“I love you, I love you so much, Kouki kun ! 16-year-old Kouki kun is cute too~! I’m going to become a Shotacon~”

“…..What the hell is this?”

I was brought into the house of the adult Shinobu san, and as expected, she was going crazy. For some reason, Shinobu san claimed to be my girlfriend. Her appearance is a little different, and her hair is much longer than the girl I had met earlier. I think it was almost the same length as when we were in high school. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or not, but she doesn’t look exhausted and her atmosphere is youthful. I hate to say it, but she has become childlike.

But her demeanor is so different that I don’t think the change in her appearance matters. Shinobu san is sitting on my lap on the sofa, hugging me from the front and giving me a kiss. I cannot believe that this is the same person as the relaxed Shinobu san of 10 years ago or the slightly tired and realistic Shinobu san of 10 years later. I don’t think this is realistic.

But…..if I look aside, I could see a lot of photos of me with her, including the cup I was holding 10 years later. And the ruby ring on her left ring finger. The design is similar to the emerald ring I bought for Saki. If I had chosen it……I wonder if the two of us started dating in July because I wanted it to be the birthstone for the anniversary of our relationship…… It’s no use, I can’t understand even if I think about it !

“Agent !”

“Fweeee—— !”

I shook Shinobu san off and throwed the ax into the bathtub. Let’s see, I’m pretty sure it was like this:…..?

“Was it a gold ax you dropped? Or was it a silver ax? Was it a gold ax you dropped? Or was it a silver ax? Was it a gold ax you dropped? Or was it a silver ax?

“Agent, test mode.”

While relying on my memory, I put the agent in free-speak mode, and ask,

“This ! What’s going on !?

“When the past changes, the future changes. It is a natural result.”

‘I didn’t do anything to make Shinobu san fall in love with me…..”

“Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? Any event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way. Even a small event that seems to have nothing to do with anything can turn around and bring about a big change. That’s what I mean.”

In other words…..the most recent event. Does that mean that going to a blind date or going to a coffee shop changed the future in a roundabout way and going out with Shinobu san? But if that’s the case……

“I don’t have to go back in time, do I?”

I was supposed to do a time leap because Saki dumped me and I threw my engagement ring into the ocean. In a future where that doens’t happen,….. eh, surely…….

“Wouldn’t that cause a time paradox?”

“I am correcting that point according to my orders. Right now it’s just that you happened to take a bath and I came out. Only you and I know the original event. Ah, it is a secret only between Kouki sama and me…….♪”

“Shut up, android.”

Well, whatever it is, now I know what’s going on. I also have to tell.

“Uhehe …..Kouki kun’s cute and adorable girlfriend came to take a bath together~!”

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember going out with you, Shinobu san.”

I’m glad I looked away. The towel fell at Shinobu san’s foot.

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