“Look at this ! Explain it to me !”

I checked Saori’s phone.

[I’ve made a male friend.]

With such a message, although her face is hidden.

There were two-shot photos of a guy and a girl who look like Rina in the picture.


I leaned on Saori to see the screen of her phone.

“Isn’t this……”

“Right. The hairstyle……and the collarbone.”

“Huh? Collarbone??”

“Oh……’s nothing. Forget it. Okay?”

No wait. It’s not nothing. Why are you looking at my collarbone?

I can’t help but straighten my neck.

“Hmm. I think this was from yesterday…this room looks familiar. But she told me that she’s going to use this picture for her diary, okay?”

“Hmm? So?”

“There’s nothing to be said about that. I just took it because she said she wanted to take a picture as a commemorative.

“You seem to be having a lot of fun huh?.”

“I was having fun at that time.”

Saori is in a bad mood again. I feel like she was feeling pretty good before.

“I’ll ask the person herself. Come to think of it, I haven’t exchanged Id at school, I mean, where was this uploaded?”

“It’s on SNS. I was going to ask you to install this app the other day. Yamamoto san has a lot of followers. Some girls don’t like her because of that. ・・・・

“Huh? I see. I mean, if it was used like that, I wouldn’t allow it. I should have checked properly.”

Isn’t the girl who hates her is you? And you interrupted me yesterday.

“Well, my face is hidden, so I guess I’m……..fine? I mean, this kind of thing is why SNS is a pain in the ass. I don’t want to do it. It’s painful to even look at my class group.”

Saori also looked unconvinced, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

“For now. Let’s go to school. Did you improve yourself drastically?”

“Improve ! ! ! Watch your mouth ! ! !”

“I meant what I said. Right now, you’re beautiful Saori. So you’re fine.”

“Hmph ! Well, okay. Let’s go.””

With that, she strode out of the doorway.

I checked to see if she had left anything behind, and found she had forgotten her bag………I guess I don’t have a choice.


We both headed off to school.

During that time, there was no particular conversation,

I don’t think the awkwardness of the aftermath from the immediate rejection has gone away.

Yesterday, Rina said that my relationship with my childhood friend would change if there was a rival, and it might have been true.

 “Hey, why do you think Yamamoto san did that?”

“The pictures? If so, it must have been because she called herself a loner yesterday,  ! think? I don’t know.”

“That’s also true. I don’t know if she called out to you. I mean, You haven’t talked to her until now.”

No wait, that’s because you were around…….hm? Has the person herself said that?

It’s like someone just said {Lame.]….ugh, my head….

“I-I don’t know…….”


It’s not the kind of thing you want to say to yourself.

“She asked me if we’re on bad terms.”

“Oh. Is that so? But aren’t you getting along fast for that? Did you say something bad about me?

“I’m not. Rather, I’m the one who got criticized. “(She said it was lame………)

“Hee. I can have a lot of fun talking about it, too. I feel like we get along.”

“Stop it. I read somewhere that it’s typical of bad adults to get excited by talking bad about others.”

So stop it  ! There’s nothing good will come out from bad-mouthing others !


“Good morning.” “Good morning.” “Good morning.”

When I arrived at the classroom, I could hear voices from all around me.

Then, I talked to Rina, who was sitting next to me.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. I’m sorry, yesterday got so late. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I was in a hurry though. More importantly, I want to ask you something else. Why did you upload the picture on SNS? I was surprised when I saw it this morning.”

“Hm? Didn’t I tell you? That I’m posting my journal on SNS?”

“You didn’t. If you had told me, I would have thought a little more about it before taking pictures.”

Seriously, what? That was the face I was making……..I wonder if she has any bad intentions.

“I mean. You said you’re not on SNS. Then how did you know?”

“Saori told me about it this morning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known.”

“Sigh. What were you doing in the morning? Did you have fun last night?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Are you sure?”

…….I did do something in the morning.

“Fine. Jeez. For now, just make sure to check the pictures from now on.”

“Ah, you’re thinking of taking pictures again. Aren’t you too excited? Are you hitting me?”

Why do you make it sound like I’m trying to pick up girls and take pictures?

Come to think of it, there was one more important matter.

“I’m not hitting on you. But please tell me your ID.”

“I knew it, you’re hitting on me. So funny lol.”

Saying that, she was smiling like it was very funny.

I was caught up in it and laughed too.

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