This is the story of Sho and Sawa when they were little

Sho and Sawa were spending a hot summer in the park. Sho is a gamer kid, so he always shuts himself at home, but Sawa chan always came to Sho’s house to visit and take him out.

When they were sitting on a park bench, Sawa chan suddenly grabbed Sho’s arm. Then sighed.

“You’re such a fragile little boy, that’s why you’re bullied. Even your arms are so thin.”

“Even if you say that…….”

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a good time with your friends and family.

When Sho whined like usual, Sawa chan stood up, grabbed Sho’s arm and said,

“Let’s play basketball !”

 She said that while holding the ball in her arm. Sho was reluctant to play with Sawa chan, who encouraged him to do so.

“I can’t play sports and I don’t want to.”

“Don’t say that! ! You’ll never be able to do it if you won’t do it.”

Sawa chan said such a thing, but seeing Sho not making any move, she used a strategy.

“Then Onee chan going to play basketball ! I’ll go play with the boys !”

“No, don’t ! I’ll go with you. Let’s play together.

Sho hugged Sawa chan who was going somewhere. The current Sho who became a high school student can’t do this, so this part may have been deteriorated.

“Okay. Then let’s practice. Onee chan will give you special training.”

“I don’t want it to be too hard.”

“If I was being attacked by a scary person, you would help me, right?”

Saying that, he goes off with the ball on the ground. Sho runs as if to follow it.

As expected, Sawa chan is very athletic and her movements are sharp and quick. Sho, on the other hand, has no athletic ability at all and is easily overtaken by Sawa chan.

“Sho is so bad at this !”

Sawa chan laughed out loud. Sho didn’t mind being laughed at.

He had given up on the fact that he wasn’t very good at it, and the fact that he was playing with Sawa chan was fun in itself.

Then two guys appeared to crush this happy moment. Two guys about the same age as Sawa chan.

 “Get out of the way ! We’re using that space !”

They took up a position under the goal line. Sawa chan raised her voice to protest.

“We were the first to use this area. Why don’t you use the other place?”

Sawa chan said softly, but the two who didn’t listen to her laughed off her words with their dirty voices.

“No, because this is the newest court. If you’re shitty at it, you don’t have to use this place.”

“You could say that ! Ahahaha.”

Sawa chan looked frustrated. Sho could do nothing but watch.

“Then, the first one who wins the 2 vs. 2 game will be the one who uses it.”

“B-but that’s……”

“What, you’re afraid of losing?”

“Then, I’ll do it, Sho !”

Sawa chan was provoked and Sho was forced to get involved. I think I don’t have to tell you that this 2 vs. 2 game was a decisive defeat.

“It was a close call. She was stupidly good. If it wasn’t for that small fry beside her, we’d have lost.”

“That’s the thing.”

After saying that, the winning duo started to use the basketball court. Sawa chan looked frustrated and took off her coat.

“I’m sorry, Sawa-chan. It’s because I’m weak.”

“No, you’re not. It’s because Onee chan was weak. Sho did nothing wrong.”

Sawa chan said that, but she herself is aware that Sho was dragging was feet. This was the beginning of Sho’s personal basketball training.

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