“Haa….. Asahina-san sounds like Otsuki-san’s missionary.”
“Not bad. I’m like an exclusive Savior for Shizuku.”
“It’s like a religious level.”

The conversation was going along with a pleasant humor.


A voice stopped us as we walked down the street.
I looked to the opposite side of the street.
It was a high school girl dressed in a uniform not from our school.
When I looked at Asahina-san, she had a soft face as if she had just forgiven me.
The woman crossed the crosswalk and came up to our side.

“How unusual to see you here,”
“There’s a nice store around here, I stop by on my way home from school.”

A girl from another school was chatting with Asahina-san in a friendly manner.
She has shoulder-length medium-length hair and slightly slanted eyes.
Her face is well-defined and she is as pretty as the next girl, Asahina-san.

The most striking feature of her is her physique.
She is almost as tall as I am at 170 centimeters.
However, the arms and legs are longer than mine.
But I’ve seen this face somewhere on ……. The girl glanced at me.

“I wonder if I’m intruding on you with your boyfriend?”

She said mischievously.
I glanced at her, wondering what kind of face Asahina-san would make at such words.

“Don’t be silly. You know it’s not like that because I’m going to tell you and Shizuku as soon as I get a boyfriend.”
“Well, yeah.”

I’m sure it’s to be expected, but it’s a little sad that she’s being so plain about it. Me and Asahina have too much of a disparity between us. If I had a Reo-class appearance, the story would have been different.

“But it’s unusual that Arisa, who is not good with boys, is going to go with him.”

Asahina-san is not good with boys? is that right. she’s really strong with boys. It doesn’t seem like it at all, but Asahina-san jumped out and went over to the girl’s side.

“He is.”

She slowly murmured in her ear.


The girl stared at me with a devilish expression on her face.

“You’ve got a good eye for Shizuku, don’t you?” 

I was somewhat embarrassed.
It seems that the accusation has spread more and more that I like Otsuki Shizuku-san.
Girls make fun of you at times like this.

“I’m Mizuhara kokoro. I’m Arisa and Shizuku’s childhood friend.”

The girl smiled. I knew that they were related.
Come to think of it, I’ve seen that name and face …… on TV recently. Yes, that’s her, I believe.

“A local high school girl who was selected as a candidate for the swimming Olympics.”
“Haha, you know me well. I guess someone knew about it when I was interviewed on the news recently.”

I was watching the news.
Mizuhara-san, who is from this area, had set a new Japanese record and was the talk of the news.
I remember she was the talk of the town among the boys because of her great looks.
I didn’t think she and Asahina-san were childhood friends, though.
I remember that the uniform Mizuhara-san is wearing is from a strong sports school near here.

“What a great person. ……”
“Whether or not it’s going to be amazing is still to come. Because I’m separated from Shizuku, I feel lonely.”

So this is the same person who loves Otsuki-san. I think Otsuki-san is a surprisingly great person to be childhood friends with these two extraordinary girls.

“Kokoro. What are you going to do now? Since we’re here, why don’t we have dinner at my place?”
“I’d love to. I’d like to say “yes” but I’m sorry, I have a prior engagement. I’m spending the day with that person.”
“…I see.”
“Arisa, do you still have to hide it from Shizuku? I know how you feel about it, but so do I.”
“I know. But please, just wait a little bit longer.”
“I understand. But she’ll find out sooner or later.”

Suddenly, they started talking about something serious. I was expecting a friendly group of three, but I wonder if there is something going on.
Perhaps feeling a little awkward, Asahina-san and Mizuhara-san remained standing still without saying a word.
Being an outsider, there was only one thing I could say.

“Ah, umm!”

Their gazes focused on me.

“Can you …… tell me a little bit more about Otsuki-san? If you don’t mind, while we’re on our way home!”

The two beautiful girls open their eyes and look at me in surprise.
I think it was an unreadable remark. But… I have to say it. Mizuhara laughs.

“Fufu, I guess so. I’ll teach you all about it right up to the bus stop.”

Well, it seems I managed to change the atmosphere. I’m not sure if I want the time to go by in silence. ……
I’ll just walk to the bus stop and say goodbye.
I’m not comfortable walking with two beautiful girls like this, so I’m going to keep my distance from them.

“Well, I’ll go this way.”

Mizuhara-san goes to my left. And on my right is Asahina-san. Why am I now sandwiched between two beautiful girls?

“Well, let’s go.”
“Since we’re here, do you want me to cross my hands with you?”

I really don’t want to do that. I was then bombarded by girls on both sides of me about the charms of Otsuki-san until I arrived at the bus stop.

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8 months ago

I really hope he doesn’t fall for Shizuku and this turns into some best friend betrayal BS…

Also, a harem with Arisa and Shizuku is also a no-go…

8 months ago
Reply to  Koukiri

The whole premise is un-logical already. His best friend should have been the one to casually approach Shizuku, to get to know and get closer to each other better then confess.
If the best friend just wait in the shadow to make a sudden confession, Shizuku definitely more familiar and like MC better than him.