“It was the same on the way, but…”
“And I’m sure it’ll be the same on the way back…”
“It’s getting a little embarrassing///”
“I’ve decided not to let go of you in the car.”

I am now witnessing my own daughter and someone who is already like a family member making out right in front of me.

Before I went on my business trip, I thought they were only getting to know each other a little better, but once my wife heard the story she went to see him…
“That was more flirting than when we were first together.”
She said.
It was hard to think about at the time, but when we were talking earlier and seeing where we are now, it hit me.
At the coffee shop, I asked her, “How far have you gotten?” I thought that Mirei would have easily dodged my question, but she was choking on her coffee, so I guessed she had gone that far.

“Mirei is just like her father after all.”
“Is that so?”
“You suppress it now, but when we first started going out, you became possessive, and when I was being picked on…”
“That’s…! Let’s not do that now.”
My wife’s sudden exposure made me panic.

But still…
“When we get back, we’ll make plans with dad and about summer vacation, okay?”
“Mirei has always packed her summer vacation with plans, so if we don’t plan properly, she may collapse from having too many plans.”
“I see. Then let’s plan properly!”
The first thing to do is to make a plan.

I am a little surprised because Mirei has never shown such a gentle side before.
I think it is because she also has a gentle side…but it seems that Mirei also has a desire to be possessive.


“Well, let’s plan our summer vacation, shall we? First, what’s your work schedule at this point?”
“I’m going to go to work at the three companies I have right now. And I’ll be keeping track of my employees’ work ethic.”
“How long will that be?”
“I’ll probably use about a week of summer vacation. Of course, I’ll need you to do something for me.”
“Because I know you’ll be lonely at home.”
By the way, you can easily take a break from club activities during summer vacation by submitting a request for leave. It’s a good system.

“Then can I stay with Grandma Kumi for about three weeks?”
“I guess so.”
“Who’s Grandma Kumi?”
“She’s a relative of mine who came all the way to Tokyo to take care of Mirei when she was little.”
“Hirose-san and her maids were there, too, and they played with her and talked with her.”
“Now she lives on an island in Okinawa.”
“I see…”
I’d like to meet her. I want to hear about Mirei’s childhood when I meet her.

“Masa, will you come with me?”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I’m sure. I want to introduce you to my friends.”
“It seems like you were able to do it after a long time last year.”
“We still communicate on RINE.”
I’d like to meet them.

“Surprisingly, you don’t have a full schedule.”
“But I’m sure I’ll have a great summer vacation, with Masa!”

I was startled by the sudden hug.

“With my favorite person.”
She whispers in my ear in a whisper that President Takuya and the others can’t hear.
It’s foul///

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