Episode 18 – Kirisaki Senpai invited me to join the student council



“Sakurai Kirito-kun. Won’t you join the student council?”

Kirisaki-senpai’s words made me open my mouth in surprise.

“Are you serious?”
“I’m serious. By the way, ……”

I was so surprised that I opened my mouth.

“I’m thinking of asking Shizuku and Kitajima-san out as well.”

Then senpai looks at Rinne.

“As for Minamino-san, I’m sure Shuri will approach her to join the basketball club.”

At Kirisaki-senpai’s words, Rinne sniffed, “Hmph.”

Fujisaki Shuri senior. As I recall, she is Kirisaki-senpai’s ‘girlfriend’.

“Well, the student council is shorthanded right now. ……”

Kirisaki-senpai laughs at my words.

“I’m the student body president and Shiori is the vice president. It’s a repeat of last year’s Sora-san.”

Senpai said so and spread out his hands.

“If I had played the douchebags who were looking for Shiori or the girls who were looking for me, no one would have been able to join. I had no choice but to call on this year’s new students. That’s what I thought.”
“But why me? Well, I can understand Kitajima-san and Kirisaki-san, but ……”

The actual first and second place in the grade, I can understand the story, but I have no idea why I am being watched so closely by the people.

To this question, Senpai said with a laugh.

“You’re like me, you have low self-esteem …… No, you’re a demanding human being. You’re better than you think you are. Besides, you are the type of person that others ‘adore’”

I’d go even further and say that you’re the type of person who does more for others than you do for yourself. That is the type of person I want you to be in the student council.”

Kirisaki-senpai laughs when he says that much.

“Let’s be honest. I want you more than Kitajima Towa and my sister Shizuku, Sakurai Kirito-kun. I want you. Will you work hard for the student council with us?”

As I looked at his right hand, I thought to myself

If he says this much, I can’t say no. ……

Besides, I’ve already refused to join the baseball team. ……

I mean, if I want to ‘do something new,’ isn’t student council the closest thing to the best?

I thought about that and grabbed senpai’s right hand.

“I can’t give you an answer right now, but I will head to the student council office after school with a good answer.”

Senpai laughed happily when he heard my answer.

“I’m glad! Now the student council will be safe for the next three years!”
“N-no,…… I didn’t know abouit entering yet……”
“Let’s have you start with general affairs first! And then you’ll be working under Shiori-san, who will also serve as vice-president! Oh, and if you touch Shiori-san, I’ll stab you, okay? And when I retire, you’ll be student body president! Take care of me, future student body president!”

Senpai said this all at once and returned to the ’round table.

“I got him! I got Sakurai-kun!!!”

I could hear such a happy voice all the way over here……

“Haa,…… you were beaten up by Onii. Sakurai kun”
“…… Eh?”

Kirisaki san is talking to me with a feeling of “oh dear”.
“Onii’s ‘main mission’ was to get Sakurai-kun into the student council.”
“Eh…… but it seems to me that he was talking about Sakurai-kun joining the baseball club with great enthusiasm,…….”

I agree with Kitajima-san’s words.

“W-well. I’m surprised that he’s doing that much research on me …..”

Kirisaki-san laughed at those words and said

“The reason why he showed so much enthusiasm to include Sakurai kun in the baseball team was to make it easier for him to make the decision to join the student council, which is his main goal. It’s an application of ‘door-in-the-face.'”

Door-in-the-face? What’s that?

Rinne sighs as she talks to me, tilting her head.

“Door-in-the-face is a negotiation method studied in foreign countries. If you first make a big request that is likely to be refused, and if the other party refuses, you can then make a smaller, more serious request, and the other party will be more likely to agree to it. That’s what it’s called.”
“Yes, yes. That’s the essence of it. It’s a way of negotiating that takes advantage of the other party’s guilt. Haa…… Sakurai kun’s refusal to join the baseball team was already factored in. Well, I think he would have been lucky if he joined.”
“Sakurai kun, you were the one who was approached by Onii. The reason for this is because you want to do something new. You must have thought, ‘I’m sorry to refuse to join the student council when I refused to join the baseball team,’ or ‘The student council is the best place for me to try something new.'”
“……Oh, I thought so.”

Kirisaki-san laughed when I told her that much.

“Everything is in the palm of Onii’s hand. He’s really not very nice! He’s being serious with a new student who just entered the school!”
“Oh, that reminds me. I remember that your brother had two other names besides “King of the Harem”. I think it was …… ‘The Dodger’?”

I’m a little shocked by those words.

“I-I was cheated by Kirisaki-senpai?”

Kirisaki san shakes her head and says,

“No, Sakurai kun, Onii, you know, went ‘I wanted you even if I had to give it my all.'”

When she say this, she makes a very unhappy face.

“Look over there. Onii is still talking happily. He must have wanted you so much. It’s not normal for Onii to be so into you. Aaah. I envy you. Wait, he said, ‘I want you, Kirito-kun, more than Kitajima Towa and my little sister Shizuku. I want you’! That really pisses me off! Besides, he knows I’m aiming for the next student body president, and he wants Sakurai-kun! I’ll never forgive him! No lunch for Onii tomorrow!”
“Haha…… don’t be so mad at him!”

I said to Kirisaki-san, smiling a little bitterly.

Haa …… Anyway, let’s head to the student council room after school.

It’s lonely if it’s just me, so I’ll take Kitajima-san and Kirisaki-san with me.

Kirisaki-senpai has invited us both to join the student council, and I am sure they will join together.

As for Rinne, she’ll probably join the basketball club, as she said when she introduced herself.

I wonder what general affairs will do in the student council…..I don’t know, maybe chores.

I’m confident in my physical strength, so let’s cover it in that area.

While thinking about this, I drank down the ramen soup that had cooled down a little bit.

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