It has been three weeks since the preparation for the school festival started, and finally the first day of the festival had arrived. I am a little nervous because our class is going to perform a play.
The drama practice has been really hard, but we have worked so hard for this day, so I’m sure it will go well. With this in mind, I am surrounded by a few girls as they apply makeup to my face.
The director insisted that I wear a full-fledged woman’s costume, so it takes quite a while to get ready. By the way, all the preparations were already done except for me.
After I finished my preparations, I was standing by behind the stage of the gymnasium when I saw Reona, dressed as a prince, walking toward me.
Reona is a beautiful girl, and since she is a quarter and has a good style, she looked very good in a man’s outfit. Some girls gave her hot glances.

“Ryoya-kun, are you nervous by any chance?”
“Of course I am. It’s impossible not to be nervous.”

Reona looked the same as usual when she said that. I’m not sure if she’s that nervous because Reona seems to be clearly more mentally strong than I am.

“I heard that if a person writes a kanji character three times on his hand and swallows it, he loses his nervousness.”
“No, no, that’s a well-known superstition.”

That spell is quite famous and I had actually tried it before, but I had never had a case where my nervousness subsided until now. Reona then opens her mouth with a smile.

“Yeah, it seems that the fact that you were able to put in a retort like usual has eased your nerves a bit.”

Hearing those words, I finally realized the purpose of Reona’s taking the trouble to talk to me. She must have been trying to ease my nerves with her silly conversation.

“Thank you.”
“Yes, you’re welcome. Let’s do our best together.”
“Yeah, let’s make sure it’s a success.”

It is no exaggeration to say that the success of this play is in the hands of me, who plays the leading role of the White Lily Princess, and Reona, who plays the Prince.
To be honest, I was still a little nervous, but once we got this far, it was only going to be a matter of time before things started to go our way. The lights in the gymnasium were all turned off with the announcement that the play was about to begin, and the performance finally got underway.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Our class play is progressing without any major problems. Incidentally, there were many opinions in the class about how to voice Snow White, but in the end, it was decided to keep my voice.
At one point, the idea of having a girl speak from the back was almost adopted, but it was overturned by a comment from Reona. She said it was because there was a gap between the two and it would be more interesting.
So the moment I spoke my lines, I received a lot of comments from the audience at once. My appearance must have had a tremendous impact because I look perfectly female.
The play was now in its final stages, and it was finally time for the prince to kiss Snow White. As I am lying in the coffin, Reona, who plays the prince, approaches me.
If I had done it as practiced, after the dialogue between the dwarf and the prince, Reona would have come in front of the coffin and kissed me. Well, it was just a pretense, so there was no actual kiss.

“What a beautiful princess! She looks as if she is asleep, but is she really dead?”
“She is this way because she ate this cursed poison apple.”
“Can’t my kiss break the curse of the poisoned apple?”

After Reona finishes her lines, she squats down and slowly brings her face close to mine. After the kissing scene, there are a few more lines, and then the play ends with a final narration.
While I was thinking about this, something unexpected happened. Unlike in the rehearsal, Reona really kissed me.


I was so upset by her sudden action that Reona put her tongue in my mouth. The audience seemed to have started to notice what was happening on stage as they began to buzz.
Reona finally let go of my lips, but I was left completely unmoved. Then Reona spoke to me in a whisper that only I could hear, with a blush on her face.

“Ryoya-kun, if you don’t hurry up and say your next line, the play will never end.”
“W-what was I doing? Ara, what about you?”

I finally came to my senses and rushed to speak my lines, but needless to say, I bit off more than I could chew. I looked around and saw that my classmates who were playing dwarfs were also very upset.
Well, it would have been difficult not to be upset if they suddenly started deep kissing in front of me, something I hadn’t been told about beforehand.

“I am a prince from a neighboring country, Snow White, please marry me. Snow White, will you marry me?”
“Yes, with pleasure.”

After my speech, the stage went dark and the play ended. After we had cleared out from behind the stage in the gymnasium, I approached Reona

“Reona, what did you mean earlier?!”
“Ah, you mean the kiss? That was just a little improvisation”
“That was a little ……?”

Surprisingly, Reona said that calmly. No matter how you look at it, I don’t think it was beyond the scope of a little improvisation.
Could it be that Reona likes me? No, I’m sure she’s just making fun of me.
But would she kiss a guy she doesn’t like just to make fun of him? I would find out the answer a few days later, but I had no way of knowing that now.

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