Kairi, you are awfully late coming back……

Maybe she just said she had to go to the bathroom or something and really just wanted to skip work?.

I hope she wasn’t playing with her phone in her room.

I continued to study with Kanta-kun, suspecting Kairi was skipping out.

“Come to think of it, why is it that onii san doesn’t like women?”

Eh ………….

“How do you know that, Kanta-kun?”
“I heard it from Kairi.”
“She’s …… blabbing about my personal information.”

I’m going to lecture her later about her skipping, too.

“Hey, why is that?”
“You’re not very subtle, are you? Why do you care so much about what I don’t like about for someone I just met for the first time today?”
“Because I don’t think it’s that easy to dislike the opposite gender!”

Not so easy huh ……?

For me, it was a moment in time.

“I was in …… middle school.”
“Uwooo, he’s really starting to talk.”
“You wanted to hear it, didn’t you? If you don’t want to hear it, I’ll stop.”
“I want to hear it!”
“Haa….Well, when I was in middle school, there was a time when I was so hard-working that I had to quit club activities.”
“Wow, that’s bad, isn’t it? There is no way I would quit club activities to study. You were in our junior high school, weren’t you? What did you do?”
“Tennis club.”
“Wow, Onii san was a playboy in the tennis club, which is rumored to be full of sl*ts!”
“Stop being biased! In my generation, there were only shady characters, don’t break my story.”

Kanta made a little mark on his mouth with his index finger and finally shut up.

“Well, I quit club activities and started going to cram school every day. ……”
“What’s wrong ……?”
“There was a cute girl in the same cram school. I was interested in this girl. Then one day she suddenly confessed her feelings for me and I …… said yes.”
“Even though you were a hard worker?”
“Regardless of whether I was a hard worker or not, if a cute girl confessed her love to me, even Kanta would say yes, wouldn’t he?”
“Ah, yes, I guess so.”

Kanta responded with a curt reply.
Damn! Did you say that you don’t have a problem with pretty girls because you are popular?

“Well, I don’t want to talk about what happened after that, so I will just tell you the important things, like how she made me buy her a lot of drinks and spend money on dates and birthdays, and then told me she didn’t really like me.”
“What’s that, so terrible! Onii san! You can beat that woman up!”
“It was a long time ago. You can’t do that.”
“But ……”
“I’ve been scared ever since….”
“It’s not that I don’t like women, it’s …… just that I’m scared. I’m afraid that there’s something behind the scenes, or that there’s some kind of gain or loss.”

All I did is just remember, and even though it was winter, I was sweating.

As if he sensed that, Kanta-kun took out a white handkerchief with a flower pattern from his pocket and placed it against my forehead. 

“Ah. Thank you, Kanta-kun.”
“No, no, no. I’m sorry I had to ask you this.”

He looked like a player, but he was surprisingly kind.
No, even with his affection for Kairi, he was a normal, good-looking young man.
You can’t judge a man by his looks.

“If onii san has a reason like that, it can’t be helped, and if there are any difficulties related to it that you can’t even tell Kairi about, I’ll listen to anything you have to say!”
“Kanta, kun ……”
“Onii san, are you using lime?”
“Y-yeah. Yes, I do.”
“I’d like to exchange IDs with you.”

I scanned Kanta-kun’s QR code and exchanged lime.
It’s been a while since I’ve exchanged lime with a friend.
No, Kanta-kun is not friend, or rather my sister’s friend. ……

“…… hmm? Huh?”

When we exchange, I notice something.

The name of the lime account —- Kanna?

“Kanna? Is this really Kanta-kun’s account?”
“Heh, Ah, Bad!”

Kanta-kun opened his mouth so much that his jaw almost came off with a face like he had obviously done something wrong.

“No-no! I brought my twin sister’s phone! She got a new phone for Christmas, but I forgot to give her and brought it here today!”
“I see. That’s how it is. I’m sorry to your sister that I traded her for me. Can I ask you to block me?”
“Kanta kun?”
“O-onii san……, I was wondering if you’d be interested in training with my twin sister to become more comfortable with women.”
“Oh, my sister doesn’t have any ulterior motives! And if she tries to rip off onii san, I’ll beat her up!”
“…… O- oh. I’m glad about your feelings though.”

I was scared just thinking about it.
As I can tell from just these few hours, she’s Kanta-kun’s little sister, so she’s definitely not a bad girl.

But …….

“A-And anyway! Why don’t you just leave it exchanged and try just chatting with my sister!”
“Just chat?”
“I’m not forcing you to go on a date with her, but I was wondering if you’d like to chat with my sister in lime.”
“………, well, if it’s only that.”

When I answered that, Kanta-kun patted his chest in relief.

Although I don’t know, well, if it’s just chatting with the sister of someone I know,……, it’s fine.

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8 months ago

Lol Kanna is probably a potential third route. Or maybe she already is.

7 months ago

whys she an actually good person thats pretty cool, but ngl im still kinda sus’ed out by her