I can’t see Hime’s face properly at the moment. What am I going to do now? My stepsister. She’s driving me crazy. I was trying not to be upset about it, but…. I can’t help but be aware of it. I really don’t know what to do.”

I was a little angry in my head as I got into the luxury car my father was driving. The second row of seats had me and Hime sitting on either end. I am looking at the scenery outside the window, but I wonder what Hime is doing. I am curious. But I can’t see her. It would be awkward if she looked at me. Our eyes would meet.

The beautiful glossy black car is shaking us. Alone and in agony, I just look at the scenery. Like a picture-story show, the pictures change one after another. I keep staring at Hime in a daze, not moving.

Don’t think about anything. Don’t worry about the kiss. You’ve done it before. And you’ve done it many times with Shirono. Don’t be conscious of anything. If you are conscious of it, you won’t be as good as usual. Hime might be concerned about it. Even though she has time off work, it is meaningless if she can’t enjoy herself.

Should I talk to her in my usual tone? No, let’s wait until I see her face. And if she doesn’t look at me, I’ll talk to her. If she is looking at me, let’s …… look at the scenery again.

I Turn around slowly and look at the other side of the road.


She looked at me. Awkward. I turned to look at the window again, as if nothing had happened, but then, with a bang, I turned around in an instant.

Also, my back suddenly felt warm. It was definitely Hime. I could already feel her hugging me. I had to react, that’s what it was. She makes it look like she’s trying to be cute and sweet, but she’s really going for it, isn’t she?

“Nn……Onii chan…”
“W-what ……?”
“I love you. I love you. I love you a lot. I love you so much. I love all kinds of things. I really like you.”
“Are you trying to hit on me, by any chance?”
“That’s a good answer.”

Stop it. Don’t hit on me.

“You’re in a really uncomfortable position. You’re holding me with your belt still on across the middle seat.”

I don’t see Hime right now, but I can tell. From what I saw earlier, she must have been wearing the belt.

“Yes, it’s too tight. Can I take it off?”

Whoa, that low, stern voice is my father. Oh, God, I’m so embarrassed now.

“He says no.”
“Yes. Then hold my hand, Onii chan…”
“I can’t.”
“Eh? Why not?”
“It’s awkward. You can do it later. Let me calm down a little.”
“With Hime Ki—…?”

Oh, damn. She almost said “kiss” for sure. I could have reacted. I’m glad I covered her mouth with my right hand as soon as I could.


Hime nodded her head. Then she took my hand in her own mouth. She lowered it and, without saying a word, took it in her left hand. When we intertwined our fingers tightly, it was the completion of a lover’s connection.


Her smile is so cute.

In the end, I ended up holding hands with Hime all the way to our destination.


“Well, then, be good to each other.”
“Yeah. Thanks for the ride, Dad!”
“Ggh ……. What a destructive force. ……”
“Dad, are you okay?”
“Don’t worry. It was just a joke.”

What are you doing in a public place? What is a grown man doing in a parking lot of a large shopping mall? Does he have no sense of shame?

“Hime-chan, go have fun. ……”
“Don’t do anything too shady, ……. You’re just brother and sister. ……”
“Can you tell that to Hime?”
“Y-yes. ……”
“And also.”

In a lower voice, my father continues.

“You’ll protect her, won’t you?”
“Yes. I know.”
“That’s good. That’s all right.”
“Where’s Dad going now?”
“I’m going on a date with mom.”
“Eh, but what about Mom? She’s not in the car.”
“We’re going home for a make-out session.”
“I see.”

That makes sense. There are many ways to go on a date. You can go out and have fun like me and Hime did, or you can stay inside and relax. But if you go out, you have to hide your face because you are a celebrity. I guess that’s a pain in the ass. So as not to be recognized in this way, Hime also wears a mask and a hat. This is fashionable and cute.

“Well, let’s go.”

She twines her arms around me again. Dad pointed a finger at me.

“That’s about as close as you can get. If it gets out that she’s Hime-chan, you’ll be burned instantly.”
“I-I’ll be careful.”
“Hmmm! It’s okaay”
“It’s not good.”
“Why not? Because we’ve kissed before.”

Hey, Hime. You did it.

“Taku. What does that mean?”
“Come on! Let’s go!”
“W-Wait a minute! Onii chan!”

I wanted to get out of here as fast as I could. I forcibly pulled her hand and we walked into the shopping mall.

I guess I’ll be getting a sermon tonight. Oh well. Let’s have a good time with Hime. For her sake.

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