“Hey hey, it’s kinda boring if we went home right now, why don’t we stroll a bit? The train is probably crowded, so I don’t think I can take this with me on the train.”

“Ah, that’s true.”

As they left the café, they were holding hot cocoa from Starbucks. Miyu’s idea is also a good idea to consider the surroundings, because it is not designed to have a complete lid like a plastic bottle.

“Whoa, I’m glad…….”


Yuuto said this when he went outside the station to take a stroll.

“Is something good happening? Yuuto Nii.”

“Yeah, it’s not too cold today.”

“I see. You’re not that good at cold weather?”

“…..Y-yeah. I guess so.”

Miyu immediately noticed. Judging from Yuuto’s reaction, she was not able to say anything.

When she thought [What is it?], and when she heard the word [Cold], she finally understood the meaning.

“Ah……. Nihihi. I finally understood what you meant. Is it because I’m on bare legs?”

“Ahaha, that too.”

“I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

It was Yuuto, who had been thinking about how to keep her body from getting cold.

“Yuuto Nii, you’re an amazing guy that doesn’t have any ulterior motives. You also care about people. You’re the type of person I’ve never met before.”

“Ulterior motive?

“Some people say that kind of thing to get a better impression in front of me.”

“T-that’s because we’re family, right !?”

Women are sensitive to that kind of thing.

It’s true that Yuuto didn’t have the slightest idea, because he didn’t have it, he was more surprised.

“Of course I understand what you’re saying, but we’re not related by blood, so there’s no problem with dating or getting married, right?”


“So……you know? If it was me, I would have ulterior motives. Cause’ Yuuto Nii is cool.”


Miyu changed her tone of voice in an instant.

If Yuuto was drinking cocoa right now, he would have been coughing.

When he looked to the side, he saw her smiling slightly. It is a look that makes you realize that she is joking.

“G-gee. Don’t tease an adult.”

“You took me a little too seriously, didn’t you?”

“……Shut up.”

“Nihihi, with that kind of feeling, I feel like I can take down Yuuto Nii. I can make you conscious of me with a single blow.”

“D-don’t tease me……”

“Sorry sorry ! Anyway, Yuuto Nii is weak against being attacked.”

Miyu drank the cocoa with both hands, putting it into her mouth as if engraving it into her brain.

For some reason it looks like a lot of fun.

“Well, make sure you don’t get deceived by a bad girl, Yuuto Nii. That college is good for job hunting, so there may be people who approach you just for the money.”

“It’s a little pathetic to be told like this by someone so much younger than you…….”

“I said it because you’re too nice.”


“Yeah yeah. I’m happy to have such a kind brother. You haven’t changed from back then.”

Miyu nodded and laughed, and touched his arm with a thud, as if she was telling her true feelings.

“Well, I have a bit of a feeling that it’s strangely big.”

“Eh !?”

“I was confident that I was bigger than you before we met, you know? But as it turned out, there was a difference of more than 10 centimeters.”

“Ahaha, I see.”

“Well, you’ve grown up, Yuuto Nii. I really feel safe when I’m next to you.”

“You’re the one who’s grown up, Miyu san.”

“Have I become prettier?”

“You’ve become beautiful.”

“Y-you don’t have to rephrase that part……”

The flow of the conversation is also paraphrased at the point where the word ‘pretty’ is used.

It is also an immediate answer.

She feels embarrassed by the way he expresses his true feelings.


“E-erm, you’re looking pretty cool now too, Yuuto Nii.”


“No…be embarrassed.”



The same goes for Miyu, who tried to make him embarrassed, but again, the flow of the conversation led him to believe that she was flattering him.

She just took the bait, and spent an embarrassing amount of time…..sipping cocoa.

* * * *

“Hiii. I knew it, the train was packed. Yuuto Nii, is it okay if we split up here?”

“No, I’m the one who said we’re going home together. Besides, I’m worried about the crowded train.”

“You said something that made me happy. Then please.”

Such conversations are exchanged when the train arrives at the station.

The number of passengers getting off and getting on the train is almost the same.

The density of the train is enough to make you feel a bit dizzy, but it is not as bad as the morning rush hour.

“Miyu san, this way.”


Yuuto gets on first and gives her the position where she can rest her back against him.

“…..Miyu san, I’m really sorry.”

“I-I’m fine……”

More and more people are getting on from behind. Each time, Miyu’s body and his body come into contact with each other.

It seems like the sensation of Miyu’s chests hitting his body is not just his imagination……Miyu calls out to Yuuto, who is trying to force his mind not to worry about it.

“……Y-you know? I’m sorry if you can hear my heartbeat.”

“N-no. It’s okay. It’s fine…..”

This awkward conversation is only possible because both parties understand each other.

At that moment, the doors close and the train slowly begins to move.

Yuuto holds the pole next to Miyu. and–.

“M-Miyu san……?”

For some reason, she grabs his arm.

“I-it’s fine, right…….? And this will protect me the best.”

“W-we should believe in the power of civilization…….”

“Nihihi, you’re finally embarrassed, aren’t you? Yuuto Nii.”

“Don’t make fun of older people……”

The two of them remained in close contact for several stations.

Miyu seemed relaxed, but her heart rate was 1.5 times faster than Yuuto’s.

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