Today, I went to the basketball team and the men’s basketball team happened to be playing next to me.

I looked over to see what was going on, and there was someone I recognized. It’s Sho. He was also cool……no nothing.

When Sho gave me a signal, his team that had been pushed down just a while ago turned the table and showed me a smile.I couldn’t help but be taken aback by such an appearance. That brat….

And why am I waving adorably at Sho….

“So fiery……”

My teammates teased me. I deny it in a loud voice.

“No, that’s not it ! That flirtatious little brat is……”

“She had the face of a maiden, big sis !”

“That’s not true……”

While having such a conversation, it was the last time I saw Sho because the basketball club was scheduled to have an assembly. 

It’s like I have regrets, okay?


After all of this ! This guy, Sho, brought a girl with him. Still, I consider myself as a friend, or even an acquaintance.

As I was thinking about this, Sho came home. I calmly asked him about school today. Let’s ask him about that girl in a roundabout way.

“W-welcome back. How was it? How was your first day at school?

“It was fun. I made some new friends.”

New friends, you mean……. It’s nice that Sho has a friend, but his friend……. A cute girl from his class.

I don’t know, maybe Sho doesn’t think anything of it.

“H-ee ! What about those friends? Are they nice?”

I’m asking it properly, right? I don’t think Sho and the girl are progressing that far, and I don’t really care……I guess I’m just being persistent.

“A good kid, we normally get along well. Plus, I got complimented on how cool I am.”

Cool? Wait, wait, wait ! That girl is too aggressive, isn’t she? Even though I’m still just thinking about it in my mind.

“R-really…… I’m so happy for you.”

Whoa……. I wonder if it shows on my face. Why should I be upset and hurt over Sho? Oh, God ! I don’t know !

I was about to drink the café au lait that was in front of me. But it was already empty and Sho laughed at me.

I don’t even like younger people. I mean, don’t you remember the promise that you made?…… I was still excited at those words.

[I’ll do anything you want, even naughty things.]

What a…..///


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