Is it morning already…
Mirei san is hugging me.
Mirei san’s smell, it smells good.
Come to think of it, yesterday…
“Yeah…what’s wrong?”
“Mirei san. I’m sorry I woke you up.”
“No need to worry about it. It’s time to get up now. Or do you want to do this a little longer?”
“You’re so honest. I like that about you, too.”

“Me too umm…”
“I wish you would look me in the eye. If you look down, I can’t see your face.”
“I-I love you.//”
“Then give me a good morning kiss.”
“You gave me a lot of kisses yesterday, didn’t you?”
Mirei san is smiling.
Mirei san is a bit teasing.
Then I kissed her good morning.

I tend to look down all the time.
“Are you that embarrassed?”
“That was too long.”
“That’s..I’ll be careful next time.”
As we were walking down the long corridor as usual, I said that

“What do we have to watch out for?”
“President Takuya!?”
President Takuya and Sheena-san came from the other side.
“Good morning father. Have you finished your work?”
“Yes, I did. So when you come back.”
“They are getting more and more lovey-dovey, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come. Masaya-kun?”
“W-Well, yes…”

We decided to go to President Takuya’s favorite coffee shop because we hadn’t eaten breakfast.
“Is this the first time you’ve been in one of these places?”
It was indeed the first time.

It is a nice restaurant with a retro feel when you enter.
When you open the menu, you will find many dishes such as spaghetti and pizza toast.
In the morning, there are toast and pancakes for breakfast.
“What would you like to order?”
A kindly-looking old man asks.
“I’ll have a melon soda and my morning with pancakes!”
“For me, it’s coffee with sugar and milk.”
Mirei san always drinks coffee in the morning. I always watch her, thinking how beautiful she looks.
“I’ll have a café au lait.”
“Then coffee, black.”
“Yes, sir.”

“Well, it’s been a while again, Mirei, masa”
“Long time no see.”
“Everything all right while I was gone?”
“Nothing much has happened.”
Then he asked me about my work and Mirei san’s company.

“Well, both Masa and Mirei are still in high school. They don’t have to work that hard.”
“But I wanted to help….”
“Then let’s work together little by little.”
President Takuya and Mirei sam are both very kind.
Sheena san is also
“There are not many high school students who can make it this far.”
This family is full of good people.
I was happy to be a part of this family.


“Your drinks are ready.”
“Thank you.”
I take the drink and pass it to my family.
“Thank you! Mirei san.”
With this smile I feel I can do anything.

“By the way, Masa.”
“What is it?”
“How far along are you?””
I choked on the coffee I was drinking.
“Are you okay!? Mirei san!”
“Y-Yes, I’m fine.”
“I thought Mirei had a poker face, which is exactly why I asked, but I didn’t expect Mirei to respond.”
“I don’t think Masaya kun would understand the roundabout way of putting it.”
It’s true that Masa probably doesn’t know how to put it in a roundabout way.
But I didn’t expect to hear it from my father.
“I could almost tell by the way Mirei was looking at him.”
“Because Masa and I are in love with each other”
I don’t have to hide it anymore, do I? I think he probably would have known even if I hadn’t told him earlier anyway.

“I’m glad you two are closer than I thought you would be.”
“When do you think we’ll see the baby?”
“Sheena san?!”
It was lovely to see Masa’s surprise from beginning to end.

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