“I’m back, both of you.”

“Welcome back, Miyu Onee chan.”

“Welcome home. I’m preparing dinner now.”

After studying at the café for about an hour, Miyu, the second daughter, came home.

In the living room, Mashiro was standing in the kitchen, cooking, and Kokono was moving around, arranging the plates and chopsticks.

“…….Ah, sorry. I’ll do the laundry right away.”

Seeing everyone doing housework, she declared immediately.

Mashiro, the eldest daughter, was in charge of the cooking.

The second daughter, Miyu, is in charge of the laundry.

The third daughter, Kokono, is in charge of the dishes.

Each of them is in charge.

This has always been the basic style of the three sisters–

“I did the laundry.”


Today was a little different.

“Did you do it, Kokono?”

“Yes, I did.:

“No way.”

Whether feeling sick or having some errands to run.

Except for such times, each one of them makes sure to do what they are in charge of.

Today, it is natural that Miyu, who did not go under those two situations, is suspicious.

She raised one eyebrow and wondered, she went out into the corridor to check the washing machine and found that none of the clothes were left.

Next, She opened the clothes rack and storage cabinet and found the clothes and underwear she had worn yesterday neatly folded.


Witnessing what had really been done, Miyu immediately returns to the living room.

“Well, you really did it. What’s with the change of heart?”

“I had a good thing happen to me today, so I’m going to share it with Miyu Onee chan.”

“W-what’s that? I’d like to thank you in advance……”

The “good thing” that her sister does to her is something itchy and embarrassing.

Miyu bluntly thanked her and sat down on the sofa while taking out her smartphone to pretend it was normal.

Mashiro smilingly watches her sisters from the kitchen as she continues to cook, her hands moving rapidly.

“What was that ‘good thing’ that happened to Kokono? I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been treated like this. Did you know something, Mashiro Nee?”

“No, she said she’s going to tell me when you’re back, Miyu.”

“Hmm. If she’s going that far, it must’ve been a very good thing.”

“Okay. I’ll say it since Miyu Onee chan is back.”

Kokono is always quiet but today her voice is very bright. Her blue eyes are also sparkling.

With that state, she said with a slightly smug face.

“Today, I met a very kind man at the campus.”

“What, you too, Kokono? I also met a very kind senior student this morning.”

“Eh, both of you too? We met at a café though, not on campus.”


[What kind of person did you meet !?] Kokono, who expected to hear something like that, was confused by the unexpected flow.

But there is one thing she is absolutely sure of.

“But that person is the kindest person I’ve ever met.”

“No, no, the person I met is the kindest.”

“I-I think the person I met is the nicest…..I guess?”




Despite their differences in appearance, the three sisters are similar in many ways.

This was the moment when they realized that each of them was a rival.

In silence, those three gazes intertwine. Only at this moment, Mashiro’s hand also stopped.

“No. I have met the kindest person.”

“No it’s me, seriously.”

“I think I met the nicest person……”

All of them had good things happen to them. They encountered someone that they thought was the nicest.

It’s natural for this to happen, and it’s normal to believe it.

“Then I’ll explain why he’s the best.”

“I’ll explain it too.”

“Maybe I should explain it too…..”

And so the exchange of information began abruptly and unexpectedly.

* * * *

“No, wait a minute. You both are definitely making this up. thinking about it normally, it’s impossible.”

“I’m not making anything up.”

“Me neither !?”

After listening to each of their stories, Miyu was the first one who raised her voice,

“Because it’s the first time you’ve met each other, right? You don’t give away almost all of your candy just because you’re kind. And how considerate would he be to put a sticker on it and a thank-you note?”

“But here’s the proof.”

Kokono unfolds the folded note again.

What is written on it is the words, [Thank you for your kindness].

The content is linked to what was taught.

“Then, Mashiro Nee is the one who’s making things up. If he was just showing you the classroom, there’s no way he would have cared enough not to make you feel like you were making him late. It’s the first time that you guys met. If that’s the case, he’s a really popular guy.”

“I-I don’t have proof like Kokono, but it’s the truth ! That’s why I said he’s the best.”

