“I’m home.”

I wonder why I tend to let go of these words when they never come back.
A house where no one lives but me.
A big house that never gets more than half light even if I turn on the lights only as far as I go.
It’s a huge mansion that everyone who comes here envies, but when I finally get to live in it, I realize that it’s too big and I don’t think I need such a large house if I were to live alone.

I, Asahina Arisa, am all alone. My parents are busy with work and live abroad for 90% of the year, and my brother, who is one year older than me, lives in a dormitory at a sports school.
But the family gets along well. I feel my parents’ love because I call them every week and they hug me as much as they can when they come home.
My brother and I don’t get along too badly either.
But we rarely have dinner together as a family. It’s New Year’s Day…… or Bon Festival if we’re lucky.
But my parents’ work depends on the lives of many employees, and my brother is one of Japan’s top class athletes, so I can’t feel sad that we don’t have the family together, I can only think it’s admirable.


Lying on the sofa in the spacious living room, I reach for the remote control on the table and turn on the TV.
I tuned to a variety show to make myself feel a little less lonely.
I’m hungry. ……. I need to take a bath.
I would have liked to go to the bathroom, but once I lay down, getting up is a drag.
By nature I am unusually lazy. I don’t want to do anything and my uniform is probably wrinkled.
I take my phone out of my pocket and open the Line app.
I only exchange lines with people with whom I have a deep connection.
If I just want to have a normal exchange, I can just DM them on Instagram….
Well, I’m just a reader who has an account. Maybe I should send it to Shizuku and tell her I haven’t heard back yet.

Kogure Ryouma: “Good evening. Trying to see if you get my messages”

A line notification came into my phone.
I involuntarily jumped up from the sofa where I was lying.
My back ached slightly because I had been sleeping in a strange position.
I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep at all. I had exchanged numbers with Kogure-kun.
I’ve never exchanged a line with a man other than my father or brother, but I wonder how I should respond to him.
Well, I should just go the same way as before.

ARISA: “Good evening. I was surprised to hear from you, Kogure-kun. What are you doing now?”
Kogure Ryouma: “I’m cooking dinner. I’m waiting for the rice to cook, so I’ll greet you”

ARISA “What’s for dinner tonight?”
Ryoma Kogure: “Chicken cutlets. Chicken was cheap, so I have to digest it.”

Chicken katsu, huh? seems nice
The juicy texture of freshly fried chicken cutlets is not inferior to that of pork cutlets at all.
If you put a lot of sauce on it and eat it with cabbage, you can’t get enough of it.
Chicken is affordable and has a wide variety of dishes.

Ryoma Kogure “Photo attached”
ARISA “Meshitero ban (stamp)” (Seems like a stamp)

ARISA “I’m hungry.”
Kogure Ryoma “You can eat that many pancakes, can’t you?”

ARISA “Of course. By the way, Kogure-kun, your language is so broken on the line.”
Kogure Ryoma “It’s too much trouble to type “desu-masu” all the way through.”

ARISA “It would be nice if you could speak in a more informal manner.”
Kogure Ryoma: “It’s easier to speak that way.”

It’s weird. But somehow I feel like it’s just like him.
I don’t know why I feel that way even though we have almost met for the first time. It’s like we’ve known each other since childhood. Well, maybe it’s just my imagination.

ARISA: “Where do you live, Kogure-kun?”
Kogure Ryoma “In the south of Saginomiya-cho. It’s a little far from the bus stop, so it’s troublesome.”

The next town over. He live pretty close.

ARISA “I have a house behind the bus stop in front of Kusaka. It’s three minutes away. Isn’t that nice?”
Kogure Ryoma: “Asahina-san, you can’t give out that kind of information that could identify the address.”


I just wanted to brag about the convenience and said something unnecessary.

ARISA “We have security system in our house, and our security measures are perfect.”
Kogure Ryoma “I don’t think that’s the problem. Well, be careful. Now is a dangerous time, so make sure your doors are tightly closed and have an evacuation route so that you can escape immediately.”

ARISA “Kogure-kun, don’t they call you Mom?”
Ryoma Kogure: “Someone called me that earlier, too, so don’t.”

I knew Kogure-kun was strange.
It was stupid of me to give him my address, but I can’t believe he went out of his way to warn me. ……, I guess it’s because he’s not conscious of me.
A man who doesn’t like me is a rare thing, so I’m kind of relieved.
Just as I’m thinking I’d like to enjoy this conversation a little more, the doorbell rings.
Since she must have the key, I hear the door open and at the same time a voice says good evening.

ARISA “The angel has returned.”

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