“Let’s end this now.”

My voice echoes through the quiet classroom.

It was as if time had stopped.

Only the tick, tick, tick of the clock ticked mechanically.

In front of me was Maezawa-senpai, his eyes widening in surprise.

Behind him was Iyoki-san, who was angry with him for making fun of me and getting angry for my sake.

The words that came from Iyoki san’s true heart are still in my heart.

I ruminate over and over again, and I can feel my head getting hotter and hotter.

I didn’t think anything of it when he made fun of me.

But Iyoki-san felt as bad about it as I did about myself.

I wonder why I had forgotten about it.

After all, she is the one who gets angry with me for my sake.

She cares about me much more than I think she does.

She’s so far away from me, I thought.

She is straight and dazzling.

I can’t live that strongly, I can’t live straight.

But I care for her too.

That much is the same.

I’m sure that’s why I’m so angry at Maesawa-senpai’s words and actions toward Iyoki-san.


Involuntarily, power entered the fist that grasped Maezawa-senpai’s arm.

Maezawa-senpai’s face distorted.

When I noticed it and took my arm away, he turned to me with a stare of obvious hostility.

“Iriake, you…..!”

“Let’s stop this. I’m not going to let this go any further. On the contrary, I have nothing to lose.”

“Don’t get carried away! You think you can get away with this …… after mocking me so much?”

“I’m saying it’s best to apologize honestly here. No matter how anyone looks at it, you are at fault in this matter.”

“W-Whatl! Stop messing around!”

I want this place to end peacefully.

I was just trying to keep things quiet.

“Look around you. There are many witnesses here. There is no excuse for Maezawa-senpai’s excessive behavior. That’s why I’m saying it’s wisest to back down here.”


“Frankly speaking, I cannot forgive you for trying to raise your hand against Iyoki-san. There is no forgiveness either, but let’s end this here peacefully.”

Nothing will come of bumping into each other again in the future.

Maesawa senpai is silent.

It seemed as if the matter had been settled, but then…

“Damn you, you shady bastard!!!”


Maesawa-senpai comes at me.

The screams emanating from the surroundings.

I protect Iyoki-san and catch his fist.

It’s light. But if it hits Iyoki san, it will be more than just a light wound.

“There’s no way I can pull back any further. Did you think I would apologize for saying I was sorry when I was told something? On the contrary, my pride won’t allow me to apologize here!”

It’s no use.

I thought he would not understand me.

I knew that was the case.

I knew from the beginning that this person was someone I couldn’t talk to.

–I had no choice.

“Hey, guys, are you going to let one woman and this shady guy get the better of you? That would be too miserable!”

I’m afraid you’re no longer doing enough to dispel whatever you’re about to do.

“I’m going to beat this guy up. or I’m not going to be happy. Hey, right?”

“……, yeah, I know.”

“We can’t end this after all the shit he’s told us, can we?”

They’re going to do it.

I knew they would.

No, I might have even wanted them to do so.

“Iyoki san, please stand back.”


Iyoki-san is moving away from the classroom.

Now I could go at it without worrying about Iyoki-san.

I am aware of the aggressive stares I am getting from these people.

I’m sure somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping for this to happen.

Because it would be dangerous to go through school life with Maezawa senpai and the others holding a grudge against me.

Even if they punish me in some way, they will definitely retaliate against me outside of school.

They might even harm Iyoki-san.

So, in order to prevent that from happening, I made it clear who was stronger.

I didn’t want to use any rough methods.

I really didn’t want to use it.

“Prepare yourself, Iriake!!!”

First, three of them came at me.

The first three men were a size larger than me.

Parry the right fist with my right hand and give a strong blow to the abdomen.
I threw one of them off and hit the other one.

In less than ten seconds, I subdued the three men.

The surroundings were once again silent.

“W-What the hell are you?”

“T-This guy’s not usual!”

“Don’t be frightened! I’m not going to be beaten by a douchebag like him!”

This time, he grabbed me.

I watched him move, went behind him, and kicked him in the back.

Immediately, both of them hit me in the face at the same time, but I catch them and give each of them a shot.

In no time at all, I had Maezawa-senpai’s cronies back in my sights.

There was only Maesawa-senpai left.

As I took one step closer, Maezawa-senpai took a step back.

He was frightened.

His eyes were shaking with agitation.

That’s right.

The person he thought was a shady character had knocked down several people in the blink of an eye.

“Damn, damn, damn! Don’t get carried away, you bastard!”

Maesawa-senpai was coming at me.

But it was an emotional one, and I wasn’t afraid of it.

I dodged a big swing of the right and entered into the pocket of Maezawa senpai’s.

Then, I struck him a blow to the stomach with all my might, and he fell down on the spot in agony.

It wasn’t like me.

I also let my emotions get the better of me.

The classroom was quiet.

I said to the fallen Maesawa-senpai and the others

“Please don’t get involved with us again.”

And that was the end of the matter.

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4 months ago

aww I hoped that he would have gotten his handsome face bashed in beyond repair.

3 months ago

Super Saiyan “him”