“Now. We will now begin our first SHR. At this point, I will explain the entrance ceremony. Please listen carefully. Your self-introductions will take place after the entrance ceremony. I will only introduce myself here.”

The elderly teacher then wrote his name on the blackboard.

[Negishi Tooru]

“My name is Negishi Toru. My subject is mathematics. In class, I mainly assign students who are not taking the class seriously to answer questions.”

We swallowed hard at his words.

“If you’ve been listening to the class properly, you should be able to answer “some” of the questions. You should do your preparation and review.”

Prep and review, huh? I think I’ll just make sure I do my math.

“Well, let’s head for the entrance ceremony. The place is the gymnasium. But I’m sorry. I have to go to the staff room after this. Does anyone know where the gymnasium is?”

At these words, a girl sitting behind Kitajima san raised her hand.

“Yes, I know where it is!”

She was a cute girl with an energetic short cut.
Negishi Sensei looked at her and shook his head.

“Then, you should all follow Kirisaki Shizuku”

I see, she is called Kirisaki Shizuku san. I’ll keep that in mind.

After saying this, Negishi sensei left the classroom.

“Yes! Then I’ll lead the way, everyone follow me!”

Kirisaki san stood up from her seat and told everyone in a loud voice.

At the sound of her voice, everyone in the class rushed to their feet and headed out of the classroom.

I also went outside with Kitajima san since my seat was next to hers.

As we walked toward the front, Kirisaki san turned to me and spoke.

“Hey, hey, you two! Why do you guys seem so chummy!”

I was a little surprised when she spoke to me in a rather high tension.

“No – you don’t notice until Negishi sensei speaks to you, which is quite a feat. What are you talking about? I didn’t even listen to it.”
“Ahaha. We were just talking about our junior high school days.”

I said back to her.

Hearing this, Kirisaki san nodded her head, and her attention next shifted to Kitajima san.

“Hey, hey. You are Kitajima Towa san, aren’t you?
“Yes, I am. That’s right. ……”

When Kitajima san shakes her head, Kirisaki san looks disappointed.

“Muuu! I’ll definitely pass at the top of my class!!!! I thought, But I came in second. I heard that the first runner-up was Kitajima Towa, so I was wondering what kind of person she would be.”
“Fufufu. I see”

I-I’ve got the head of the class and the runner-up of the class in front of me. ……

Just as I’m thinking to myself

“….Hee, I thought I was in first place, but I came in third. I’m in third place here! What a surprise, but you guys were up there.”
“Ri, Rinne ……”

Joining the conversation from behind was a grim-faced Rinne.

“Oh! Perhaps you are the famous Minamino Rinne san! There’s a cute girl with twin-tail hair that looks good! I was just thinking that.”
“You’re famous too. Kirisaki Shizuku san.”
“…… No. Is it her brother who is famous?”

Kirisaki’s eyebrows twitch slightly at Rinne’s words.

“Heee, you know about Onii?”
“Of course I do. Of course I know about the school I’m going to.”

Hearing this conversation, I overheard Kitajima san.

“Do you know what it is, Kitajima san?”
“……Umm. I don’t know how true it is, but Kirisaki san’s brother is the student body president, and he has a …… not-so-sounding nickname …… no, he has two names. ……”

“He was second in the entrance exam, his brother was a man of two names, and he was also the student body president. Kirisaki san was an amazing person. ……”

After having such a conversation, we reach the gymnasium.

“…… Kirito. I need to talk to you later, so come to my house.”

From behind me, Rinne gives me an earful.
To be honest, I don’t want to go ……
What kind of torture is it to go the next day to the house of a woman who dumped me the day before? ……

But I don’t have any veto power. ……

“Haaa, I understand”

When I said that, Rinne said, “Hmph,” and left the place.

“Sakurai kun. I have a speech for the new student representative, so I’ll head that way.”

Kitajima san pointed toward the stage.

“All right. Good luck!”
“Yes! I’m going to give you an amazing greeting!”

Amazing greeting?

Kitajima san also left with a slightly meaningful remark.

“Hey, hey, Sakurai kun?”
“…… Umm, what is it, Kirisaki san?”

I was left alone and Kirisaki san was talking to me.

“I can smell the same smell as Onii from you.”
“………… Eh?”

Kirisaki san squints her eyes.

“He pretends to be a single-minded man, but he is a man who has fallen for all kinds of girls one after the other. His nickname is ‘the king of the harem of womanizers’. Don’t let that happen to you, okay?”

When Kirisaki san says this, her face lights up.

“Well, we’re in the same class and our seats are close, so we’re going to be friends from now on!”

Having said that, Kirisaki-san also left me.

“…..I-I’m really tired”

I muttered to myself and walked to the new students’ gathering place with my shoulders slumped.

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