When I wake up in the morning with the light from the window, my head feels strangely heavy.
When I try to move my body, my clothes feel strangely in the way.

I wondered what it was, and it occurred to me that …… oh, this is a cold.

I can think of some causes of cold …… colds, too.
Well, that’s what happens when you get hit by heavy rain like that.
I couldn’t even turn down club activities.

I feel fluffy.
Fluffy~…… something feels strange.

“…… Oh, this is a really bad pattern.”

I tried to get up, but I feel so heavy.
If you ask me if I can go to school, I don’t think I can.

Just to be safe, I take my temperature and tap the screen of my phone.

“…… yes, …… at 38.1. Yes, I was thinking of taking the day off. …… yes, I’m fine.”

I call the school to say no and get into my futon.

It seems …… warm and slightly chilly.
Oddly, I feel the humidity strongly, and it’s not pleasant.

“This is no good…….”

I get out of the futon, avoid the shrug and turn the futon over and let it dry.
I went to the kitchen to see what I could do, and then I remembered.

“I’ve been cooking dinner at Sora kun’s place lately. I don’t have any food……”

I don’t have much of an appetite, but I know that if I don’t eat, I won’t get better.
I can’t enjoy my favorite time of the day, food, with my condition like this.
Well, now I have something new to look forward to….no, I mean…

“I need to get better.”

At least breakfast is okay.
I put the dried miso soup stock that was still in the room and poured hot water into it. ……


I burned myself a little.
Eh, ouch. …….

–I hear the sound of a door opening.
It’s the person who lives next door to me.

I heard him quietly lock the door and then, after a few moments, I heard him go down the stairs.
This may be the first time I’ve seen him off like this before.
Sora kun is going to school today. It will be the first time since I transferred to the new school that Sora kun will be in the classroom without me watching him.

After cutting his hair, a very beautiful face appeared.
His eyes are intelligent, yet somewhat melancholy.

I wonder what his profile looks like today.

“I can’t wait to get back on my feet …….”

I couldn’t wait for it to cool down and looked out the window as I sipped the miso soup with a little extra water.
The miso soup in my mouth had been significantly diluted by too much water.


I open my phone in the futon. They say if you open it too much, it’s not good for sleep. ……
I kind of lay down, slept lightly, and then woke up in the afternoon, and I didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Closing my eyes without getting sleepy is somewhat frustrating.
However, my body is too lazy to do anything to move.
As a result, I had no choice but to connect to the charger and do my futon smartphone.

Time passes somewhat, and the sun goes down somewhat.

I’m still flustered, I think, and as I’m idly looking at the list of news I’ve already seen twice, I get a chat message in the …… notification box.

“Are you okay? Are you eating?”

Someone who knows my situation and still has my contact information.

“It’s okay if you’re asleep though”

I hastily clicked on the notification box and the read text was attached to the other’s message.
An icon appeared with only the word “Ii” written plainly.
Iida Sora, a really solid default icon, just like Sora kun himself.

“I’m awake”

Then I start popping in stamps.
I’m really flustered and don’t know what I’m typing.

“I have nothing to do. Help me.”
“Also, looking at your icon made me hungry.”
“Is that my fault?”

I can see the confusion and giggles in his eyes, and I smile squishily in front of the screen.
I’m going to send some weird stamps.

Hehehe …… Sora kun is here.
I’m so happy that Sora kun worried about me.

“Do you have any requests?”

I can make a request.
Well, then, then–

“The World’s Most Delicious Porridge.”

Something very vague and yummy.
Ehehehe, I’ve completely lost track of what I’m writing.
Is this my head getting fluffier and worse while I’m under the covers?

I haven’t received a reply since it was read.
……Ah, what’s that? Maybe he got mad at me?

The moment I became anxious and thought about refusing–.


I received a message of acknowledgement, unobtrusively.
Fluffy ah…… relieved.

Somehow, all my nerves were suddenly released and my head became fluffy again.
Sora kun is coming to visit me …….

I was thinking only about Sora kun, and I put my phone somewhere else and started to spaz out.

Soon, I heard a clatter in the next room.
I waited for a while, and then I heard my room clang distinctly.

“Are you awake?”
“I’m awake.”

I quietly got up and sat down in front of a small low table.
Sora kun slowly brought an earthenware pot for one person and put it on the table.
My gaze is a little lost, but I’m here~

“I know it’s a bit reckless, but I’ve brought what you requested, princess.”
“Hahaha, goodness gracious!”

Joking around like that, I opened the lid of the pot and ……!


It smells soooo good already that even I, with a cold, can smell it right away!
In the mixed porridge, I can see that there are a lot of finely chopped vegetables in it.

“Are you okay with hot?”
“No, I’m rather not, so just give me a hoo-hoo.”
“Seriously….., just do it, won’t you, princess?”
“Yes, I am the princess.”

Sora kun chuckles and blows on the bricks he has scooped up.
The steam rises and the wind ruffles my face slightly.

Sora kun then holds out the spoonful to me.


If you’ve come this far, you’ve got this, right?

“……, do you really have to do it?”
“You did it for me before.”

When I was a kid. But if I did it, I’m sure you can do it now too.
Sora kun put a spoon in my mouth while scratching his head.

I close my mouth and …… what spreads across my tongue is an awesome taste!
As I chewed the soft stuff in my mouth, my stomach suddenly complained of hunger.

I was–so hungry!

Amazing. One bite and all my cravings came back.
This is the best porridge in the world!

“Well, I’m afraid we are going to lose the day doing all this, okay?”
“yesss. Thank you.”
“Okay, okay.”

Sora kun handed me the spoon and waited for me to finish eating.

“Thanks for dinner.”
“Yes, Miss.”
“That was so good. ……, I’m getting sleepy. ……”
“That’s great. Go back to sleep.”

I waved to Sora kun loosely and climbed into the futon.
It was just after sunset, but my body, which had been tired since moving in, recovered enough to fall into a deep sleep without waking up until morning.

The next morning.
All the fatigue and sickness had completely blown away from my body, and the only problem happened to me.

“I ……. Ah, Huh?! I …… yesterday!”

The exchange remained on the chat app.
A series of unintelligible stamps and my subsequent actions.


I am reminded of the most outrageous blunders.
The absurd demands, the stupid behavior, the terrible selfishness!
I remembered it all……!

I-I-I Did it~~~~!

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