To be honest, I’ve been having another problem lately.

It’s about the kiss.

I didn’t realize it until we kissed in that position.

To move on to the next step, of course, I have to take the lead.

I may be overthinking it, but I think that Iori’s decision to assume that position was a sign of ‘that’ intention.

Well, to put it plainly, I don’t know how to proceed.

This is a serious problem.

If Kaori san had gone out at that time and I had a chance, I might have been embarrassed.

In a sense, I was saved.

The only person I could talk to about this kind of thing is Yukki. But I know it’s pointless to talk to him.

If that’s the case, then it has to be the senior of the light music club.

They are all older than me. They must have more experience than me. I thought so and I sent a message to my seniors.

[Do you all have a lot of experience in relationships?]

]Do you have a girlfriend?] I avoided that question because I thought it would be too harsh to those seniors who didn’t have girlfriends.

The reply came immediately.

It was from my favorite senior, Furuya senpai.

Furuya senpai is a good-looking man with a wild look and a well-developed face, who seems to be popular with the ladies.

But his reply was, [You jerk, are you mocking me?]

The reply was too real. I sent an apology message to Furuya senpai personally.

The next person to reply was Hayashi senpai. Hayashi senpai has long hair and is intelligent and dependable. I’m sure the girls must have found him attractive.

[First of all, I would like to know your definition of experience. Is it the experience of mutual love or the experience of unrequited love? and if the definition is unrequited love, then I’m experienced, and anything I can do to help you is……and so on]

It was a long reply, but I’m not going to do it . I sent a thanks to Hayashi senpai personally.

Kurumatani senpai and Tanaka senpai had not read the message.

I was at a loss.

However, I remembered one reliable senior.

Yui san.

Yui san seemed to have a lot of experience, and she had taught me how to play guitar. She would be able to give me friendly advice. And above all, she has a woman’s point of view.

I sent a message to Yui san on the spur of the moment.

I regretted it after sending it.

It was not something I could discuss with a woman, no matter how much I wanted to. Fortunately, the text was the same as those of my seniors, so I thought I’d avoid it with a good reason.

[Oh, you finally made it that far with Iori? Shall I teach you step by step?]

She had seen through it all. Besides, step by step is too seductive ! But I’m a little interested….

In the end, nothing was resolved.

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