class during the summer vacation.”

“That’s right, Yuuki kun. I want to play with everyone during the summer vacation ! For that reason, you have to avoid red marks. And then…., right? Shiori senpai.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Natsuki.”


I don’t mind going out for fun, but I wonder if we need to have a study session… I don’t want to study.

“You don’t want to?”

Damn it, stop ! Don’t look at me with those eyes !

A beautiful girl looked at me with puppy eyes? I don’t know how I can stand it.

“All right, all right.”

“Really? So you’re going to spend the summer together?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“!— Yay !”

I knew it wasn’t mainly about studying. Well, whatever.

“In exchange, can I invite my friend to join us?”

“Hmm, is that okay?”

“Yeah. Rather, I want to have fun during the summer vacation, including my friends. But they can’t study at all. I don’t think they’re going to do anything weird, is that okay?”

“I think it’s fine?”

“Um, are you okay with it, Onee chan?”

“Yeah, but if they were jerks, I’m not going to hold back, okay? (I’d like to see Yuuki’s friends once).

You’ve got your true intentions and your official stance the exact opposite. I mean, if it were those guys, I don’t think they can be called friends anymore.

“I-I see.”

“Well, if Shiori senpai says so…”

“Thanks. I’ll ask them when they’re free, and I’ll call you later.”

“Yeah. Got it.”


After that, lunch break was over while we were making small talk. As usual, when I returned to the classroom, I still felt the pain of the guys’ eyes staring at me.

At recess after 5th period, I told the two of them about my lunch break.

“Eh? Are you okay with that? Even if we go?”

‘Yeah, won’t it be awkward if we go?’


I can’t say for sure that it’s okay. I mean, my sister might be in a cold mood.

“What’s with the silence?”

“No, nothing. Maybe we can work something out.”

“That’s so irresponsible ! I appreciate it that you help me study, but…”

“Yeah. With the celebrity from the 2nd and 3rd year, you know……”

Well, you’re right. I’d be worried if I were in your shoes.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. I think you two are easier to talk to than you think. Natsuki seemed to get along well with my sister.”

“Calling her by her name…huh? Are you going to invite us no matter what?”

“Of course.”

“Okay. I’ll be there.”

“If Shota says so, I’ll go too.”

Oops, I just used her first name. I mean, Segawa called Ishizaki by his first name.”

“Okay, then tell me when you’re free.”

“I’m always free.”

“Me too.”

These guys are too free. Well, I guess it’s the same for me.

Anyway, they said they were available anytime, so I messagad Natsuki and told her so.

I was surprised to receive a reply in less than a minute.

[Roger that ! I also asked Shiori senpai, but she said anytime is fine, so can we meet on the following Saturday? The place is 10:00 at Yuuki’s house. I have already gotten permission from Shiori senpai. Please ask the other people too, just in case !]

What about my permission? Mine.

“I got a reply, 10:00 at my place next Saturday.”

“Hm, I’m fine with it.”

“Me too〜”

“Okay, I’ll give you my address later, and you can come  by yourselves.”

“Eh….., well, fine.”

When I messaged Natsuki again< i got a reply within a minute again.

[Roger that ! I’ll look forward to it !]

I hope nothing happens, I thought so and turned off my phone.

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