I feel a stirring in my chest.

I noticed that Iyoki-san, who usually waits for me, was nowhere to be seen.

Unusually few people are around even though it’s after school.

The look of crisis on the faces of Kento

And yesterday, I saw Iyoki-san’s angry face for the first time.

All of them came together like a gust of wind.

I gulped down my spit and waited for Kento to speak.

“……, we’re in trouble.”

“Eh? What?”

“yes. Right now, Sae-sama is getting into Maezawa-senpai’s place!”


I’ve heard that name somewhere.

“He’s the ace of the soccer club! The one who threatened you yesterday!”

“That guy! …… Wait a minute, is Iyoki-san coming his place!?”

“That’s right! And Sae-sama, she’s so mad. It’s almost like a fistfight, that’s what it is!”

The expression on Iyoki-san’s face today and the word “unforgivable” flashed back to me.

My bad premonition was right on target. It had hit the mark.

“Where is Iyoki-san now?”

“He’s in Maesawa-senpai’s classroom! Follow me!”

“I got it!”

I rushed up the stairs and headed for the third grade classroom.

My impatience grew stronger and stronger, and I found myself running at full speed.

The closer I got to my destination, the more people I saw.

And the noise was getting louder.

At the far end of the third grade floor, the classroom of Class 3A.

The classroom was filled to overflowing with students peering into the room.

It was good to be there, but there were too many students to see inside.

As I was trying to figure out what to do, I heard a voice.

“So, as I have told you many times, I do not like you. And I will never like you.”

“Iyoki san, ……”

A beautiful core voice.

But there is a slight hint of anger in her voice.

“Don’t say that. If you go out with me, you might fall in love with me, right?”

“No, absolutely not. So–there’s no point in trying to get Iriake-kun to do anything about it.”

Iyoki-san must have gotten in to say that.

Yesterday’s incident, I am sure that she felt responsible for it. 

So, she took it upon himself to solve the problem.

“Huh, I’m in trouble. I don’t know what’s so good about him. I’m a hundred times ……no, two thousand times better.”

“That, huh?”

“Yes, that’s right. So, about that—”

“Don’t talk about Iriake-kun like he’s a thing!”

The place goes quiet.

For the first time, Iyoki-san showed her unmistakable anger, and everyone couldn’t even speak.

“Iriake-kun is a really kind person. He is a kind and cool person. He never leaves anyone in need. And he helps me. He helps me!”

As if to say to everyone around me.

And as if to say to me, Iyoli continues.

“Everyone has his or her own taste in appearance. What is cool or uncool is just that person’s opinion. Based on that, I think Iriake kun is cooler than you, both inside and out. No, I think Iriake kun is the coolest person in the world.”

It’s as if you were saying–

“Ha, what are you talking about? No matter how you look at it, Sae-sama and Iriake are not balanced. That’s true no matter who sees it! Hey, you guys think so too, don’t you?”

he must be asking his usual cronies.

The voice of Maezawa senpai affirms his words.

“Look, everyone thinks so. This is the correct opinion—”

“If that’s what you think, I don’t mind. But I think Iriake kun is cool. So please don’t impose your values on me, and your values on others. Please stop being selfish and hurting Iriake-kun!”

It’s a good argument.

Without a doubt, Iyoki-san is making a good argument.

People around also expressed their sympathy for her childish comments and thoughts.

That’s right.

Not only is her opinion correct, but she is also more trusted in the school.

The senior student with bad behavior and the idol of the school.

It is obvious which one has the advantage over the other.

Maesawa Senpai could not hide his irritation at the away-from-home atmosphere.

I thought it was a match, but Maezawa-senpai wasn’t brave enough to admit the fault here. 

“…..Ha, you’re a pain in the ass, you know. You’re just a little bit cute, but you’re getting carried away. I see. I understand now. No wonder you are so well matched. I can see why you’re a good match for that boring, brooding Iriake!”

The sound of a chair collapsing with a thud echoes through the room.

The atmosphere was tense.

“Iriake! You can watch from here!”

“Thank you, Kento!”

With his guidance, I managed to move to a position where I could see what was going on.

“Iyoki-san, ……!”

Maesawa-senpai stood up and stared down at Iyoki san as if looking down at him.

The men who had been involved with me yesterday were also in the surroundings.

The number is roughly eight in total.

but, Undaunted, Iyoki san faced Maezawa-senpai.

“Ah? What are you staring at? Don’t play around with me!!!”

He is completely pissed in the head.

The game is over. Despite that, Maezawa-senpai didn’t seem to back down.


My intuition screams that.

“I will never forgive you for hurting Iriake-kun!”

A tense and numbing atmosphere takes over the place.

It was not surprising that they would clash at any moment.

Then, as expected, Maesawa-senpai raised his right arm.

–At that moment! and I kick the ground and jump out of the way!

As I jumped out in front of Iyoki-san, I held Maesawa-senpai’s arm.

“!? Y-you ……!!!!”

I glared at Maezawa-senpai, who brushed off his arm and frowned like a ferocious animal.

“Let’s end this now.”

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