“Wakabayashi Yu, is she here?”

The next day at lunchtime. I immediately went to Shinobu san’s classroom and asked for her.

“Yes, but….why?”

“No, I just wanted to talk to her about something…….”


Shinobu san pointed her finger, though she looked dissatisfied. I looked and sure enough, there was a girl I recognized. And I realized something. The reason why she wanted to commit murder.

It’s true that she’s a very plain girl as Shinobu san said. She has an appearance that does not leave much of an impression. But that’s about the appearance and the outside. She was not a plain existence in this classroom.


Four boys surround her as if she were at the center. I hate to say it, but they don’t seem to be making any effort in their appearance. Surrounded by these guys, Wkabayashi san had a smile on her face.

I was taken aback by the fact that I was stabbed in the story Shinobu san told me yesterday, but when I thought about it calmly, she said I was protecting Shinobu san. If it was indiscriminate, I would understand, but the problem would be if the crime was aimed at Shinob -san. And perhaps the latter is the correct answer.

To tell the truth, Shinobu-san is cute. And she’s fluffy, it feels like she’s popular with boys with a strong prejudice but aren’t popular. I don’t think they’re standing on the same ground, but perhaps what Wakabayashi san is aiming for is Shinobu san’s position.

It looks like there’s also a sense of rivalry. The incident occurred because of a blind date where Wakabayashi san was not taken seriously. And at the party, me and Daiki were fighting over Shinobu san. Starting with that, I think she gradually built up her anger and the incident occurred.

Well, this is all speculation. I will never know unless I actually talk to her. I felt bad to play with a woman’s heart, but let me do something to prevent a murderer from being born.

“Yu san, right?”

“Yeah……that’s right?”

“I’m Igarashi Kou, whom you met on a blind date yesterday. I was curious about you, so I thought I’d have a chat with you.”

The moment the word “blind date” was mentioned, all the guys were on me at once. But the important thing is that Wakabayashi san seems to be somewhat pleased. I went home with Shinobu yesterday, but I wonder if she still thinks that I chose her.

“What’s wrong? You seemed to be interested in Shibayama san.”

And that prediction was 100% right. While looking at Shinobu san in the distance, she yelled loud enough to make it easy to be heard. I hate this kind of person.

“Maybe you feel something about Shibayama san? I knew it, she has a bad personality.”

I’d like to say, “You’re the one,” but as an experienced member of society, I can’t complain here. If I provoke this person’s anger here, the future may change again, and this time Shinobu san may really be killed.

“Hey, Yu chan, what do you mean, a blind date?”

“Is this okay for you to be like this in your senior’s classroom?”

As I was holding back my anger, the members of the group surrounding Wakabayashi san finally began to complain. I usually deal with Daiki and his high-pressure bosses and troublesome lackeys, so I don’t really care about this level.

“Shinobu chan, hello.”

But something bad happened here. Daiki came to Shinobu san with a piece of bread in his hand. He seemed to like Shinobu san more than I thought he would. Is he a stalker?

“Hey, Daiki !”

“Ha? Why are you here, big bro? Are you a stalker?”

“You are !”

Now what should I do?…… If I went to help Shinobu san, Wakabayashi san would surely build up anger toward her. But if I don’t go to help her, Shinobu san will……. It’s my guess, and I think it’s better to cut the whole thing off  and go to Shinobu san’s ……, but I’m usually wrong about these kinds of decisions…….. Oh shit what am I going to do……!

“Look who it is, Igarashi Daiki’s brother.”

But it became physically impossible for me to go help her. One of the guys who knew who I was grabbed me by the chest.

“I know. The incompetent older brother hiding behind his handsome younger brother. I thought you lost your girlfriend to your brother. Isn’t it rude to switch to Yu chan right away just because of that?”

I was a little annoyed at the sudden change, but I’m in a third year student’s class. So I’ll just pass it off as an adult.

“Um…grabbing someone by the collar is also a crime, senpai.”

“Shut up, loser ! I’ll make you regret trying to touch Yu chan !”

Whoa, he’s clenching his fists. Do you really want to hit me? It’s a fact that I’m a loser who’s inferior to Daiki, so it’s fine, but…. I think he misunderstood something.

“I’m not losing to you.”

I grabbed the fist that was about to swing at my stomach. It was only in self-defense, and with the composure of an adult.

Conflicts only occur on the same level. There’s no point in fighting someone at such a low level. I only have one goal. To achieve a perfect domination toward the superiors.

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