“……The Miyu Onee chan who’s making things up.”

“H-huh !?”

“Normally, it would be impossible for someone to teach you a college assignment during a part-time job break and then buy you a cake or a drink. It’s too kind.”

“That’s the truth ! I’m taking notes on what he taught me, so I can always produce proof.”

It wouldn’t be strange that all the sisters think that they are all [making up a story].

That is what is happening now.

“I mean, I hate to say this, but seriously, he’s the best, okay? Aside from that behavior, he taught me without making a bad face even though he was on a break. Above all, I didn’t feel any ulterior motive.”

“That’s the same for me. I tried to ask him his name, but he didn’t hear me. He didn’t even ask me.”

“It’s the same for me ! He was like, [It’s a normal thing to do].”

“Wait, it should be impossible for him not to have ulterior motives……”

The three sisters have received numerous confessions of love since middle school and especially since high school.

Because they are such eye-catching girls, they are sensitive to ‘ulterior motives’ from the opposite sex, and they sometimes get sick of it, but that doesn’t apply to him today.

It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime encounter when he doesn’t ask their names.

“I think he definitely has a beautiful girlfriend.”

“……It would’ve been strange if he didn’t have one. I think the man that Kokono and I met is a different man, though.”

“You know, if we can meet kind people so often, it’s okay not to depend on Yuuto Nii, right? To be honest, I think it’s normal for him to be annoyed.”



Neither Mashiro nor Kokono could come up with a counterargument to these words.

Even so, those words that came out of the third daughter’s mouth precisely because she wants to meet face to face with him without being a nuisance.

“……I would be happy if the person I met today was Yuuto Onii chan……”

“Hey, don’t say such a thing. He’s our only brother.”

“I’m sorry.”

She knows that, but it’s not something that should be said out loud.

“Eh, you both think like that? I don’t like the idea of the person I met today is Yuuto Nii.”

“Eh? I think your opinion is more unusual, Miyu, don’t you think?”

“It may be true, but if he was that nice to me, it would be something like that, right? Or should I say, I might look at him in a strange way….” 

Those words were awkward.

The first to react was Mashiro.

“T-that’s……I know what you mean…..”

“Both of you are so easy.”

“Huh? Even if you said that, you’re the one who’s easy, Kokono.”

“That’s not true…….”

While the food is getting cold, the living room is buzzing with excitement.

The three sisters will soon meet him again.

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1 year ago

I don’t really like the fact they seem to catch feelings for this guy because they don’t know it’s the MC, it feels NTRish

1 year ago
Reply to  Name

You appear to be the type of person who gets legitimately angry at their girlfriend/boyfriend after having a dream where they do something annoying.

Please reflect on how soft you are.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chamelion

Your condescending attitude makes me laugh. All I said was I didn’t like the NTR vibes, I’m allowed to have an opinion. It should be you who self-reflects on being kind to others, you don’t need to act like you’re better than me and call me soft just because I give an opinion about a novel. Rather you appear to be the soft one by making a big deal out of my simple comment, going as far as assuming things about me and comparing me to someone who gets upset because of their partner’s dreams

1 year ago
Reply to  Name

Yes, my comment was rude. I’m a rude person. For what it’s worth, I apologize.

Now, I’ll explain why I said what I said… This is my honest opinion, and I don’t mean to offend.

The girls in this story haven’t seen or talked to the main mc since they were five years old, and when they were in contact with him, it was in the capacity of step-siblings. These girls have no reason whatsoever to be faithful, dedicated or in love with the MC, and it would be bizarre if they were given their lack of contact. The standard of loyalty that you’re holding the female leads to sounds more like slavish obsession to me, and it implies you only like the most vanilla of romances with no real relationship progression required.

I don’t mind true romance stories. They’re comfortable, safe, and relaxing… but this story is DEFINITELY not NTR-ish, like, in the slightest. Your standard is just too strict.

1 year ago
Reply to  Name

Holy shit dude. Ease up.

1 year ago

None of them bothered to describe what the dude looked like, really?