“The bus is coming, I’m going ahead.”

Mizuhara-san goes toward the bus that is about to depart ahead of us.

“Well, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress, Kogurechi,”

In no time at all, she had given me a nickname.
She’s a cheerful person, isn’t she?
After seeing Mizuhara-san off, Asahina-san and I waited for the bus.
Both buses were expected to arrive in about ten minutes.

“She’s a cheerful and friendly person, isn’t she?”
“Yes. Even so, she’s a very different person. In junior high school, the three of us were always together, but since the school changed, I’ve been doing more and more things on my own.”
“People change when they fall in love, don’t they?”

Asahina-san let out a sigh.

“By the way, do you intend to keep on talking to Shizuku?”
“Well. Take it slow. I hope we can get to know each other little by little.”
“It’s late.”
“It’s too late. You must be able to confess right away!”
“Confession? That is indeed too soon!”

I am approaching Otsuki-san for the sake of my best friend, but if I confess to her, it would be the worst thing that could happen .

I don’t know why, but Asahina-san feels like she’s in a big hurry.

“Besides, there’s no way I can be that aggressive on my own.”
“If that’s the case, I’ll help you.”
“I’ll be your mediator. I’m going to help you to have a relationship with Shizuku.”

Why did She go that far, but I couldn’t deny it, as long as I set my feelings for Otsuki san.
I’m a little disappointed, but I nod

“Of course, if you want to go out with Shizuku, you’ll have to be good at it. I’m going to give you a lecture on all the things you need to know.”

Oh no, this is turning out to be more than I expected. I may not be able to escape. If it turns out that I don’t actually like Otsuki san… I might be torn to pieces.

“Umm ……”
“What are you going to do if I say ‘cooperate’? As expected, I can’t talk to people at school because there are people watching me, and I can’t do it every day because I have club activities, and perhaps we could have a meeting once a week at that restaurant.”
“Well okay. I’d like to say that, but that’s not going to work. Once a week is too late.”
“It’s impossible without exchanging contact information. But it’s not good for Asahina-san to exchange contact information.”
“I don’t mind, here.”

Asahina-san popped out her phone.
On her phone was a screen with a Line QR code, ready to be exchanged at any time.
I had thought about her situation and had tried to avoid taking that step, but what did she think of my concern?

“Didn’t Asahina-san insist on not exchanging contact information with her classmates while she was in high school?”
“Eh? Ah.”

Asahina san’s airless voice leaks out from her mouth.
As she said earlier, Asahina completely refuses to interact with boys.
Considering her appearance, it’s only natural, and speaking of self-defense, in this day and age, it’s often unavoidable to go through.

That’s why I refrained too. And yet, this girl……

“Asahina-san is actually quite out of it, isn’t she? Do you perhaps put on an act at school?”
“Hey, don’t say the same thing as Shizuku!”

I knew Otsuki san was thinking the same thing. A perfectly pretended goofy beautiful girl, that is the true identity of Arisa Asahina.


Tears of frustration welled up in the corners of Asahina-san’s eyes when she was confronted by me.
She seems angry, but since she is still holding out her phone, it seems that exchanging contact information is OK.

I scanned the QR code on Asahina san’s phone and we completed the registration with each other.
I never thought that I would be the one to get Asahina Arisa’s contact information, which all the boys in school could not get even if they wanted it. ……
If it gets out, I’m sure the boys will make a bloodbath out of me. Asahina-san was staring at her phone.

“Now that I think about it, this might be the first time I’ve ever given out my contact information to a boy other than my parents and siblings.”
“Wait, really?! I thought you had all the numbers of all boys outside of school lined up.”

Under the lights of the bus stop late at night, Asahina Arisa put her smartphone to her mouth and smiled.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend. …..It’s really interesting that it’s the first time for me to have your number that has feelings for Shizuku.”

She’s a gluttonous, outgoing, and wild kind of personality, but I really thought she was beautiful in this way.

I leave Asahina-san and get off at the nearest bus stop, and I walk alone on the road to my house.
Asahina Arisa.

She was definitely beautiful, and I was nervous when I first met her, but …… something calmed me down immediately with a sense of normalcy. There was a sense of déjà vu in her personality and behavior that made me feel …… at ease. Who does that one look like ……?

“Oh! Ryoma.”

In front of my house, my childhood friend Hirasawa Reo was waiting for me to come home.
His ever-bright smile made me feel cheerful, but that all changed when I saw his uniform.

“R-Reo. What’s wrong with your uniform?”
“Oh, I was rescuing a cat that had climbed up a tree and couldn’t get down. It got caught in a tree and ripped.”
“No way.”
“And the buttons came off too, so you’ll have to sew them back on as usual.”
“Aah no way! Reo always runs around without thinking.”
“Thanks, Ryo-mama.”
“Don’t do that.”

Thus, I forgot my memories of Asahina-san and started to babysit my best friend, who was always so noisy.

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9 months ago

Come on. This MC its so stiñod, why keep the missunderstanding? Why dont just say he doesent love Otsuki. Just want befriend ir similar…

1 month ago

I guess it’ll turn out alright, but it’s pretty shitty to pretend to like her friend and have her help you approach her for a completely different ulterior motive.